What Are The Essential Things To Know About Diamond Drill Bits?

Diamond Drill Bits

Drilling tools are a must-have if you wish to make holes in the structure. Drill bits that are present in these tools contribute to play a vital role in determining their effectiveness. These drill bits are helpful in the case of small tasks and larger projects. The best part about these tools is that they will never disappoint you whether you wish to drill the wood or the concrete.

But, only a skilled professional in the diamond drilling industry can use this particular tool with utmost care. If you do not have the expertise and skills to use this tool, it is not recommended to use it yourself. Otherwise, it may lead to accidents. So, to safeguard you from any accidents, you should always opt for the assistance of an experienced service provider.

In the section below, we have enlisted some of the most important things you should essentially know about diamond drill bits. So, without further delay, let’s get started with our discussion.

  • What Exactly Are Diamond Drill Bits?

Drill bits are effective cutting tools that help remove materials and create holes, particularly in a circular cross-section. A drill is most commonly utilised for boring holes into wooden surfaces. However, a diamond drill is a unique and highly convenient tool as one can use this specific tool to make fine holes in non-wood surfaces.

The first thing that usually comes to mind when you hear about this term is, these are gleaming little diamond tools that beautify the workshop. But, the reality is different from this. Diamond drill bits are called so because these contain small diamond power pieces embedded in the parts.

Diamond is considered one of the hardest substances present on this planet. So, it can cut through almost anything. From this, you can clearly understand the strength of this tool. The following section will uncover many exciting facts about diamond drill bits.

  • How Are These Diamond Drill Bits Made?

You also need to understand the manufacturing process of drill bits to know these well. For manufacturing these drill bits, the producers utilise a temperature of around 1250 degrees Celsius and a pressure of up to 1.5 GPa. These are made with real diamond powder, which is pressed onto the steel with the help of extremely high pressure.

As the diamond is considered the hardest substance, it helps in effectively maintaining its heavy cutting powder after the process. These drill bits are again available in various sizes to choose from.

The diamond drill bits, which are smaller in size, are specially meant for creating small holes. Due to this reason, these are mainly utilised by those involved in making accessories such as wristwatches, jewellery and other appealing ornaments. On the other hand, the larger ones are used for more arduous drilling operations.

  • What Are The Different Types Of Diamond Drill Bits Available In The Market?

You will find the easy availability of two specific types of diamond drill bits in the market. It includes the blunt nose bits and the core drill bits. These options are considered highly effective, but they serve distinct purposes.

Among these, the core drill bits possess diamonds along the edges of their tips. A little bit of the diamond is also present by the upside of the tips, which happens to be hollow. Compared to the other option, i.e. the blunt nose drill bit, these possess a smaller surface area.

Due to this particular reason, these core drill bits can drill a hole much more conveniently and quickly. Sometimes, these are also referred to as hole saws as you have to saw a circle for producing a hole. The bit fails to saw this circle, particularly at the full diameter of the tip. Instead of this, the bit can saw at the tip edge.

The difference between these two options lies in the material type they can utilise. Unlike the core drill bits, which drill out only a specific portion of the hole, these are involved in totally drilling out the hole. So, the blunt nose drill bit is somewhat distinct from the core drill as it is considered more effective in producing smaller holes.

  • What Types Of Materials Can It Drill?

Diamond drill bits are the strongest type as these can penetrate even the most impossible materials present around effectively. Once you know about the availability of two different diamond drill bits, it is also significant to know which type of material each can drill.

The blunt nose drill bits can drill rigid precious gems, bone, thick sea glass, tough shells and antlers. The core drill bits can drill through non-ferrous materials such as limestone, granite, glass, ceramics, porcelain tiles, fibreglass, porcelain and other stone materials.

  • What Makes Diamond Drill Bits Distinct From Other Drilling Tools?

You should essentially note that the solidify of no other drilling tool available in the market matches that of the diamond drill bits. As already discussed, diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance that can bore into any surface with perfection and accuracy.

Another best thing about the diamond drill bits is that they are less noisy when compared to any other tools that are meant for drilling. Not only that, but the diamond drill bits are lightweight and possess varying diameter sizes to suit distinct purposes.

While drilling, they fail to impact the environment significantly and are regarded as highly versatile and flexible. Also, these are pretty independent of the actual drill, and thus, the power source differs in this case. It depends only on the material requirements to be drilled and its situation.

  • Where Are These Popularly Utilised?

Several industries are inclined to use these diamond drill bits. These are highly popular in mining to obtain core samples. Also, these are used for oil well drilling, specifically in petroleum industries.

Many ceramic, glass and jewellery companies also use these for carving out gems and sculpting appealing pieces. If you require to drill into a hard material at home and the standard drill bits fail to cut it, you may go for the diamond drill bits for solace.

Wrapping Up

So, the diamond drill bits are a tool that is of utmost importance whenever you require cutting through any material or surface. Being wear-resistant and robust, these are regarded as an energy-saving tool that does not cause any severe impact on the environment.

We hope you have found this comprehensive guide to be very helpful. If you have any further doubts, it would be good to talk with a professional diamond drilling in London company like CA Drillers. Contact them today without any further delay to learn more.


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