The Growing Popularity of The Clear Aligner Industry In America 

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The popularity of the teeth straightening business has led to innovation in the field which provides alternatives to traditional teeth straightening techniques such as braces. These alternatives have taken advantage of teledentistry to increase convenience for consumers as well as lowering costs. These improvements have been steadily increasing the popularity of clear aligners over the years. This popularity was boosted by the covid pandemic which encouraged socially distanced healthcare options. 

The total market size of clear aligners in 2020 was $2.41 billion globally. Of this, the American market accounted for $1.41 billion which is almost 60% of the total global market. The clear aligner industry’s global market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 19.7% between the years of 2021 and 2028. The total global market is projected to increase from $2.85 billion in 2021 to $10.04 billion in 2028. 

Clear Aligners 

A clear aligner is a product which corrects mild to moderate orthodontic issues using a highly sophisticated, medical grade of clear plastic. This product is an alternative to braces and offers far more convenience and flexibility than conventional orthodontic techniques. They are removable and virtually invisible which has only increased their appeal. They are however not always able to correct severe teeth misalignment and sometimes more traditional orthodontic techniques are recommended in this case. 

Reasons for Increasing Demand of Clear Aligners 

Part of the reason for growth in the clear aligner industry is that there is an increase in demand for aesthetics as well as for less invasive and less visible means of teeth straightening. These increases in demand are compounded by other factors such as: increases in individual spending, substantial advances in technology and the betterment of the global economy. These factors have only served to further the room for growth which the clear aligner industry has seen. Developed nations have seen a large increase in demand for orthodontic treatment amongst adults which is attributed to the increase in availability of clear aligners and other similar products. The American Association of Orthodontists conducted a survey which discovered that more than 30% of all orthodontic patients in North America are adults. While most adults who seek teeth alignment are women there has been strong growth in the sector for men as well. 

Another factor which will increase the growth in the clear aligner industry is the increase in the occurrence of misaligned teeth. The high cost of orthodontic services combined with the inaccessibility of orthodontic treatment generally has created a large segment of the population who have unmet orthodontic needs. This is a demographic which the increasing convenience of clear aligners and teledentistry can provide for furthering the growth in the market further. The unmet patient needs are being addressed by the private and public sectors alike. An example of this is the collaboration between SmileDirectClub, a clear aligner company, and CVS health, a company which owns a pharmacy chain. The CVS pharmacy chain will offer SmileDirect’s products in store which increases their accessibility as well as their geographical footprint. These factors will further the growth of the clear aligner industry in the coming years. 

There is a strong focus in the clear aligner industry on research and development. This is in an effort to improve existing products and develop new ones. The improvements which this research and development has produced include more hygienic and more comfortable products. This is in part facilitated by developments in the 3D modeling software which orthodontists use to create clear aligners. These improvements have resulted in an increase in demand for clear aligners products. 

There are many clear aligner products available in the market and each of these products has certain pros and cons. For an in depth look at one of these services consult this resource

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Final Thoughts 

The clear aligner industry is seeing tremendous growth globally and in the US. As the US is the biggest market for clear aligners it is also seeing the most growth in this space. The growth in the clear aligner industry is caused and sustained by a number of factors which include: increasing product quality and convenience, increase in the occurrence of misaligned teeth, increased convenience and accessibility of clear aligner products and the rise in teledentistry. The research and development which this field prioritizes is also a contributing factor to the growth of the industry. 


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