Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment: 7 Time-Tested Tactics

Shopping Cart

Online shoppers are notorious for adding items to shopping carts, then leaving them there without completing the checkout process. While the widgets remain in your store’s inventory, your shop does not benefit from the final payment. Studies show that over 60 percent of shoppers add items to their carts, then abandon them. Fortunately, you can do something about it. 

Partner with professionals

Professional marketers know how to engage customers and get them to buy the items in their shopping carts. Companies like Ampry help you develop a professional website and employ techniques that mitigate shopping cart abandonment. 

Professionals like these can also assist with graphics, immediacy, and other marketing specialties. Though you may be on the fence about forking over these additional costs, hiring a professional marketing company allows you focus on other business tasks rather than spending your time trying to finalize customer engagement strategies. 

Add offer pop-ups

Successful businesses offer pop-ups that engage customers with discounts and questions about the items in their shopping carts. With offer pop-ups, customers have an incentive to check out and officially make a purchase. 

Customize the shopping experience

Another way you can reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate is to add customer names, locations, and other customized information. You can also engage with customized pop-ups or by making recommendations based on previous purchases or items in the shopping cart. 

Reduce your shipping prices

People hate to pay for shipping. When customers get free shipping, they are more likely to purchase items in their shopping carts. In some cases, consumers may even add more items to earn free shipping, helping you clear out your stockrooms. 

Develop a sense of urgency

Another technique for ensuring customers buy the items in their carts is to establish a sense of urgency. You can do this by sharing how many items are in limited quantities. Businesses can also establish urgency by offering a limited-time discount like free shipping or a free gift with purchase. Customers will finalize the purchase because the offer will disappear if they don’t. 

Allow customers to remain anonymous

Customers who have to create an account to check out often leave items in a cart. To encourage them to make the purchase, give them an opportunity to pay for the items without an account. 

You’ll be able to collect their names, addresses, and emails whether they create an account or not. Not to mention, they’ll be more likely to buy the items in their shopping cart. It’s a win-win situation for you and them. 

Simplify your checkout process

If your checkout process includes too many steps, customers will get annoyed and leave. The checkout process needs to be transparent with a maneuverable set of pages. Try to keep the process down to three steps, and always leave the customers with a confirmation page and email receipt. 

Wrap up

With smart planning and by working with a professional marketing company, you can reduce your shopping cart abandonment numbers. Consider customer benefits like free shipping, limited-time discounts, and gifts with the purchase. Your customers will buy more if they feel like they are getting something special from your company.


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