What is a Brain Wallet and How Can You Secure It?

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There are many types of wallets available in the market, which are fully capable of keeping crypto funds securely, such as multiset wallets and HD wallets etc. Some of the main problems you might encounter with those wallets are that they can be very difficult to crack by a third person, and even those who own the wallet sometimes use hard passphrases. Brain Wallet has emerged to solve this problem for users so that all users can create a passphrase instead of creating a wallet.

Brain Wallet

Its main function is to ensure that it helps you store and keep all your crypto funds safe. Regardless of whether you own the money or not, the private key ensures that the public key must be used to exchange money and is also operated with the private key so that they can both be secure and stored. If for any reason a private airline is disclosed, the money found in your wallet is compromised.  If you are interested in bitcoin trading check how to keep your bitcoin key safe and secure.

To maintain the security of the private key, a passphrase may be used and must contain approximately 12 to 24 words used to create the private key. Protecting the passphrase keeps your privacy safe but, security in this world is only an illusion. What if you choose the passphrase? How can you use it to generate the private key? With Brain Wallet, the idea has been made a reality.

How does a Brain Wallet work?

As we mentioned above in this article also, a brain wallet automatically allows you to choose the passphrase that is generated. Usually, the passphrase consists of 4,6,8,12 or 24 long random words.

To remember your passphrase, never forget a date or number that only you know. After the passphrase is entered in the Brain Wallet, the wallet is hashed using the SHA-256 scrypt algorithm which is impossible to reverse. The public key and a private key are generated from the hash. Once the private and public keys have been received by you, you can deposit funds at any time, because now your private keys will be generated only through the “brain wallet”.

Benefits Of Brain Wallet

• To Hack

Brain Wallet is difficult to hack, because only you know the passphrase, and there is no written record of it, so there is no possibility of hacking online.

• To Use

You can use the Brain Wallet very easily. Just as other wallets rely on software or hardware for security. Brian Wallet does not rely on software or hardware to be secure. The wallet is very easy to use and set up.

Disadvantages of a Brain Wallet 

• Mental Health

Brain Wallet depends on your mental health. When you use a Brain Wallet it is important to have your mental state first, if you have amnesia, you can lose the keys of the coin.

• Backup

Brain Wallet’s passphrase is stored in your memory, so no written backup is done. If you ever forget your memorable phrase, you could lose your funds forever.

• Life at stake

If you rely solely on Brain Wallet to keep all bitcoin holdings in store, you will have to be very careful if anyone finds out that you have a lot of money in your Brain Wallet.


Brain Wallet is a great solution if you want to securely store your bitcoins. However, you must use passphrases well enough, because you are more likely to be attacked. In addition, many other programs are running that are constantly trying to figure out the different combinations, words, and common names of the passphrase that are frequently used.


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