Technology and Gambling: How the Modern Gambling Market Works

Technology and Gambling

The gaming industry is facing fundamental changes. There is always money to be made in a gambling hall or casino with the best UK casino bonus. This view was held until the 1990s. Times have changed. Even though stationary casinos and arcades are still in demand, the Internet has taken market share away from the operators. Millions of users play online roulette, poker, etc. Playing casino games for free in the virtual world is more real than ever before.

Virtual and augmented reality are making inroads

Now the online casino industry itself is facing significant technological changes. How this will ultimately change the market is not yet foreseeable. What is clear, however, is that the demands of players are growing similarly to the demands of console players. They, too, are constantly expecting new technological possibilities and have developed a corresponding attitude of expectation.

One example of new technologies in digital gaming is augmented reality and virtual reality. Players today no longer just want to press a button and hope for a win. It’s about an experience as real as sitting at a table in a casino.

This is exactly what new virtual reality goggles promise. Those who put them on are immersed in another world through a 360° view. Players feel as if they are standing directly at the roulette table or across from the dealer at blackjack. The gaming experience becomes more authentic, more tangible, and therefore more realistic.

Artificial intelligence and the cloud

Artificial intelligence is also relatively new in use. Operators of digital games have long since used it not only to suggest suitable games to their customers (and thus maximize sales). AI has long been used to design game worlds and create an authentic atmosphere.

The increasing use of cloud solutions, on the other hand, seems rather unspectacular. Yet this development is of outstanding importance. Cloud solutions make it possible for a large number of casinos to provide high-quality gaming offers around the clock – and to scale these according to customer demand. Through the cloud, operators can incorporate new graphical elements into games and eliminate the need for glitch-prone software on the end customer’s computer. Games are thus maximally accessible and offer the highest level of user-friendliness.

Operators have to put their money where their mouth is

The new technical possibilities present casinos with major challenges. Operators have to invest a lot of money to keep up with the top of the market. It is also possible that there will be greater concentration. This is to be expected in particular if it makes a big difference from the player’s point of view in which online casino is played at. Here again, virtual reality and augmented reality could play a role. Network effects are conceivable: If players can communicate with each other, they may prefer to play at well-frequented tables. Those who can offer these tables have an advantage.

More security, more mobility, and more options

Security always plays an important role, especially in digital gaming. New technologies are successively strengthening trust in providers. It’s all about combining security with convenience. Modern payment service providers succeed particularly well in this. One example of this is payment initiation services. Players can initiate deposits to their casino account via their house bank’s checking account. The payment is made in real-time and is legitimized using the familiar PIN/TAN procedure.

That is by no means all. Fingerprint and facial recognition, 3-D Secure procedures, AMLA-compliant proof of identity around the clock: various new technologies are making gambling on the Internet safer than ever before.

Another aspect concerns the trend toward mobile use of digital offerings. This also affects the entire gambling industry. Most operators use a responsive design for their offers. This adapts to the user’s device type. This means that there is no need to install an app (which is often error-prone).

Cryptocurrency in online casinos

The use of cryptocurrencies is still very new for most people in the world. However, it has proven to be one of the safest methods currently available for online transactions. Owners of cryptocurrencies are interested in joining the gambling community after online casinos introduced them on their websites. It is expected that the majority of transactions in online casinos will be carried out using blockchain technology in the future.

Final thoughts

The growth and development of technology are changing the way people play games of chance. The technologies we have come to know so far will have a great impact on the way we entertain ourselves in the future. So far, they have proven to bring exciting and new experiences to players and have only facilitated the way we play our games online. With so many changes, it will be interesting to experience this new gambling world full of extraordinary technological innovations.


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