Vinchin v6.7 Released with New Backup Features for Oracle 21c, PostgreSQL and More


When building your modern workspace in the dynamically changing virtualization environment, it’s essential to set up a decent and cutting-edge data protection plan to make sure that your critical IT workloads are always under their best condition and ready to run. That’s why you need a streamlined backup solution like Vinchin Backup & Recovery to make such things simple. Vinchin v6.7 has just been released a few days ago with a bunch of features updates:

  • Oracle 21c (Database) backup support
  • PostgreSQL 12/13/14 backup
  • GFS Retention Policy for VM backup

Oracle 21c Backup

oracle backup

If you’re using the latest Oracle 21c for major development, you can easily have data backed-up with Vinchin v6.7 now. It is newly added into the Vinchin supported list for DB protection.

Flexible Backup Strategies: Customize your own DB backup plan. Combine weekly full backup and daily archive log backup with scheduled incremental backup or differential backup for high data integrity.

high data integrity

Multiple Restore Destinations: Send Oracle 21c backup to production system via Override Database Restore (restore DB to original location), or New Database Restore (restore DB to a newly created, empty instance).

Rollback Transaction Restore: Using backups to roll an instance back to a certain point-in-time with data consistency guaranteed.

Centralized RAC (Real Application Clusters) Backup: Automatically synchronize the authorization information of a single instance to the rest nodes within the same RAC.

PostgreSQL Backup


Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.7 opens the door to PostgreSQL as well. You can now backup PostgreSQL 12/13/14 instances running on virtual machines and physical servers.

User-defined Backup Plan: Setup full backup and archive log backup to run at any time of the day, week, or month you want.

Data Compression & Deduplication: Greatly reduce the file size after backup data transmission for better storage-saving results.

New Database Restore: Restore PostgreSQL instance backup to any desired folder, or target host without extra authorization. A new instance will be automatically created by Vinchin Backup & Recovery before the real restore process.

Archive Log Management: You can decide whether to delete archive logs after backup to reduce the storage consumption of database server.

Archiving Storage Monitoring: You can specify a threshold value for archive log storage by percentage (%) or real capacity (GB). When the free storage space is below the value, an alert will be sent to you, helping you avoid database errors caused by storage insufficiency.

GFS Retention Policy

For many users the GFS retention policy has always been a useful feature to achieve long-time data retention, a goal which can be easily accomplished now with Vinchin v6.7.

When configuring a VM backup job, you can set GFS retention policy on demand: First, choose a starting point of the retention cycle. Specifying a certain date of each week/month/year. Then, decide how long you want to reserve each type of backup. Then, the backup server will automatically begin the retention cycle, going along with the scheduled backup job. 

scheduled backup job

If you don’t want some crucial restore points to be lost due to the fixed retention cycle, you can independently mark them so that the backup server would know these files are for permanent retention. This meets special business and data security requirements in a more reliable way.

Wrap Up

Adding a bunch of DB backup/VM backup features, Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.7 brings higher performance to help you better build your business in virtual environments. You can now download a 60-day free trial of the software to explore all features in person, and control the entire backup infrastructure through a single pane of glass.


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