The List of Bestselling Books of 2021


We enjoy spending time on the Internet and playing at the best online casino sites. But we also know that nothing can replace a good book. We spent most of 2021 at home, and we understood the value of good books even more. If you are of the same opinion and are looking for new book suggestions to read, you can take a look at the list below: We have listed the bestsellers of 2021 for you and briefly explained what you should expect from each one. Also, if you like to solve mysteries, you must check the top murder mystery book recommendations. Let’s also mention that the sources of our list are Amazon, The New York Times, and Barnes & Noble.

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

We know Andy Weir with his book “The Martian”: This book was also adapted into a movie starring Matt Damon. Project Hail Mary is a science fiction novel and tells the story of an astronaut who is once again alone in space. But this time, the story is quite different: an astronaut named Ryland Grace wakes up in a spaceship and realizes that he is the only survivor. He remembers having a very important task but has forgotten what it is: Will he be able to remember and complete his task before it’s too late? Grace tries to survive in space and eventually finds another lone astronaut like himself, but we don’t want to say more to avoid spoilers. If you’re a hard science fiction fan, you should definitely read Project Hall Mary.

Billy Summers by Stephen King

It is not surprising that a book by Stephen King made it to the bestseller list. As a matter of fact, the author has multiple books that entered the 2021 bestseller lists, but Billy Summers is the most recently published one. The book is about a hit man’s last job before retiring. Billy Summers is actually a good killer: He only agrees to kill people he thinks is a bad person, and he thinks his last job will go smoothly. Of course, this is not possible as this is a Stephen King story – Billy Summers is in for a big surprise. Telling the story of “small town America”, the book has been described by multiple critics as King’s best work.

A Slow Fire Burning by Paula Hawkins

If you liked The Girl on the Train, we are sure you will like this book too. Hawkins tells the story of a young woman who is brutally murdered, this time aboard a London houseboat. There are three women who last saw her, and each has their own secret – these women seem to have regretted something. Could they have something to do with this murder? Can even good people cross some boundaries to get revenge? A Slow Fire Burning is a thrilling novel until the last page and contains multiple plot twists. We can say that the book is one of the best examples in the genre of suspense, and the Kindle version can be purchased directly from Amazon.

The Noise by James Patterson and J.D. Barker

If you like Michael Crichton thrillers, you’ll probably like James Patterson’s books too. The Noise is about an explosion in the Pacific Northwest: Only two teenage girls survive and can hardly remember anything. The last thing they remember is that they heard a terrible noise in the woods, and their father locked them in a cellar. Maybe it was an accident, but this phenomenon is starting to repeat itself – what is causing these explosions and what does the noise mean? This thriller manages to impress you down to the last page and ends with an incredible finale. Reading The Noise is like watching an explosive action movie.

The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah

Set during the Great Depression, this book chronicles a woman’s struggle for survival. Elsa Wolcott has had an unwanted marriage and must make a decision during the economic crisis: Will she stay on her farm and keep trying, or will she immigrate to California and try to start from scratch? The novel, which reflects the historical period with all its reality, also reveals what the social conditions were during the Great Depression. With this book, Kristin Hannah managed to enter four different bestseller lists, and she shows how hope can be a saviour even in the worst of times.

1984 by George Orwell

Just because it’s an old book doesn’t mean it won’t make it to the bestseller list in 2021. 1984 is one of the most impressive books ever written, and despite being written 70 years ago, it describes the world today with chilling accuracy. You probably know this story: it takes place in a dystopia where Big Brother watches everyone and everything. Living in this world where even thoughts can be considered crimes is not an easy task, and Winston Smith has almost lost all hope of life. However, what makes 1984 impressive is not the story of an individual, but the fact that the part about how this world was formed and preserved towards the end of the book is very unsettling: today, some countries seem to use the formula of 1984 almost exactly. If you haven’t read it by now, you should read 1984 right now. If you’ve read it before, now is a good time to re-read it. 1984 is very different from all the books on this list, and the fact that it made it to the bestseller list even after 70 years shows this.


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