The 6 Best Graduate Level School Paper Writing Services in the USA


Being an undergraduate comes with its expectations. But it becomes even more taxing when you’ve got a professor who expects you to write graduate-level papers. Besides, you could also be planning to go to grad school. Either way, learning all about graduate-level school paper writing in the USA is quite essential. And deciding to write one today is sure to improve your writing skills.

You might be wondering what differences exist between undergrad and grad-level writing. Well, there’s quite a lot to break down in that regard. First off, a graduate-level paper is all about your contribution to your field. 

On the other hand, an undergrad-level paper assesses your knowledge in your field. And thus, undergrad-level writing is usually with less stress. That doesn’t mean it comes easy. And mastering under-grad level paper writing is the perfect foundation for the graduate-level paper. 

However, it is not always possible to write one yourself. Being a student comes with many activities that take up your time well enough. And right in the midst of all that, you’d still have to find time to read towards acing your exams. 

Also, you’d need more time to prepare your paper. Sadly, we all get 24 hours a day, and that’s not enough time to do all we want to do. So what if there was an expert who could take on that part of your school life and give you more time to dedicate to other things? That sure would be a wish granted. 

That’s why writing a grad-level paper in the USA or anywhere is a lot easier right now. All the templates, examples, and tips you need to go about yours are at your fingertips. Today, you can also seek help with graduate-level paper writing services. 

These ensure you get the best and at when due — at prices that won’t hurt a student. They help you write — and they write the best. But if you have no idea which to go with, here are extensive reviews of graduate paper writing services to consider.

1. 99Papers 

If nothing else, the first thing you’d probably realize about 99Papers is their cheap service. Past customers have commented on their low rates per service. And that’s a good thing, especially for students who appreciate the low cost.

Another thing they excel in will be many options of writers made available. You could go for the one you’d worked with before now. And you could even go for their top writers. Also, if you’re looking for native essay writers, 99Papers is the place to go. 

However, coming at a low price seems to make their quality submissions late. But then, when it comes to grad-level paper, you wouldn’t want to rush it. Giving it enough days is vital, and that’s something 99Papers offers you. 

As stated, 99Papers is affordable. Their starting price can go as low as $9.95. And this only increases as the delivery days reduce. In other words, it will cost you more if you want a higher-level paper within a brief period. 

With grad-level paper, it’s advised you go with the longer delivery days to ensure the quality of your submission. But for your information, a Ph.D. paper page within 3 hours at 99Papers would cost you $55.50. Not bad, right? 

Besides, if you’re ordering over $600, they allow you to pay in installments, so there is no pressure, and you still get the best. 

You can quickly fill out the form for your custom writing order from their website. From here, you can easily see the cost of your order. And that’s pretty transparent, not something you’d always see with other services. Once that is out of the way, all that you have to do is to make your payment.

Here is an excellent time to speak of their 24/7 customer service. You don’t have to worry about getting stranded when you’ve got a short deadline to meet. 99Papers gives you several contact options. One of these is an online chat function and other social media messaging links. Thus, they ensure you can reach them via several routes. 

After placing your order, talking to your writer thus becomes stress-free with their 24/7 online support. You get to take your time explaining to the specifics what you need. The writer takes your words and creates for you results that you’d appreciate — coming at a low price. 

You are most likely going to get your delivery before the deadline. That gives you enough time for revisions, and if you’d like to cancel or go with a more experienced writer — you’ve got it all available to you! 

Apart from low prices, you can also get some services for free. They offer free inquiry, unlimited revisions, and plagiarism checks — all at no cost. 

However, as their writers are freelancers from the web, there is the risk of getting a good quality that just isn’t enough to make your professors proud. But 99Papers makes provision for that. They allow you to opt for writers trusted in writing grad-level papers, and also, if you’d wish to get a refund, their customer service is always there. There have, however, been talks among past customers about how difficult it is to get that refund. 

In all, 99Papers is your go-to place if you’re looking for good quality at prices that won’t bite hard at your budget. It’s that place you can go to at any time and for about any form of writing. And they’ve got writers from all over the world, so you can rest assured you’ll be working with the best of the best. 


  • Competitive prices
  • Native English writers
  • A broad range of writing services 
  • Fast and Reliable Customer services
  • Money-back policy


  • Writer-Essay Mismatch leading to poor quality submission
  • Long delivery time for quality work

2. PaperHelp 

Another writing service platform to consider is PaperHelp. Although their prices may not go as low as 99Papers, it’s also another place to get top-notch papers. Their customer service is also there for you anytime, any day. It is a complete balance of professionalism, support, and cost. So, rest assured that you will still be getting the best at your preferred delivery time. 

