The 5 Best College Essay Writing Services in California


Let’s face it, writing papers based on competitive research isn’t something that everyone enjoys, or is even good at for that matter. While some people may accel when confronted with the task of putting together a college-level essay on thermal dynamics, others would agree to do nearly anything else.

So, what are those to do who find themselves in the situation of having to do a research paper when they are unable or just don’t want to? Well, if you’re in the California (LA, San Diego, Santa Barbara, etc.) area (or nearly anywhere in the US really), you’ll be happy to learn that the need for essay writing services has led to the companies willing to help. If you’re a US student and you haven’t heard about essay writing services yet, then prepare your mind to be blown. There are companies right here in the good old United States that will shoulder the workload of writing college-level papers for you, thus making your life easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student in the Riverside, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Northridge, or San José areas, these services are legit available to anyone in the US. It just costs a couple of bucks, as it should, since you are paying someone to take a few hours/days to ensure you get a good grade, but after that, you’re free to go do whatever you want to do. Hang out with friends, play some games, work, catch up on stuff you’ve put off, or whatever you have on your agenda.

With that said, the number of websites offering essay writing services is increasing every day which makes it pretty hard for people to find the best one for them. You may be attracted to the one with the cheapest price, but that could be because the writers on that team are inexperienced or under-qualified. A lot of companies will generally hire low-quality writers on low salaries to meet the demand of incoming work and reduce operational costs, but getting your essays written from these budget-friendly companies puts you at the risk of receiving below-average and unoriginal. To help you circumnavigate these waters, continue with this article to learn about the best options for you.

The 5 Best College Essay Writing Services for Students in California

1. 99Papers – Writing Service with The Best Price for Stanford Students

As far as what they offer, the selection is rather large. You’ll find services like poetry writing, essays, case studies, ghostwriting, and much more. Their website has a modern-themed layout, but some may say it misses the bar with being sleek and seamless as it comes across as a little crowded. I’d say that it’s rather minimalistic and doesn’t really stand out in any way. The important thing here is that it does contain all the necessary information about the services they provide as well as the company’s prices, which is all you honestly need. Even if the website design doesn’t do it for you, that’s hardly any reason not to use this company, especially if you’re a student in the Stanford area.  All the tools and details you’ll need are still right there front and center so it shouldn’t present itself to be any kind of a dealbreaker. The company holds overall high marks with the majority of its customers and there is no reason to think that your experience with them should be anything but good. Their prices are average, sometimes they even turn out to be the cheapest option available on the market. There are also various discounts available for their services, making the already low price even more alluring. The writing services start at $10 a page and can go as high as $34 depending on content and deadline. One of the things I enjoy the most about 99Papers is that they offer an impressive amount of unique prompts they can provide content for, like poetry, plays, or even script work.

One of the best benefits of using this company is their deadline money-back guarantee. If the writer is unable to produce your project before the deadline, the contract states that the customer shall receive a full refund. They do hold a high delivery rate, making delivery 99% of the time, so clearly delivery is one of their strong suits. Even with the stellar delivery rating, it may be worth noting that there were a few rare occasions where it was an issue. It’s great to have the money-back guarantee, however, a late paper could still be a failing grade. On the bright side, if you end up eating a bad grade due to bad delivery times, you’ll at least get your money back so that’s good.


  • 99 Papers is very affordable
  • Customers can see prices before they sign up.
  • Generally positive reception
  • Wide arrange of categories to write in, including poetry and business writing.


  • There isn’t any type of loyalty program in place for return customers.

Conclusion: 99Papers is very highly recommended for U.S. students, especially in the Stanford area.  Not only is great for students, but the service they provide is fantastic for anyone in need of a creative writing service. 99Papers is the perfect choice for unique prompts like poetry, plays, ghostwriting, essays, and more. A trustworthy option for students who live near Long Beach, Santa Clara, Fullerton, San Luis Obispo, or any other California locales (or US for that matter).

2. PaperHelp – High-Quality Essay Writing Service in The Los Angeles Area

PaperHelp is a college paper essay writing service that is great for students in the LA area and designed to make life easier. The company has been dealing in writing services since 2008 and has generally always boasted positive remakes. Aside from the LA area students, who will get the best bang for their buck, PaperHelp is available for anyone in the US who doesn’t have enough time on their hands to put together a college-level essay or for those who simply can’t stomach the thought of creative writing assignments. When you’re ready to get started all you need to do is create an account and then send over your requirements and due date. After that, a writer is assigned to your project and will help you throughout the rest of the process. The writer then aims to deliver your essay earlier than requested in case of the event that you need a revision made. Prices start as low as $10 a page and go up to $56 per page depending on the type of content you need and the deadline you select.

