Ways to Ensure the Security of Your Internet Connection

It will not be a stretch to say that we live in a world that is powered by the internet. We need the internet to function properly, as it is usually not possible to carry our professional, educational, and personal tasks without a sound internet connection. With so many providers along with their lucrative internet offers and plans, it does leave you scratching your head when it comes to choosing the right one. It is not just the speed of your internet that matters, rather reliability and security are crucial factors considering the rise of cyber threats and crimes these days. Intruders, spams, and malware are no exception and are always looking for loopholes to steal private data. Of course, we want a secure connection so we can store our personal information and use our accounts without any worries. It all begins with choosing the most reliable, secure, and fast internet service provider. Users availing Cox internet enjoy its security suite meant for assuring a safe and carefree connectivity experience. Moreover, many effective ways can help you maximize the security of your internet connection. Let us have a look at the best ones that are deemed to work!


Check Your Firewall

The first step that you must follow for enhancing your internet security is ensuring firewall protection that safeguards your system from intruders. It is an effective tool to keep your network safe and secure by preventing unnecessary people from accessing it. A firewall can save your confidential information from prying eyes. You can think of it as the first line of defense that can protect your system from viruses, spams, or any malware.  In case you use the internet excessively, you might be interested in using a dedicated firewall app that can save you from a crucial malware attack.


Use of AntiVirus

Antivirus usage is an effective way to protect your downloads from any malware that might enter your system along. It is recommended to check if your antivirus is active and updated to function properly so it can act as a shield against viruses, spyware, spam attacks or phishing and fraudulent activities. A poor quality antivirus might not be efficient enough to stop your system from being infected by any virus or malware.


Secure the Router

The router is the pivotal aspect of an internet connection since it controls who can access your network. This is what makes it a special target for hackers to intrude on a network. So it is necessary to secure your router to avoid any malware attacks. Almost all the routers available in the market these days come with encryption features, which is one of the simplest ways to safeguard your connection. It is highly recommended to use WPA2 as your Wi-Fi key. Make it a habit to change your password periodically. Choosing a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer when purchasing your router is always a good investment because such authentic routers come with excellent built inn security and user-friendly features to lower any risks online.


Disable Remote Access

Many routers have a feature that allows remote access easier while you are outside your house. It is advised to turn off this feature from the setting panel of your router.


Use of Strong Passwords

Strong passwords always work as a good defense against intruders and prevent data leakage. You must come up with a strong password with a good length and blend of uppercase, lowercase alphabets, special characters, and numbers. It is not a good idea to use personal information like your phone number or credit card number as your password. You should also avoid using ordinary phrases as a password as they are easy to crack by hackers.


Use of VPN

A VPN or Virtually Private Network is another effective way to ascertain good security of your internet connection. It works by serving as a middle party between your device and the internet. No one can view your online activities while you are using a VPN. There are many free VPNs available online or you can purchase one. It is indeed a useful tool to secure your internet connection. It is also helpful when you are using a public network.


Wrapping Up

Ensuring the security of the internet connection you are accessing is extremely important. Especially with so many threats online and cybercrimes on the rise, it is mandatory to practice security principles and keep your devices updated with reliable and good quality security software to protect your personal information. We have many devices connected with the internet, so it is also a safe practice to keep them locked when you are not using them or disable the Wi-Fi when not in use. All the aforementioned tips can save you from hackers or malware attacks.


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