The 6 Best Resume Writing Services Available Online in 2021


Most job applicants might gain from the opinion of an external body on their résumé, according to recruiters.

Writing services for resumes take a glance at your talents and expertise and assist you to pull out the specifics that show why you are a nice choice for a specific job and enable you to catch a recruiting manager’s interest.

Most people who seek resume writing assistance in order to secure the desired job or their next senior position, nevertheless, prefer a full-service provider.

Resume writing is popular in countries like the United States, China, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. 

The expert resume writing services will connect you with an experienced writer in your local area who will work directly with you to collect relevant data regarding your career and education experience in order to create a customized resume and cover letter from the beginning.

Now, let’s check the top 6 best resume writing services available online in 2021.

6 resume services reviews

1. Resume101 

The service of Resume101 focuses on attracting prospective employers by creating LinkedIn profiles, resumes, and Curriculum vitae. Due to the fact that the organization values its credibility, only highly qualified and experienced resume writers are hired. 

This writing service places a high value on privacy and reliability. Customers can be absolutely sure that their details will never be disclosed to a third party. Other significant benefits of this resume writing service are reasonable costs and exceptional quality.

Resume101 offers the following services:

  • Resume writing service for Federal employees

Resume101 federal resume writers don’t just create professional resumes; they also convert your accomplishments, experience, and expertise into HR-speak and emphasize information that is important to prospective federal recruiters. Your personal achievement is just a single tap away with the assistance of resume101!

A typical federal resume should include the following information:

1. Work Experience

This section is very similar to a typical Curriculum Vitae. It is necessary for a candidate to describe his or her previous employment experience.

2. Education

A typical CV merely lists degrees and grades. The federal resume, on the other hand, is compelled to disclose more specific details such as CGPA.

3. Certificates that are important

If you have any certifications or have completed a comparable number of online training courses that will be a huge advantage. Remember to provide the date you obtained the certificate.

Resumes 101

4. Additional Information

It is advisable for you to include information on your understanding of different languages, previous presentations, and notable achievements in this section.

  • Writing services for Military resumes

You’ve just completed your service time in the military. It was a busy but productive time, with a lot of skill and difficulties. Without a doubt, being in the military service has altered your personality, and you will surely be changed forever. Knowing how to write a CV after serving in the military is also necessary.

Military to Civilian Resume Writing Tips

1. Choose the appropriate format

Select the appropriate format to ensure a military resume is appealing.

2. Avoid using military terms excessively.

Keep in mind that the individuals who will be reading your Curriculum vitae may not be familiar with specialized terms. Make an effort to utilize straightforward language.

3. Make sure your resume isn’t extremely long.

Most people believe that the longer their CV is, the better their chances of getting the job they want. Without a doubt, it is a wrong viewpoint. Make the document as short as possible.


The costs are determined by your chosen competency level:

  • Entry-level: $100
  • Expert level: $120
  • Executive level: $150 

2. SkillRoads

This unique resume writing service convinces clients that they have already possessed all the necessary qualifications for a perfect professional start. Customers can take advantage of the useful features to expose their inner pros.


The efficacy of teamwork is increased by one-on-one communication with a reliable and expert writer and the customer’s continual contribution and criticism. You can evaluate the various options available, such as editing, resume writing, and cover letter writing to see which one best meets your needs.

Considering how quickly it was completed, the resume writing review was quite accurate. The resume writing review is divided into seven distinct sections, namely:

  1. Compatibility with the ATS
  2. Formatting & Style
  3. Sections of a Resume 
  4. Career Objectives
  5. Accomplishments.
  6. Relevance.
  7. Make a good first impression and provide contact info

You will be able to explore any of these sections by clicking on them to see more precise resume writing tips. The main issue is that it does not say where the mistake happens, only that it happens.

Pros of SkillRoads

1. A one- to two-page résumé

The length of your resume is really important. SkillRoads platform ensures that your resume is kept brief and interesting, with no more than two pages. All components of an expert resume are present, making it simple to explore and read through your documents.

2. Current and up-to-date templates

Your application will make a great impression if it has a great resume format.

3. Use of formal language

Our professional resume writers will choose the most appropriate words to captivate recruiters.

4. A resume that is free of errors

No misspellings and perfect grammar are guaranteed.

5. A resume that is ATS-friendly

Every Application Tracking System will be defeated by a resume packed with targeted keywords.