Nothing about this company is outstandingly great or downright horrible. The service is fair, the customer’s support is satisfactory (most times), the prices are affordable and tend to gravitate towards the average, and the features are for the most part, right in line with their competitors. As mentioned, PaperHelp holds high reviews when it comes to students in the Los Angeles area, but their services can be used by anyone in need of a writing service.


  • Boasts an audience of 105,000 students
  • Clients can use PaperHelp all year round
  • Has a 4.6/5 star review based on over 1800 testimonials
  • Over 539,774 works completed and counting
  • PaperHelp website is very user-friendly


  • Expensive extras and add-ons
  • Only offers 3 revisions
  • When you first sign up there is generally a 15% discount on your first order, and returning customers receive a 5% or 10% discount on orders larger than $500 or $1000. However, returning clients have to contact customer support if they want to claim it, and a slow customer help response rate can have a drastic impact on crucial deadlines. They try to make up for this with an additional 7% discount for those who leave feedback.

Conclusion: PaperHelp is a great writing service for anyone in the US who doesn’t want to pay too much out of wallet. The writers here have a lot of experience writing for students in the LA area, which makes it a plus if you’re in that situation. Even though their website may be a little crowded and delivery times were an issue on rare occasions, Paper Help is one of the better options if you need a paper written.

3. EssayPRO – The Cheapest Price From a Berkeley-based Company

If you’re in the Berkeley area and you’re looking for a reliable writing service then you may find EssayPRO the best option available to you you. The Berkeley-based company holds a consumer rating of 4.74 stars from around 14000 reviews and has been in the paper writing business for over two decades. They are traditionally well-received and a favorite among many essay-seeking individuals.

The prices at EssayPRO are around $10 a page for high school level and $24 a page for Ph.D. level. If you don’t know much about pricing when it comes to writing services just know that EssayPRO is pretty much on par with its competitors. As a matter of fact, their higher-level packages are generally a little cheaper than the pricetags offered by their competition. One of the nicer things about EssayPRO is you can choose the writer that you want to work with, so once you find one that you like, you can keep coming back for the same quality of work. You can review their past experiences and their portfolio before choosing, which is great! It also allows you to build up a small relationship with that person, which is nice when it’s someone you may be continually working with.

One category that EssayPRO seems to do better than anyone else in their business, is customer service. This is an excellent feature to have since so many companies that provide this type of service seem to drop the ball with their customer support service. Not only are EssayPRO’s representatives quick to respond, but they are also very helpful in taking care of their client’s issues.


  • Well-established company with trusted and reliable results
  • Prices are low, even if you’re looking at the premium tier
  • Rarely misses deadlines
  • Responsive, which is a huge plus in my book
  • Fantastic customer service
  • When you sign up you receive an originality report, formatting, unlimited edits, an outline, and a title page all for free.
  • You can choose the writer you want to work with based on their past experiences and portfolio


  • The second you log onto their page, be prepared to get jumped by their over-aggressive chatbot. Not only is it right on top of you as soon as you enter the site, but the interface blots out a portion of the screen, so you can’t even see the website until you cancel the chatbot. Not a dealbreaker, but very annoying- especially on slow connections.
  • Not as many creative writing options as their competitors

Conclusion: EssayPRO has a very high rating with its customers which would make them a pretty safe choice for any creative writing task. If you’re in the Berkley area, then there really isn’t a better option for you. Pricing is very fair and the customer service is one of the best I’ve ever come across in terms of creative writing services. Given its location, EssayPRO is a solid choice for students near Malibu, Orange, Pomona, Sacramento, Chico, Arcata, San Bernardino, Claremont, and much more!

4. Studdit – New San Diego writing company opened in 2021

Studdit is the new kid on the block as this company started in 2021, but that doesn’t mean that they are any less qualified than their competitors. While you may not see the same great results as you would from more prominent players like 99Papers or EssayPRO, you may be surprised about the results you receive from Studdit as this team is still worth taking a look at. Overall, the jury is still out on how they are to work with simply because there is a lack of reviews regarding their service. With prices ranging from $10 for the basic page to $56 for their higher tier, they tend to hang out in the middle of the pack with most of their competition.