Here’s how it works with PaperHelp. Like many other services, you can see a form to fill out from their homepage. You can include your assignment details in this form and then proceed to the payment channel. Of course, you’d have seen the cost that will be best for your preferred delivery time and the number of pages. If you’re okay with that, you can go on and make your payment. 

Pricing at PaperHelp for college-level paper can go as low as $12. So, they are still a perfect go-to place for fantastic work while on a budget. The prices increase with a higher academic level and reduction of the delivery time. The shortest is within 3 hours — like you’d find with many other writing services. There are also some extras that you may have gotten for free elsewhere. Over here, they come with a price. But the good news is they provide special discounts for orders that exceed $500. 

After making your payment, you can monitor the progress from the control panel. If you’d like, you could also get updates via mail or SMS. Of course, for that, you will have to pay more. But it’s not mandatory, and it is entirely dependent on your preferences and budget. PaperHelp also has an app that makes it easier for you to follow through on your mobile. 

PaperHelp provides you with some free revisions after delivery. And if you’re a bit concerned about their quality, here’s something about their writers. Now, you won’t always get the chance to know your writers before employing them to help. 

However, PaperHelp takes it as a point of duty to list all their writers with their stats. You get to see the writer who best fits your field of study, and what more? All their writers fall in these three: Basic, Advanced, and Top writers. The top writers are, of course, at the top of their field and are native speakers. They would cost you more, but it’s sure worth the cost. 


  • Submissions are high-quality and plagiarism-free
  • Easy order tracking
  • Price transparency


  • Limited free revisions
  • Extras like plagiarism checks come at a cost.

3. EssayPro 

Here is an essay writing service platform that works like an auction house. You’d only be placing your order with the best bidder, which in this case is your writer. And like every other service on this list, their primary function is to connect you as a student to professionals who know how best to write your paper. You could order with them if you’re only looking to rewrite, edit, proofread, and also if you’d be writing from scratch. 

How it works is simple. You start by filling out the form and uploading all necessary documents. With pricing starting from $11.4, you can be sure to get a quote that works well with your budget. 

However, knowing this net cost isn’t final. Why? Well, after filling the essentials, EssayPro calls on its writers to bid on your order. You get to choose the writer that best meets your demands in terms of a final price, ratings, number of orders completed, and the likes. So, the final price you’d have to pay depends on your selected bidder. 

Once that is out of the way, and you make your payments, your submission comes next. The final drafts are plagiarism-free, and at your request, you can ask your writer for a plagiarism report. You’ve got some extras from them for free, too — most significantly, free revisions. By the way, your identity remains hidden, so you don’t have to worry about getting exposed. After all, it’s okay to take a little help when the work becomes bulky. 


  • You get to choose your writer — the best bidder.
  • Direct communication with the writer
  • Free plagiarism checker
  • Free unlimited revisions


  • The website might be a bit hard to use
  • There have been reports of typos in some deliveries.

4. SpeedyPaper

SpeedyPaper takes its editing services as seriously as writing. So, if your work is ready and all you need is a professional edit, SpeedyPaper might be the one for you. As you’d expect, the journey starts with accessing their website. Now, this might be a bit simple and bland, but it works well with its price calculator ready to tell you the different costs of each project. 

With pricing starting from $10, you can order as many pages as you want. Like many others, the cost depends on the academy level, number of pages/words, and the delivery date. Of course, ordering a graduate-level paper would cost you more.

One unique advantage of ordering with SpeedyPaper is getting experienced writers at their peak. With being in the business for so long, you can be sure they know all about writing papers. And when you order with them, you’d also be benefitting from this rich experience of theirs. 

You start by filling in an order form. Here, you spell out what you need, and you’d have to pay for the order moving forward. Once that is out of the way, you can monitor the status of your order. After completion, you can request revisions. Only 3 of these are free. But then, you get experience, high-quality, and you can also run scans to confirm it’s plagiarism-free. 


  • Experienced writers
  • Easy order tracking
  • Free revisions


  • Limited free revisions
  • There have been some reports of typos in submissions.

5. Studdit

Here’s one of the best writing services you can find in the USA. Now, you might find them as opposites to SpeedyPaper in terms of experiences as they are relatively new in the business. Still, they hold nothing back at providing you with the best quality. 

They see themselves as offering every student help that allows the student more time for other educational duties. For this, they ensure all identity remains confidential, and prices are not too much of a burden. 

