Productive Routine: 5 Tips on How to Start Your College Day

Productive Routine

College years are all about learning how to balance your social life and academic achievements. It is the time when you develop the habits and beliefs that might be defining for you in the future. Therefore, you might think about the most efficient ways to deal with your daily tasks.

All people are different, and there is no perfect formula that would work for everyone. However, we have prepared a list of tips that you can take into account when creating your daily routine. Remember that productivity starts in a place where you feel safe and comfortable.

Monitor Your Health and Sleep Patterns

Start your day… whenever you feel better to do it.

You may have heard that early birds rule the world. It is true that biologically humans are adapted to be more productive during the daytime. However, for some people, waking up early is almost torture.  

Although you may find many articles describing the night owl lifestyle as harmful, we would not convince you with a dominant narrative about it. “I better think at night!”, “It is easier to write my essay during the night time”, you might say. If you feel healthy and comfortable with your late-night studying, then don’t worry.

Yet, if you notice any abnormal change in your appetite, mood, overall physical and mental health, you should consult your doctor. At the same time, if your sleeping patterns affect your attendance or academic performance, you should find a way to adapt your schedule. Always pay attention to your health because if something goes missing in your diet or you are always tired, you won’t remain productive.  

Regardless of your sleeping patterns, you should be able to work on your chores and assignments in time. Create a specific schedule and estimate how many hours are enough for you to feel refreshed to determine when you should go to sleep or wake up.

Keep Your Chores Organized

The first thing you should know as you wake up is the priority tasks you need to finish today. Write down the deadlines and assignments that cannot be skipped any further. Consider looking for productivity apps that allow you to organize your daily goals. Setting reminders also may come in handy for keeping track of your progress.

It is better to complete your papers and readings early rather than wait till there are only a few hours left before submission. It is quite easy to forget about something, especially when you have many courses. Therefore, prepare a to-do list beforehand to avoid being confused and distracted.

In some cases, it is appropriate to seek help. You can always contact an essay writing service if you are overwhelmed with tasks you need to finish. The most important part is sorting assignments by their relevance and deadline because some of them may take more time than you expect.

Sometimes, people find it helpful to have a clear and detailed plan. For instance, write down when exactly you can relax watching a movie and how many hours you need to finish your essay. A schedule is even better than just to-do lists as you know how to manage your whole day.

Find a Boost to Your Productivity

Some people love watching a movie first and then start working on their assignments. Others can focus only when they listen to their favorite music. You need to figure out what can ease your stress and inspire you simultaneously. Whether it is comfort reading or fitness exercises, it should bring joy and energize you.

Sometimes, a short walk in a park can help you clear your mind and lighten your mood. If you own a bicycle or roller skates, take a thirty-minute trip around the block (don’t forget to ride where it is safe). Physical activity is beneficial to your overall well-being as well.

Avoid Distractions

The best way to be productive is to set the airplane mode on your smartphone or turn it off altogether. You should also try to avoid using any additional windows in your browser and focus on academic tasks. Set specific rules for yourself to dodge the desire to open a TikTok app instead of writing your paper. For instance, you can give yourself a precise amount of time that should be dedicated only to writing.

Many people share their positive experiences with the Pomodoro method when you work for 25 minutes and have 15 minutes of a break. Indeed, it is easier to focus when you know that there will be a moment to rest so that you don’t get distracted.

Also, refrain from multitasking. One assignment should be dealt with diligently and thoughtfully. Trying to cover everything done at once results in the poor quality of your work.

Develop Your Work Routine

Last but not least, making your day predictive is a good idea. Identify the conditions which allow you to feel comfortable and confident. Some people work better with their laptop in the bed and music turned on, while others can get things done only at their kitchen counter and in silence. You should create a convenient space where you can concentrate on work.

You also may need to set boundaries with your roommates or family about specific times when you are studying to minimize the risks of being distracted by them. Don’t be afraid to explain why it is important for you to have several hours during which you are alone and working.

Wrapping Up

The beginning of your college day can influence your performance to a great extent. Therefore, treat it as an important part of your academic success. Be attentive to your health, organize your duties responsibly in terms of their priority, find what makes you productive and keeps you focused, and create a comfortable environment for work. Such preparations will contribute to your productivity during the rest of the day.


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