Even though they don’t have a lot of transactions under their belt, the ones that they do claim the company is nothing short of great to do business with. As far as simplicity of use, they’re similar to their competitors, offering the same drop-and-go service at similar prices and in most cases, similar quality. I’m not sure how their customer support is since I haven’t had to use it and I haven’t come across any reviews of people who had.


  • A few companies advertise “URGENT” delivery, but testimonials on Studdit claim that they can deliver the goods superfast in the case of a close deadline.
  • The few reviews they have are all nearly 4 stars or higher
  • Easy to navigate website that was designed with simplicity of use and quality in mind.
  • Money-back and plagiarism-free guarantees are nice
  • Aside from adequate website navigation, there is a simple-to-use order form and price calculator


  • Since they are a new company the information on them is extremely lacking.

Conclusion: If you’re a student in California living in areas such as Davis, Irvine, Santa Barbara, Riverside, and others, or attend any of the colleges in those areas, Studdit may be a valid option for you. They don’t have a lot to show for themselves yet, but they’re still building their brand as they’re a very new company. With that said, while bigger more established companies may be overbooked, an underdog like Studdit could come in clutch for you. All in all, I say check them out and see how they stack up with your unique project and make your decision there. Again, I don’t think you have anything to worry about if you work with this company.

5. EssayBox – Professional Paper Writers From San Francisco

EssayBox is in the same boat as Studdit, meaning that they are very new and don’t have a bunch of information out there regarding their services or people’s experiences using them. As they are one of the newer kids in school, people tend to wonder about their quality of work as well as their reliability to deliver on time. At face value, they may appear to be a risky choice, but for no reason other than the lack of information out there regarding them, should you be deterred from trying out their services. Out of the few reviews that I’ve come across says that everything went well, and the customer had no issues to report. Overall EssayBox holds holding onto a 4.9/5-star rating for just over 3250 reviews. One thing that may be off-putting is that they are a notch pricer than most, with pages ranging from $10 to $56.


  • Customer support has a fair amount of positive reviews (which I love to see), showing speedy response rates, helpful solutions, and friendly representatives.
  • The website is laid out well enough and navigation is seamless and responsive as it should be
  • They have a great loyalty program based on the idea that the more you order, the more money you save. So, if you plan to use a service like this frequently, EssayBox is one of the best choices to get quality work and also save a bunch of cash.


  • Slightly higher prices than competitors

Conclusion: When they first came out there were some claims stating customers felt they were “fluffing” the writer’s qualifications to make them more appealing and appear to be more qualified than they were. This didn’t go over well, but it has since been resolved. As of lately, the quality of the work seems to be average but due to their past, it’s still a company to be wary of.


Is it legit to use Essay Writing Services in California?

It is 100% legit. It doesn’t matter if you live in Loma Linda, Redding, Stockton, or Laguna Beach or if you’re a student at Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, or USC. Using writing services such as the ones listed in this article are completely safe, legit, and legal to use in California as well as virtually everywhere in the United States. Creative writing services such as the ones provided in this article provide fantastic options to those who have a creative writing project that needs to be done but lacks the time to do it.

The bigger question regarding legitimacy could be based on how legit a particular writing service provider may be. You should feel some level of comfort knowing that all the choices provided in this article have been vetted and scouted out beforehand to ensure that they are indeed not a scam. With that said, you can feel 100% safe using any of the services. However, the quality of work that you receive is contingent on the writer that the company you choose to work with selects. This means that even though myself and my colleagues may have had positive interactions with all these companies, someone else may not. It truly depends on finding the best one to fit the niche or topic that you need. For instance, 99Papers is better at Poetry than Studdit, but due to Studdit being newer and taking on fewer orders, their customer support may be more adequate.

California or Texas. Pennsylvania or Maine. It’s legal and legit all over the US. Just make sure you scout out the company you want to work with first, to ensure they meet your requirements. It’s also a good idea to do it sooner rather than later, as the more time they have to complete it and make revisions the better it is for you.