Ordering at Studdit starts from as low as $12 for college-level, which increases depending on your requirements. You can easily calculate all costs right from their homepage to make things easier. Besides, their user-friendly website is one you’d appreciate. By the way, they’ve got a special discount of $15 if you’re ordering for the first time.

As with others, you start with filling out the order form, make payments, and then await your delivery. There is also the option to track the status of your order. And when necessary, ask for revisions after submissions. 

In all, they seem like a perfect place to start with if this is your first time seeking help with your papers. 

6. EssayBox

EssayBox is another place to look for quality help with your graduate-level papers. Apart from the USA, they are also quite popular among graduates from Canada and Australia. They provide expert writers and editors, and one thing you’d appreciate is their coverage of all fields you could ever imagine. 

Sadly, their prices come off as one of the highest in the market. You’d already have to spend $12 per page for a high schooler’s work. You can only imagine how much you’d be spending as a graduate. While you may attribute this to their quality submissions, you might, however, be able to get the same quality elsewhere at a lower price. 

Still, their online calculator makes it easier for you to know how much you’re paying — and also to know why you’re paying that much. 

Something else that has touched the hearts of many past customers is their fast online support. However, you might not get a chance to have a conversation with your writer. Who you speak to is a client manager who answers your question and takes down your request. 

Besides, they offer you free unlimited revisions — all of which end at a deadline. Usually, that’s ten days after delivery. So, if you’d be ordering from them, a quick crosscheck from you may be necessary to avoid having to pay for revisions. 

However, you can rest assured you’d be getting their best work, which is free of plagiarism. 

7. WiseEssays 

Finally, it would do no justice to this list not to add WiseEssays. They are another writing service committed to providing students with the best professional help. 

It is another cheap platform to get the best qualities at prices that won’t kill your budget. It is also important to note that the quality here comes from carefully selecting writers. WiseEssays prides itself in only employing writers with higher-level degrees. 

So, the person writing your paper could as well be at the same level as your professor. Thus, you can stay at peace knowing your professor will get stunned by the perfect essay you’d be submitting. 

The price starts at $9.58, and if you’re ordering for the first time, you get to enjoy some discounts. You can ask for revisions after getting your delivery. And there is also the promise of refunds. However, there is a tiny number of reviews available on the net, which might make anyone doubt their legitimacy. 


What is a graduate level paper?

For any graduate study program, you will have to write a research paper, a thesis, or in this context, a graduate-level paper. They all mean the same thing. In some instances, your graduate school might not mandate you to write a thesis, and they call it a non-thesis paper. But this is not our scope, so moving on.

The graduate-level paper is more like the pinnacle of your graduate studies, so it is essential, and you need to get it done appropriately. You’d need to synthesize information and make valuable rationalizations for the project. Also, you’d have to make use of all you’ve learned in your field of study. 

Graduate-level papers are different from other types of writing. It requires a different writing language from all other forms of writing. The terms are additional, and since you have to cite other scholars’ papers in the field, there are guidelines on plagiarism and many other rules. The formatting of the paper is entirely different from other essay structures. It often includes a review, a methodology, discussion, and other parts.

How to buy a graduate paper online?

We really cannot underestimate how tough it is to be in graduate school—a flurry of assignments, block lectures, and all that cumulative stress. But you know what? You can make things easier for yourself by purchasing your research paper online. It is easy and at affordable prices. If you can pay for comfort, then why deny yourself any longer.

Suppose you are looking to purchase your graduate papers online. In that case, you must identify a credible graduate paper service. Then you can choose amongst the hordes of graduate research writers on the website, all nice and easy. A random google search would point you in the right direction, but we would also be making some suggestions in this compilation.

You can order your research papers. These often come as plagiarism-free, on-time, with customer support always available. Save time and recharge your mental batteries while getting the best outputs from one of the many research writing services out there. 

Note that you are not the only one seeking to buy research papers online; your colleagues are getting it too and reducing the stress they face. Instant assistance comes to you, irrespective of the time of the day; you can get your graduate papers online.

Are using graduate research papers services legit? 

With the ease of ordering research papers and getting top quality, it is typical for you to have this question in mind. But are graduate-level paper writing services really legit?

Well, yes! Graduate paper services are legal to use. These platforms work with native and professional writers who provide excellent, custom-made outputs. An excellent graduate paper service would help you secure good grades and ease your journey through graduate school.

Making use of graduate research writing services is legal. However, finding a good and authentic one is where you might have issues. The internet is a vast place. Many graduate-level paper writing services on the internet would always want to be the next best thing.

