Traditional Casinos Vs Their Online Counterparts


The notion of hitting it big and cashing in at a casino is what keeps this $41.7 billion industry thriving. The very first casino opened along the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, inside the Theatre Saint Moses. It was called Casino di Venezia and opened up in 1638. Currently, there are 9,366 casinos throughout the world, and that does not include the endless number of online casino options, such as Alberta Casino Online. These two worlds are a little different, but remarkably the same in many ways. We will compare and contrast online casinos vs traditional casinos.

Impact of COVID-19

Casino gambling has been significantly impacted by COVID-19. The pandemic caused widespread lockdowns that shut down every casino, as they did not fall into the essential business category. Images of empty streets in Las Vegas, NV showed us just how many people relied on casinos in that area. Not only did the lockdowns impact the gamers, but employees of each casino as well. With no physical casinos to turn to, many avid gamblers began turning to online casinos.

As of today, most areas have reduced lockdowns in favor of altered versions of entertainment venues. Physical casinos have reduced capacity while emphasizing sanitation throughout facilities. They are also requiring masks to be worn indoors by those who are not fully vaccinated against the virus. These changes are fine, but they can be restricting to certain patrons, so not surprisingly, online casino use remains high among avid gamers. Even with restrictions lifted, many prefer the many benefits of online casinos as opposed to physical locations.

Better for Social Interaction

Going to a casino is a lot of fun. The need for basic social interaction remains high, and the ability to walk into a casino and interact with other gamblers is very enticing. There is a certain energy in a land-based casino that is simply unparalleled by other forms of gaming, and playing physical table games with other strangers is just a lot of fun. However, walking into a crowded casino, even if they are following all restrictions, can be concerning.

Online casinos are completely different and even though you may not have the exact same physical interaction with other players, you can enjoy the company of others through chat features and digital interaction options. The online casino format might not be exactly like the physical casino, but in the interest of public health and safety, it remains the safest option for avoiding getting sick from the current virus in the news and other various illnesses.

Always Available

Most casino gaming establishments are open 24 hours a day, which is great for those that have intense schedules. It is ideal to be able to walk into any casino any time of the day or night and have a little fun, but even with an open schedule, everyone does not live in the vicinity of a land-based casino, so options remain limited. Traveling to another part of the country, or even the world to enjoy a casino, is time-consuming and expensive.

Online casinos win in this capacity, as they are available at any time of the day or night and do not require any form of travel. Online gaming allows you to play the same exciting games you love from physical casino locations without any travel restrictions. Even if local restrictions are enforced in your area, online casinos are not negatively impacted, and are truly available 24/7 for your enjoyment and overall convenience.


If you have ever walked into a land-based casino, you have seen high-tech security measures. Not only are there pit bosses roaming around ensuring the safety of all gamers, but every area in the casino is under high-end surveillance to ensure no players are cheating the system or stealing from other patrons. Cameras may be placed within machines or high above the gaming area. Security is tightly controlled through an internal security room fixed with eyes on everyone and everything going on inside the gaming floor. The cameras are used to protect the interest of the casino as well as its valued clientele.

With an online casino, security is not focused on physical surveillance, but on high-tech entities that could threaten the finances of players and overall integrity of the site. High-quality online casino gaming sites emphasize top-notch security measures to secure funds from players and deposit winnings appropriately. Throughout the years, online casinos have learned to be vigilant in their regard to security, making security breaches remarkably rare, at least on legitimate sites.



Thankfully, both land-based casinos and virtual casino gaming are on the rise. More people are venturing out to embrace the world of risks and jackpots. And when land-based casinos are unavailable for whatever reason, their virtual counterparts are always there. We will certainly never see the end of either of these fantastic gaming options, but virtual casinos have certain security and availability attributes that land-based casinos do not have, and that is the primary reason virtual casinos are among the most popular ways to gamble in our modern times.


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