Tips for Having a Safe Vacation During Pandemic

Pandemic Safe Vacation

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives dramatically, making us more cautious in every sense. Planning a vacation, a wedding, or any type of event has become a never-ending challenge. However, even the most challenging situation can be overcome if you put effort into it. Having a safe vacation during a pandemic doesn’t have to be an unattainable goal.  All you need is a few pointers, and you’ll be able to travel somewhat worry-free.

Have your mask(s) ready

Have your mask(s) ready

Depending on the country you’re travelling to, masks will be mandatory or advised to be worn indoors. Even if you’ve been fully vaccinated, you’ll need to wear a face mask where the rules oblige you to do it. The restrictions tend to change from time to time in every country individually, so you should always have at least two masks with you. That’s especially true if you’re taking a long flight and don’t want to keep the same mask on for longer than 4 hours. Make sure you have at least one KN95 approved mask because some countries won’t let you use the cloth ones.

Stay on top of your hygiene routine

Washing your hands more than usual has become everyone’s priority. So, when you travel, you’ll need to be even more hygiene-conscious since you won’t be able to use a clean towel and a soap every time you touch a doorknob or shake hands with someone. So, packing a few bottles of hand sanitisers and enough tissues to pick up the moisture will be of the essence. Make sure you include anti-bacterial wipes in there as well. Whenever you get access to a clean bathroom, wash your hands thoroughly. Try not to touch your face too much during the trip regardless of how clean you think your hands are.

Rent private accommodation

When travelling during a pandemic, booking accommodation will also require some thinking. While hotels are being safer now more than ever, and are regularly sanitized with even more caution than before, staying in private accommodation is a better alternative. If you can afford, booking luxury villas like Punta Mita Villas will always be a better choice any time of the year. Do you want to be away from other tourists and have all the privacy to yourself? Instead of looking for hotels, we suggest you rent a studio apartment. Not only will you have all the apartment to yourself but you’ll also pay much less than you would for a hotel. Avoid hostels and accommodation where you’ll be mingling with too many other people.

Keep up to date with travel restrictions

Keep up to date with travel restrictions

Depending on the country, travelling restrictions may change every two weeks or once a month. Therefore, if you plan to travel abroad, make sure you’re up to date with the countries current travelling restrictions. From the approved vaccines to accepted vaccination certificates, you’ll need to be aware of an array of paperwork you’ll need in order to enter the country of your choice. Fortunately, the governments’ sites are always up-to-date with the entry requirements and rules, so you can subscribe to their websites and get all the important info about any changes via email.

Consider various transportation options

Driving is currently the safest option considering the spread of the virus. You will be isolated from the crowd and won’t have to spend hours sitting next to a stranger. You’ll avoid mingling with a bunch of people at airports, train stations or bus stations and protect yourself well. That’s why short distance trips are currently a better option than international travelling. If you’re planning to travel by plane, make sure you know all about the airline’s in-flight policy.

Travelling in the middle of a pandemic can cause plenty of issues and concerns. From knowing that you’ll be at a safe distance from other travellers to having all the necessary certificates and tests, vacations won’t be so easy to plan for a while. So, if you’re hoping to go on a trip with your family, make sure you keep our tips in mind. Always have more than one mask with you, and remember to sanitize well. Check all the entry requirements for abroad, rent an apartment for your stay and consider driving instead of flying or travelling by bus. Keep yourself and others safe, by following all the WHO guidelines, so that the pandemic ends as soon as possible.


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