Teeth Whitening Strips in UK – Is it the Best Option?


Every person adores a brighter, bigger, and whiter smile. And, everybody can get a radiant smile using different whitening treatments and products that are available on the market today. But what is better: regular OTC UK whitening strips or the expert whitening treatment your dental professional offers? We have discussed both of these popular choices below so that you can go with the correct option for your teeth. 

Comparison of UK with US Whitening Strips

  • Many of the well-known US products are banned in the UK due to the higher concentration of whitening chemicals they involve. 
  • In the US, whitening strips appear to be an effective way to whiten teeth. 
  • The highest amount of whitening chemicals allowed in OTC products like strips is 0.1% in the UK. 

Whitening at Home with Strips 

UK whitening strips allow you to lighten your teeth from the comfort of home, and they are also a lot more inexpensive than in-chair professional dental treatments. Alternatively, you could buy a teeth whiting kit to get similar whitening results over time.

Here are some essential things to know if you are considering taking this way towards a brighter and whiter smile: 

  • Whitening strips generally use different chemicals to brighten your teeth. Once the strips are applied to your teeth, the whitening gel is pressed next to your teeth so that the chemicals can successfully reach every corner and eliminate stains. 
  • It takes approximately a week before you start observing the effects of whitening strips, whereas advanced products state that you might see a difference after only a single-use. For how long you need to use the strips, rely on the product you are applying and the outcomes you expect. Also, by all means, your result would be based on only how poorly stained your teeth are to start with. 
  • Whitening strips may not give you better results because the strips might not be placed correctly the similar way every time you apply them, and they may not work on each spot on each tooth properly. 
  • How long do the whitening results last? So, if you look after your teeth and use whitening toothpaste regularly while also avoiding drinks and foods that can develop stains, your results can last from 6 months to 1 year. And, this is not bad anyway. 
  • One more great thing regarding whitening strips is that they are simple to use. They are quite specific as all you need is to use a single strip on your upper teeth and another one on your lower teeth. When it is time to remove them, they come out easily, and you are all set! As simple as that. 
  • You may use whitening strips with no consequences when we talk about side effects. Some individuals find that the teeth start getting increasingly sensitive after prolonged use. This side effect can be severe if you previously have sensitive teeth even before you started whitening. If this happens, you can stop using the strips for some days, and the discomfort will disappear.  
  • Furthermore, in addition to tooth sensitivity, the components in whitening strips may upset the gums. Experts suggest ignoring contact between the strip and gums, but this is very tough. Also, excessive use of whitening strips can erode your tooth enamel, and you can become more susceptible to tooth deformation. That is why it is significant to use these products as recommended. 

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Looking for a Dentist with Professional Treatments 

If you are expecting wonderful results, then professional whitening treatment is the best way. Visiting a dentist’s clinic will help your teeth whiten professionally. But there are a few things you still need to consider before going for a professional whitening treatment: 

  • Initially, you might want to think about the cost. Compared to whitening strips in the UK that you can purchase in-store or online, professional treatment would be much more costly. We are talking about many dollars for dental treatment vs. only a few dollars for at-home whitening strips. 
  • If you are targeting to make your teeth various shades whiter post only a single treatment, this is the most probable method. Your dentist would have more potential bleaching gel that works quicker than the low-dose bleaching components present in whitening strips that you can use at home. 
  • As you have already identified, professional teeth-whitening treatment can also create gum irritation and sensitivity in teeth. Ultimately, if at-home whitening products can do it, professional treatments could also do it. Thus, if you ever have sensitive teeth, your dentist would not suggest professional treatment. 
  • All the while, what is guided as in-chair bleaching, your dental expert will apply a rubber shield or a unique gel to safeguard your gums as best as feasible. Then he/she will spread the whitening solution on your teeth. You will stay a few minutes, and you may attain the results that you look for after attending a single session. 
  • Additionally, using the whitening solution to your teeth, your dental professional may also apply some light or laser to whiten your smile faster. Specific treatment will take around 30 to 60 minutes, which is quick and easy! 
  • Suppose you can get excellent results after a single in-chair whitening treatment; based on your expectations, you may need to get the treatment more than once. And after a year, you will start seeing the stains again. 


Experts suggest that you have your teeth and gums checked before taking whitening treatment, even if you consider whitening at the dental clinic or at-home whitening strips in the UK. Your dentist can ensure your teeth are fit enough for a whitening treatment, and he/she will also be able to find out which alternatives will take out the stains effectively. 

Keep in mind that even though a periodic whitening treatment is the best way to get a wonderful smile, cleaning with whitening toothpaste, flossing, and opting for dental cleanings daily will assist you in keeping up beautiful and healthy teeth in the long run. Overall, having a healthy smile is just as essential as having a bright smile!


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