Should We Buy a Core Body Sensor for Summer Heat Waves?

Heat Body Sensor

In a hot environment, it is normal to feel sweaty, hot, and uncomfortable. As a result, we often look for a cooling effect to keep a cool body temperature because when the body keeps getting hot, the blood vessels will open, leading to low blood pressure. This makes it complex for the heart to keep circulating blood effectively around the body. In the end, a person can have swollen feet or itchy rashes. In such instances, it means a person should think of a way to maintain the required body temperatures. So, the question is, can a core body sensor help regulate the extreme heat and restore the body back to normal functioning? Let’s find out below.

What is a core body sensor?

This is a high-tech wearable core body temperature sensor that uses Swiss-made technology to analyze your core body temperature and deliver real-time and accurate body temperature data. 

The Functioning of the core body sensor

First of all, you fix the wearable device and strap it to the heart rate. Another option is to use the medical adhesive patches to attach the device. Since it is a small but high-tech device, you won’t feel the discomfort of wearing it.

Next, you can view the details on your smartphone, whether using Garmin or iOS devices. It is easy to connect the device to your phone since it has Bluetooth BLE and Ant + connection.  

Note: What makes the core body sensor device unique and reliable when compared with other devices is that it measures the core body temperature, unlike other devices that focus on skin temperatures. 

Some advantages of using the device include

  • Small in size
  • Noninvasive and accurate 
  • Constant upgrades
  • Helps cyclists prevent fatigue when exercising

What about the disadvantages? 

  • The device may experience connectivity issues
  • In some circumstances, the data or results aren’t quite helpful

Core Body Temperature Sensor Applications

Many are the instances that stimulate the body temperature, apart from the heat waves from the weather. So, there are many instances a person can use the core body sensor as described below. 

Detecting any health illness in advance

When you track the circadian cycle, it becomes easy to detect a health disorder early enough. This is because many health issues can easily be detected through the daily temperature cycle, which a person can measure with the core body sensor and get instant, accurate results. 

Some researchers have been relating health issues like ovulation status, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, burnout, jetlag, insomnia, and narcolepsy, among many others, with the core body sensors to establish any detection of such diseases to ease the management process when still at early stages. Therefore, the device is quite effective as it makes the work easy for caregivers at home to check the patient’s temperatures and take any immediate action before the problem becomes worse. 

Helps in sports and related activities

Apart from enhancing patient care, the core body sensor device is also valuable to sports people. With the device, they can easily evaluate and monitor a sports person’s temperature when in a high-intensity exercise or sports. 

This helps all sports people to get useful insights to avoid dangers related to extreme exercises such as heat strokes. Still, the valuable insights help an individual know when to increase their performance during a given sport or exercise activity. 

Help promote health and safety measures in workplaces

Different workplaces have distinct conditions, whereby some areas are subjected to harsh and tough environments in relationship to heating and rising temperatures. For instance, firefighting, oil & petroleum, and military departments are among the top environments subjected to high heating, and some measures should be put in place to promote the safety and health of the workers. 

So, using this wearable device in the workforce can help detect any dangers in an individual to establish early prevention and protection measures. 

Comparing the Core body sensors with related devices

While there are several other devices for checking the temperature, they might not suit or serve the desired purposes as a core body sensor could. Let’s establish a detailed comparison below to give you great insights into the device. 

Note: To measure the core body temperature, you can either use external, ingestible, or insertable devices. What matters is the degree of accuracy and the service coverage. 


Although insertable devices provide accurate results, they aren’t effective in using while exercising. On the other hand, ingestible devices provide accurate results while exercising and are effective for everyday use. The core body sensor device is effective in both situations; however, its accuracy doesn’t use static technology as in the case of other devices. Nonetheless, the accuracy of core body sensor devices is advancing, and in the coming years, it will be more accurate.  


Core body sensors are external devices, hence used externally. As a result, they have low invasiveness. On the other hand, ingestible and insertable devices have medium-high invasiveness since many users often find them uncomfortable to use.

The Cost

With the core body sensor, the user only requires a free mobile application, a cycle computer, or an approved sports watch. The cost of the core body sensor is a one-time cost, hence manageable. On the other hand, ingestible and insertable devices are costly due to their way of operations and the technology used. 



Rising body temperatures and the heating effect monitoring are significant in our lives. The core body sensor is one device a person can use to check the temperatures and ensure they are within the required limits or take action in case of a serious issue.


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