Roof Pests: Ways To Deal And Protect Your Roof From Pests

It is already disturbing to have pests at home. They can become a nuisance when they live on the roof. Apart from damaging the home and property, roof pests are tough to control. It is important to deal with them early so they do not damage your roof.

Try also to stop these pests from coming back again. But first, it is essential to get rid of them. Otherwise, they will become troublesome and hard to control.

Ants and termites are two pests that cause more damage than other roof pests. Termites can quickly bring the whole roof down, especially if made of wood or other organic material. Ants can cause more damage when they leave their nests in search of water and food.

In this post, you will learn ways to keep off roof pests. Read on to discover more.

Methods of Roof Pests Control

There are various ways to deal with pests and rodents invading your roof. If you are wondering how to deal with roof pests, keep reading. We will cover the methods that apply to control specific types of invaders.

1. Birds

When birds enter your roof, it is vital to act fast. Although they do not damage it, you should remove them as soon as possible because of their droppings. Birds can also carry fungal spores that cause allergies and respiratory problems in humans.

The easiest way to get rid of birds from your roof is by using visual scare tactics like bird spikes or netting. You can also keep them off the attic by installing a net or wire barrier around it.

2. Squirrels

Squirrels are pesky rodents that can enter your roof through small gaps. They are challenging to get rid of once they have settled in the attic. Act fast when you see squirrels venturing into your house. They start with minor damage until they settle down and start causing major problems.

The best way to deal with squirrels is by using traps to catch them. You can also try repellents like ammonia, pepper, or capsaicin sprays to keep them away.

To prevent squirrels from invading, you can cap all the potential entry points. Also, keep off objects that attract them, including bird feeders and pet food bowls.

3. Bats


Bats are small, but they can cause significant damage to your roof. They leave droppings, urine, and saliva in the attic. It is essential to get rid of them before they settle into your house and start causing problems, like allergies or diseases.

Use repellents to get rid of bats. You can also install screens or wire mesh over all possible entry points into your house. Seal all cracks on walls and the roof to keep the bats off.

4. Mice and Rats

Both mice and rats are rodents that can damage your roof by chewing through wires, insulation, or wooden beams. They can cause lots of damage, causing more problems like leaks or water damage.

One method for controlling mice and rats is by using poisons. Place the baits on their travel paths so they can easily find and eat them up.

Also, try to eliminate their nests or hiding places. Make sure you trim tall grasses and shrubs so the rodents cannot use them as a cover to come to your home.

5. Termites


These insects live in colonies underground. They can cause significant damage to your roof upon entry. Act fast before they get out of control and start to eat away the wooden beams, insulation, and other organic material.

You can prevent termites from coming into your home by using a chemical barrier blocking their entry points. You should also install pressure-treated wood to keep them at bay. Regularly check for termite activity in your house to act quickly.

6. Ants

Ants are more of a nuisance than anything because they do not cause severe damage to your roof. They can enter the attic through small cracks or gaps. They can make your house a mess by leaving behind their droppings and dead bodies everywhere. Some types of ants can also bite humans and pets, causing allergic reactions.

The easiest way you can get rid of ants from your house is by using gel baits. You can also apply an ant-killing spray around the entry points and other places where they frequently appear.

Keep your house clean to prevent ants from settling in. Keep away or seal all food items and kitchen appliances. Also, clean all oil or soup spills to discourage ants from coming into your house.

7. Bees and Wasps


These two types of pests can be a cause of problems to your roof. They can weaken or damage your roof over time. Apart from damaging your roof, they can cause serious harm to people and pets when they sting.

You can try using vinegar spray or mothballs if you see bees. Traps can work for wasps in your home. Sealing all the entry points into your house, including vents and chimneys, will also keep them off.


If you want to protect your roof, you must take quick action. Control the pests quickly before they cause more damage over time. You can use these tips if you find any of the insects or rodents in your house. By doing so, you will save your home’s roof structure and residents.

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