Resume writing services are available at about $90, while their editing services are cheap, beginning at $60.

3. PaperHelp 

One of the top online resume writing services available is PaperHelp. It provides a number of services, including professional resume writing. The team of experts does an excellent job of displaying your talents, expertise, and achievements.

The cost of writing a resume in PaperHelp starts at $40, which is less expensive than most resume writing services. The level of customer service is exceptional. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you may track your resume writing service through live chat.

Paper Help

There are, however, several more options for managing your order. You can, for instance, keep track of it via the PaperHelp app, SMS, email, or Facebook.

The referral program of PaperHelp is particularly noteworthy, as it provides close to $200 for those who order through your referral link.

Last but not least, a refund guarantee and free revisions: In case you are unhappy with the resume writing provided, you may ask for a revision or even a refund.


  • A functional PaperHelp app
  • Unambiguous guarantees
  • Veteran resume writing 
  • Referral programs 
  • First-order discounts


  • Some added services are more expensive.

4. TOPResumes

TOP Resume is a well-known special executive resume service that focuses on assisting job hunters in developing their unique online profiles. TOP Resume is one of the best resume services due to the fact that their services begin with free professional resume services from their team of resume professionals.

The free resume review of TOP Resume might assist individuals when it comes to whether a resume writing service is right for them or not. Certified resume experts give personalized feedback, recommendations, review, and suggestions for improvement.

TOP Resume has a number of unique features throughout its three levels. These features have enabled it to become one of the best CV services in the industry. All the levels start with a free resume review and build on that.

Here are the TOP Resume levels

– Level of Professional Growth

  1. A CV that has been properly written.
  2. Personal assistance from a resume specialist.
  3. Make use of keywords.

– Level of Professional Development

  1. A CV that has been professionally written.
  2. Personal assistance from a resume specialist.
  3. Make use of keywords.
  4. Cover letter.
  5. There is an assurance of a 60-day interview.

– Executive Priority Level 

  1. Personal assistance from a resume specialist.
  2. Make use of keywords.
  3. A CV that has been professionally written.
  4. Cover letter.
  5. There is a guarantee of a 60-day interview.
  6. Modification of your LinkedIn profile.

In the sector of resume writing, TOP Resume has established itself as one of the renowned market leaders. If you’re not getting the desired resume responses you want, it might be time to think about working on your future.

5. 99Papers

Due to the fact that 99papers do not only cater to the needs of the students, but this company also offers an extensive range of paper types.

99papers offers the most affordable price among rivals for resume writing services. The writing staff is mostly made up of top-tier US and UK professionals with appropriate expertise.

As a result, cheap and high-quality papers go hand in hand. The company’s website is really user-friendly. On the homepage, you’ll see a pricing calculator that will help you figure out how much your resume will cost.

Standard and premium packages are the two resume writing services that are readily available. The standard package is priced at $12. Premium resume writing, on the other hand, starts at $20 and contains additional services.

It is somewhat handy, as per customer reviews if you need a Resume or even a more extensive explanation of your expertise.

Furthermore, you will receive up to a 10% discount on your first purchase. Customers that are loyal to the company might also receive a bonus of 10% off their next order.

Customer service is quite responsive. If you have a query, they will respond within one to five minutes.


  • Low prices;
  • Quick delivery 
  • Two types of resume writing. 
  • Free revisions
  • Reasonable bonuses and discounts.


  • This resume writing service doesn’t offer a loyalty program.

6. Resume Planet

ResumesPlanet boasts more than 300 qualified CV writers with experience in over 50 Resume writing industries while being smaller than most of their rivals.

Most people are delighted by the wide range of writing services available, particularly the tailored bundles for IT job searchers.

A polished, well-written resume is one of the main keys to getting the exact job you want. ResumesPlanet fully knows what most companies are looking for in a CV as well as how to make it stand out.

Many winning resumes have been prepared by the legit writers of ResumePlanet, demonstrating their expertise in offering one of the top-notch resume writing services available. Please take a look at a few of the samples made by the monster/expert writers of ResumesPlanet. This will help you ensure that the services offered by ResumesPlanet match your expectations.

Do you realize that securing the most successful jobs is dependent on resume writers? They now have excellent training and skills for the position they are attempting to obtain. 

Here are some of the ResumePlanet Reviews

1. Expert Resume Writers 

With vast industry expertise, our writers are competent, skilled, and highly qualified for the resume writing job.

