Tips for Small Business Owners: Seeking Top Foreign Employees

Seeking Top Foreign Employees

Having an international workforce can be very beneficial, especially if you want to compete in the international market. Hiring foreign workers will boost your small business in the global market. As an employer looking to hire people from different countries, you should seek employees from different backgrounds and cultures. That will enrich your workplace and also increase diversity. You should seek employees that are hardworking, modest, considerate, and have learned to respect the privacy of others. As a small business owner, here are a few steps to guide you through the process.

1. Fill out the Vacancy

If you want to recruit a friendly employee, the first step to recruiting them is to write a detailed job description. The job description will help you tailor your search for applicants. If you put out an application without specifying the requirements, you will find out that many people who are qualified or even overqualified will send in their application. Looking for a specific employee in a large pile of applications can be tiring but when you fill out your specification in the job description, it will be easier to find the best candidate for the job. Consult senior staff in the department where you have an open position and ask them for the qualifications that they need in a candidate in order to help you write a very specific description in your vacancy.

2. Sorting Out

After filling your vacancy, you will still get lots of applications from applicants who think they are qualified for the job. As a recruiter, you must know that it is normal to find applications from people who are not qualified. Thoroughly go through each application and find the top candidates that are eligible for the post. To help you quickly find these candidates, use a checklist to do your sorting. Write down the most important things that you need in a candidate and use this list to help you quickly find the right candidate that will proceed to the screening stage.

3. Applicant’s Screening

After selecting the right candidates who qualify for your job role, the next stage of the recruitment is contacting all of them. Ask them to come in for an interview. Test their general knowledge. Ask them personal and general questions to know how fit they are for the job. Throw a few office-related problems at them and ask how they would solve them if they were in such a situation. This interview should be conducted by a qualified and experienced recruiter in the company.

4. Final Interview

A person can have a sterling CV and not have what it takes to function effectively in your workplace. The applicant’s screening process allows you to put a face to the CVs that you have selected and learned what you need to learn to decide if they are the right fit for the job. After the interview with the company’s recruiter, you will invite these candidates for a final interview, this time with the partners of the company. This interview can be done on the same day as the first one if the partners are available. The partners have to confirm that these candidates are good to go.

5. Employment

Candidates who pass the interview with the recruiter and the partners will be given an employment offer to begin work when the company deems fit. If you feel that you do not have qualified staff to help you conduct this interview, probably because your company is just expanding abroad and you do not know how to get by, you can contact global PEO service providers to help you with it. PEO companies such as PEO Canada will help you handle everything from recruitment to payroll outsourcing to every last facility that you will need to settle down and hire foreing workers. Besides, you can also see if your business needs an employer of record (EOR) instead of PEO because even though they are similar they are not the same. Which is why learning what separates EOR from PEO can be crucial for your business.

Final thoughts

When you are hiring foreign employees, make sure that the job allows for a work-life balance so they can give you their best. Show them your goals for the company, give them short-term targets to meet, and make them understand that the success of the company is in their hands. This will motivate them to be diligent and responsible.


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