Office Moves For Beginners: How To Make A Company Move During Lockdown

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If you’re handling an office, chances are you’ve thought of conducting an office move for various reasons – these may come in the form of the need to downsize or upsize your operations, perhaps just relocate to a better location, or even if you have to expand your operations in the form of new branches and satellite offices. Whatever the reason, an office move could potentially pave the way for making better business across your various departments. However, it does pose a problem if you need to make an office move in the middle of lockdown, especially during today’s quarantine and COVID-19 situation. 

After all, how exactly can you make a practical office move if your business has to stay open in the middle of a lockdown, right? Won’t this make your move much harder to conduct? In theory, this is true – moving during lockdown can get tricky, but not impossible. With some of the tips below, your office move during lockdown can be extremely easier and even used to your business’s advantage: 

  • Clarify lockdown requirements and regulations on office moves.

In order to avoid troubles in terms of your operations, it might help to immediately consult the relevant offices and other authorities on lockdown requirements and regulations when it comes to office moves. What special requirements and paperwork do you need to sign and submit to be able to conduct an office move to your new location? Would you need to hire movers near Manhattan or your destination to ensure the health and safety of your move? Moreover, would you and your employees need to undergo testing before you can start operating in your new location? Knowing these requirements and securing them as soon as possible can avoid all sorts of hassle in terms of your new office move. 

  • Form a marketing and sales campaign surrounding your move.

Why stress about your move during lockdown when you can try to make a profit out of it? Instead of just making your move silently, you can take this opportunity to create buzz around your office move. You can create social media campaigns that elaborate on promos and discounts your new customers can get if they avail your services before, during, and even after the office move. That way, you can capitalize on the “change” you’re doing to your company while using this promo to make a “mark” in your new customers upon your arrival to their area.

  • Secure your inventory as soon as possible.

Once you decide on conducting an office move, now might be a good time to check and secure your inventory as soon as possible. Instead of relying on a ledger, you may instead use a spreadsheet or an app to actually list everything your office has and take note of any important information with regards to your items. These include identifying which items you want to keep, sell, or even throw away. Additionally, paying attention to which items need replacements and restocking – especially in terms of both supplies and products – can help identify whether you need special storage or if you need to acquire other equipment from your supplier before you make the move.

  • Maximize the lack of traffic and space for your move.

Instead of rushing to pack your things and make your move happen as fast as possible, the lack of people and too much traffic outside can be a great way for you to take your time and take things slow to ensure all processes in your move happen exactly the way you want it. Thanks to the lack of traffic outside, there’s no need to rush with your move and you can even open up the opportunity to maximize the presence of your employees throughout the move. They can assist with various parts of the move such as ensuring that operations are smooth while organizing your move. Likewise, you can slow things a bit and ensure all things are in their proper places once you arrive in your new location. 

  • Hire professionals to handle all your logistical office concerns.

If you feel as though the office move can become extremely overwhelming on your part, you can actually hire professionals such as a moving company in order to handle all the heavy-lifting with regards to your move. Their specialized knowledge and insights on all things moving can ensure that you have professionals handling your office move even during lockdown. They’re classified as essential businesses, meaning they’re familiar with protocols and other various considerations you may not have been able to consider due to other worries you might have about your business. With them assisting you, moving companies can help your move be more smooth-sailing and easier to conduct. 

Office Moves For First-Timers: Make It Possible During The Lockdown

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that it’s perfectly possible for you to conduct an office move even with a busy schedule and even during the lockdown situation. Remember, aside from following the right procedure, you can use the lockdown to your advantage to ensure your office move stays smooth and without any hassle. Moreover, the right marketing and publicity approach can still help your office move gain traction and potentially attract more clients, provided you use the right strategy and the right tactics to maximize the situation. Remember, a lockdown isn’t enough to stop you from conducting your office move, and this may just be the key to level up your business’s performance in the field. 


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