Can I pay someone in California to write my essay?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, that’s the entire purpose of this article. To provide people who need the services of a creative writer with multiple safe, reliable, and legit options. With a lot of prestigious schools in California, these writing services are a phenomenal option for students who need to outsource some of their work, whether it be due to personal reasons or the fact that they just don’t want to do it. Companies such as these aren’t picky, and they don’t judge. You may be shocked to learn that paying someone to write an essay for you may be a lot easier and hassle-free than you thought. When you’re ready to get started all you need to do is contact a professional academic writing service like any of the ones provided above. There are others out there, but if you choose to go with one that isn’t listed, I can’t ensure you that they are legit and not a scammer. Not saying don’t try one if you find one but do your homework first. However, the ones I listed can provide you with an expert writer in whatever field you need, with no issues, no questions asked, and no hassle.

I just suggest that you find the best possible option for the project that you need. Some are better at essays; others may be better suited for poetry or screenwriting. Most of the ones on this list have similar price points, but there are some clear cheap options as well as premium options. Once you found the company that is deserving of your trust and money, you’ll move on to spending a few minutes putting in the details of your order while they work on it, so all you need to worry about is improving grades with ease.

Can you trust essay writing services based in the USA?

Yep. You have nothing to worry about when it comes down to trusting the companies listed above. As I mentioned, if you come across one that I haven’t covered, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t legitimate, but it will require some further research on your behalf to vet them and make sure you won’t receive subpar plagiarized work, or even worse, fall victim to a scam.

If you attend schools like Berkeley or Stanford or live near Los Angeles, San Diego, Anaheim in California, or anywhere else in the US for that matter, you should make sure to work with USA-based services. You wouldn’t traditionally pay someone in Long Beach to write you an essay in Hindi. If you need professionally written English content, 9 out of 10 times you’re going to want to go with a US-based company. The ones above are the best choices for those living in California or on the west coast.

Once you have a few orders under your belt with a company you like and a writer that you’re used to, the trust factor will grow immensely. I would also like to point out that if you plan on having return business, you may want to seek out a writing service that offers a rewards plan.

What is the cheapest essay writing service in CA?

The short answer is EssayPro. There are a few that come in rather close, but if for overall affordability + quality of work, I would have to say that they would likely be my top choice. Not only are they a well-established company, but they also boast a phenomenal consumer rating of 4.74 stars from around 14000 reviews and they have been in the paper writing business for over two decades. That’s a very long time, and you don’t stay in business that long with a rating like that, without being good at what you do. The prices at EssayPro are around $10 a page for high school level and $24 a page for Ph.D. level.

In the case that you wrote your own essay and you’re just looking to have it edited, EssayPRO offers an astonishingly low price starting at around $5 per page. Personally, I don’t normally use editing services on sites like this, but I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a price point as low as $5 for a high-quality professional editor. It’s also worth pointing out that this also refers to their premium tier. Not that it’s $5 of course, but the fact that it’s generally the most affordable among its competitors, despite it being premium level.

What is the best essay writing service in California?

99Papers would have my vote for just being the best overall writing service for students or those in need of a creative writing service, who live in the California area. With that said, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be a great option no matter where you live in the US, but this list is particularly focused on providing citizens and students who reside within Cali with safe, reliable, and legitimate writing services. Aside from great reviews and being very affordable, perhaps my favorite benefit is their deadline money-back guarantee. If the writer is unable to produce your project before the deadline, the contract states that the customer shall receive a full refund. This may lead you to ask yourself how often this actually happens. Well, don’t worry. They do hold a high delivery rate, making delivery 99% of the time, making delivery one of their focal points.

Another thing that makes them a great choice, especially for first-time buyers, is that they allow you to review and look at the prices without having to sign up. A few other companies offer this as well, but surprisingly, not all of them. What are the customers saying? On average, their rating is around 4.5 out of 5, coupled with the money-back guarantee, ease of use, and reliability, you can see why I’d put them at the top of my list.

In the end…

That’s not much left to say other than if you’re still reading this, you’re most likely seriously considering using one of these services. Hopefully, you’re here to learn more about what they all have to offer and how the process works and not because you fell victim to a scam in the past regarding writing services and now, you’re looking to ensure that it never happens to you again. In the case of the latter, you can feel 100% safe doing business with any of these companies. Aside from a few of them being new, one or two of them having lackluster customer service, and a rogue late order every once in a while, they are very real and very legitimate options for you. Better yet, they are affordable and easy to use.

By reading through this article, it’s easy to see which companies I prefer, that is based on the content that I provided them with to do the work needed, which means your results will vary depending on what you need. A little research and reading some reviews are the best way to find out which company is the best option for you. I hope this article helped answer any questions anyone may have. If you use any of these writing services, be sure to leave a review on them for future customers.


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