2. Customer Service is available 24 hours per day,

Our courteous and pleasant customer service representatives are always available to help you at any time.

3. Services and Add-Ons

They also offer value-added and relevant extras, add-ons, and service alternatives, and also exceptional discount offers on a regular basis.

4. Unlimited Revisions

If you are unhappy with the resume service provided, they will edit it without charging a dime within a month.

5. On-time Delivery

 Complete customer satisfaction and on-time delivery are guaranteed.

6. Establishing a Relationship with Your Resume writer

The messaging tool allows you to communicate directly with your resume writer.

The legitimacy of using resume writing services

Before you start using a resume writing service, there is a need to check out its legitimacy. Find out the rules and regulations guiding the use of a particular resume writing service and confirm if it is legit or not.

Doing all these will prevent you from being one of the preys of scammers. 

Professional Resume Writing Tips

A quality resume will help you to top the table of successful applicants, but a bad CV will eliminate you from consideration, so do everything you ensure that your resume stands out. 

Here is a well-detailed list of professional resume tips for an average resume writer:

  • Make your resume as short as possible and straightforward.

The first rule of resume writing is to make it as short as possible and also well-detailed.

Only if you have a very important excuse for your resume to be lengthier, such as a lot of significantly pertinent work experience, the conventional rule is no more than one page is required when writing a resume.

Your resume should be tailored to the position you are looking for. It’s a waste of time to send the same CV to all jobs you apply for.

  • Make a unique resume template.

Let your resume look decent by formatting it in a professional manner. Ensure the info on your resume is provided in a logical order when you’re writing it.

Select different previous jobs that effectively demonstrate the skills needed for the job.

You might include your previous experience and highlight the marketing, interpersonal, and communication skills you developed there.

  • Consider things other than your job responsibilities.

Recruiters aren’t interested in reading a list of your responsibilities. They need clear examples of your past achievements that demonstrate how you can contribute positively to this new job position.

  • Make sure there are no mistakes.

After you’ve double-checked your resume, get a professional editor to go over it one last time to make sure it’s great. Ensure that the construction of your sentences is appropriate.

If a recruiter notices a grammatical error, your application will almost certainly be rejected. 

  • Pay attention to the directions.

One of the main reasons to avoid using generic job applications is that certain employers have extremely particular requirements for your work samples, CV, and cover letter.

Employers may automatically reject you if you don’t do what they’ve asked.

Pros and cons of using resume writing services

When it comes to hiring a resume and essay writing service USA, there are some advantages and disadvantages to consider.

To begin with, the cost is usually quite expensive in comparison to doing it yourself, which might be a significant disadvantage.

Nevertheless, these advantages and disadvantages vary based on whatever service you select for your requirements.

Now, let’s check the pros and cons of using resume writing services


  • You’ll have more time for other tasks.

There is no need to even bother yourself about the total time it will take to correctly write your resume if you use a resume writing service.

Other responsibilities, such as interview preparation, may be considered as an alternative.

This not only saves you big bucks, but it also benefits you in other ways.

  • There Are Numerous Alternatives to Consider

You can use a resume writing service if you are having trouble coming up with the correct resume format or if you are looking forward to trying a new layout.

They will present you with a variety of solutions that will undoubtedly match your needs and demands.

  • It can assist you in increasing your possibilities of getting a job.

If your CV is weak in any way, you should address it as soon as possible.

A resume writing service can assist you in having all the required things in order to have the best chance of getting a job.

  • You can get detailed recommendations on how to find a job more quickly.

Companies nowadays want to know everything there is to know about the applicant who will fill the post they have open.

That implies your CV should include all of your important information, especially personal information such as social media profiles.


  • There are a wide range of options available.

Although this is a positive thing because it provides you additional choices, it also implies you’ll have to invest a lot of time to discover the best one for your project.

There are several resume writing services that are preferable than others, so you’ll need to choose one that meets your needs while still being within your budget.

  • Finding Online Reviews Can Be Challenging

Searching online is one of the most effective strategies to locate the top resume writing service.

The difficulty is that, because many businesses prefer to market themselves instead of relying on someone else to do so, you may have a difficult time obtaining any information on them at all.

If you also need a special service for writing your consumer reports for your yelp profile or even need a resume writing teacher who will take you through the nooks and cradle of resuming writing, you can simply search for resume writing service near me.


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