Of course, it leaves many students confused. But one thing you need to do is not lose hope of finding the best, reliable and legal help for your graduate-level papers. Do not fret. Many graduate level paper services have permission. And they are only for achieving the singular objective of making your graduate school life more manageable.

Graduate thesis and research paper writers

If you have been looking for the best graduate-level paper writing service, you should consider these two platforms. They are top on the list of the best graduate-level paper writing services out there. We will briefly highlight them in this section:

  • PaperHelp

If you are looking for a graduate paper writing service, you might want to consider PaperHelp. Since 2013, they have built the needed experience to pull through with your papers in just some hours.

This devotion to providing quality has earned the company a good reputation in the research writing community. The company enlists the services of experts or specialists in different fields. So, you can be sure there would be that person with the capacity to handle your job. The price for academic writing services on the platform starts from $10, which is relatively affordable.

  • 99Papers

99 Papers is a graduate-level paper writing service that provides original documents from scratch. Before you finally get your documents, they get double-checked. And another great thing is that if you are not satisfied with the work done, you can quickly request a work review within ten days of receiving it.

They have helped over 50,000 students with their projects and accelerated their journey through graduate school. There are also testimonials of the excellent services they got from the company. Writers on the company’s platform follow stringent rules of writing. They must pass different tests of knowledge and also on writing.

Note that when a writer accepts to work on your order, you can communicate with that writer. Highly creative writers prepare original papers. All these almost leave students convinced about how they can seamlessly provide services.

Are writing services safe for students?

Many students are always worried about the safety of using graduate-level paper writing services. And this fear is valid, we must say, as many institutions see this practice as cheating. We really cannot fathom the reason behind this. After many hours in the classes, it is only fitting for students to devise means to improve their lives.

That is what graduate paper writing services do. They help you cut down on your stress levels. But it can become a big deal if your professor finds out another person wrote your assignments, essays, or research papers. The consequences can be dire, as you can quickly get canceled out and your career prospects ruined.

But this should not deter you. The use of writing services is very safe for students. With years of experience, they have gotten better at safeguarding your private information. With this, no one can know if you paid someone else to write your assignment for you.

Writing services are safe. And according to their privacy policy, no third party has access to your names, orders, and banking details. If they did that, they would be putting their entire business at risk and then lose their clients in the long run. It is only suitable for everyone to be careful.

How to hire the best graduate paper writer?

At this stage, one thing to note is that research writing follows some rules to the letter.

It is an impersonal essay. Custom-made and written to reinforce specific concepts or arguments related to your specialization. The writer must fully understand the requirements and research in the given field. Graduate-level writers must be able to persuade their readers within agreeable limits.

A good writer must be able to compare and assess information. And must analyze different interpretations and develop arguments and evidence to support them. When you want to hire a graduate paper writer, below are some points you must have in mind. Some boxes must get ticked before you trust someone with work so important.

  • Before hiring a graduate-level writer, you must be sure they can research the assigned topic. You do not want to hire a writer that would do empty study and give you meaningless results on the assigned topic. You must be sure the writer must be able to develop a powerful narrative related to the issue of discussion.
  • Another critical factor is confirming your writer doesn’t plagiarize. Plagiarism is a big deal in the global academic community. You do not want your professor to find out you plagiarized his work from the past years and submitted it as an assignment.

Graduate paper writing cost

Many students are also wary of the costs of ordering for a research writing service online. But if you are seeking convenience and a reduction in your stress levels, you must be able to pay for it. However, this is just on the light side. There are a lot of graduate paper writing services that are free. But the only thing is that it is difficult to determine credibility on most of these platforms.

As it is the norm with almost every free system, there would be many shady characters masquerading as good writers. You do not want to fall into the hands of these folks and then jeopardize all the progress you have made in graduate school. But if you are willing to pay, graduate essay writing services are relatively cheap, and you can get by with parting with only a few dollars.

There is no stable price for these tasks. The consensus price seems to start at $10 per page, and a 3-hour delivery period is the earliest possible. However, other graduate paper writing services charge up to $17 per page. But with tweaks like the opportunity for a review and a direct conversation with the writer handling your project.

In the end….

We have gotten to the end of our highlights of the different questions asked about graduate paper writing services. You, as a student, do not have to grapple with all those hours of lectures alone. You do not have to struggle to get good grades because you did not have enough time to think about your essay. Or you were so burdened with stress that you could not turn it in on time.

With a few bucks, you could save more time doing what you love. And you allow competent writers to work on your essays and graduate-level papers for you. It is that simple, compare and contrast the different ones out there. Be sure you contact a credible platform and then wait for your delivery — a top-notch graduate-level paper.


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