What Every Gambler Wants for Christmas

Gamblers are some of the easiest people to shop for when it comes time to gift gifts. From just giving the gift of cash to finding new tools for the trade, there are a lot of ways to put a smile on your favorite gambler’s face come Christmas time!

What is their favorite game to play? If it’s poker, consider giving a new set of poker chips or a poker table so they can host poker tournaments inside their own homes.

If they like to frequently host parties, you also can’t go wrong gifting some casino decorations, so your friend can host parties that truly feel like nights out at the casino.

If you can’t afford a lot of cash, you can also consider scratch off tickets. Everybody loves a scratch off ticket. That rush to scratch and see if you win big is so invigorating!

Don’t forget about the option of paying entry into a tournament. Depending on his favorite game, you might be able to spend some money and enter him into something like a competitive poker tournament, or even the World Series of Poker depending on how much money you intend on spending.

Give the Gift of Money

There are a lot of great Christmas ideas for gamblers, but you could also just consider giving money. Cash is a great gift for anybody on your Christmas list, but especially gamblers. With gamblers, cash is king and they can buy entry to any game they want.

The most expensive part of gambling is coming up with entry fees and initial deposits. After you are in the game, you have a chance of hitting a jackpot and winning more money you can use to play longer.

Give your favorite gambler the gift of being able to play more at a casino whether it is online, at a brick and mortar casino, or even when he hosting a poker tournament at his home.

The other reason a gambler might enjoy money is because he just lost some gambling. If he is feeling down on his luck, your cash gift could be just the pick me up he needs to feel better about his financial situation at the moment.

Poker Chips and accessories

If your favorite gambler loves poker, then you truly have a limitless selection of Christmas gift ideas to choose from. From helping him decorate his house to making sure he has all the tools needed for a great game of poker, here are a few gift ideas for the poker lover you know:

  • New set of poker chips – if chips get used a lot, they do wear out over time, and a replacement set is a great gift idea
  • Poker table – maybe he has been hosting poker games on his kitchen table, and with a new poker table he can take his part down to the basement where he can set up a casino and poker theme room to enhance the experience for his guests
  • New deck of cards – don’t underestimate this gift – if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, a new deck of cards for a poker player is a very thoughtful, and welcomed gift idea

If hosting poker games is in your gambler’s wheelhouse, think about what could make poker night better, or easier, for him and you should be able to find a great gift idea.

Scratch off Tickets

These types of lottery tickets make great stocking stuffers! Great for everyone, not just gamblers, bring a few minutes of fun and competition to Christmas morning, while also giving people the chance to win a life-changing jackpot.

Scratch off tickets are so popular because they give a chance to win money, but they are completely randomized. So, your 22 year old niece with no gambling experience as just as much chance to win as her father who has been gambling for decades and is a poker whiz.

The other nice thing about these types of lottery tickets is how versatile they are. Everyone loves them! You don’t have to know what the gambler’s favorite game is or what type of poker chips he already has in his house. Buy a few tickets and watch and see if he wins big.

Casino Decorations

Does your friend or family member like to host parties? You could look into getting party favors, kitchenware, serving trays, and barware for a gambler that hosts parties.

No gambling party would be complete without authentic casino decorations to go with it. Let’s face it, a night out at the casino comes with certain sights and sounds. Fortunately, you can replicate those at home with an authentic looking slot machine, fancy lighting, and other accents to complete the home casino.

Unique Good Luck Charms

Does the gambler have any good luck charms? While they can never be replaced, if he is on a losing streak, he might be up for trying out a new good luck charm. Something small he can carry around like a coin or a bracelet is what you should consider. Don’t get anything big that wouldn’t fit in a pants pocket or be easy to carry to a casino.

Gift Cards

Gift cards get a bad reputation during holidays, but the truth is that nobody hates receiving a gift card! For the gambler on your list, you could get gift cards to a casino, or even to an airline if he likes to travel to big casinos in places like Las Vegas or Australia. The only thing you need to know before buying a gift card is what type of places the gift receiver likes to spend money at. Other than that, the gift card is as good as cash and it will be much appreciated!

Don’t worry about it if someone once told you gift cards are impersonal. That does not matter. You are giving a thoughtful gift that can go towards something your loved one could really use and that shows thought and consideration went into the gift.


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