Nine Reasons to Make a Website on WordPress

It is believed that only about half of small businesses have a site. In fact, 19% of them don’t have it to avoid wasting money. Whatever people say, having a website is a necessity if the company has further plans to expand the business. With WordPress, the possibilities for your business are endless. You may be wondering what WordPress is and why it is worth making your website on it. You will find the answers below.

What Is WordPress & Why Choose It?

WordPress is one of the leading CMS available on the market. It gives you an opportunity to easily develop, change and manage content on your website without special skills in IT. More than 25% of sites on the Internet are powered by WP today. Nowadays, it is more than easy to hire dedicated WordPress developers and implement all your ideas. You can use it for landing pages, corporate and e-commerce sites, portfolios, etc. Here are the nine main reasons to opt for this CMS.

1)  Convenient Content Management

In the admin panel, you can find plenty of great features. For example, use the drag-and-drop function to upload content, create image galleries, set up schedules for posting at a specific time of the day, add cool widgets to customize your sidebar, etc. All this is possible without a single intervention in the code. Could you do something similar with an HTML site?

2)  Website Development for Any Purpose

When people mention WordPress, the first idea that comes to mind is to use it for blogging. However, this CMS is more powerful than you think – it can be used to create any type of site from blogs to social media. Even big brands use it:  check out Sony Music, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, BBC America, PlayStation, and others.

3)  Numerous Templates to Select From

Many people love WP because this CMS provides you with access to numerous excellent templates of all kinds. For instance, if you are considering creating a niche website for a construction firm or local car dealership, with a 99% probability you will find the required template.

4)  An Opportunity to Upgrade a Website Using Plugins

WP plugins offer numerous capabilities to extend the functionality of your website. For instance, you can make a contact form for your site, introduce a payment system, work with SEO, improve your security, and even launch landing webpages – all in a few clicks. There are thousands of plugins in the official WP database. Therefore, plenty of options are available to you to expand your site’s functionality. Alternatively, there are many good WordPress web design services available in the market for hire.

5)  Friendly Interface

You don’t need to be a developer or a web designer to work with WordPress – the system has a user-friendly interface that allows you to manage your site from a single admin panel. Using the editor, you can add new pages, publications, and files to the site. You can also go to the Appearance section to customize your site by adding backgrounds, widgets, headers, and menus.

6)  Support and Updates

WordPress also provides an excellent customer experience. Therefore, millions of customers prefer this CMS worldwide. In case you have any trouble, WP developers are always at your disposal. Also, the system is regularly updated with useful improvements, which are free of charge.

7)  Responsive Design

This CMS offers excellent optimization capabilities for mobile platforms and various screens. Unlike an HTML website, you are not forced to make a separate edition of your web resource for mobile gadgets. WP templates are fully configured for mobile screens, especially premium ones.

mobile website

8)  Improved Security

WP plugins help protect your site from hackers, malware, make sure users use strong passwords, and prevent a whole list of other issues. There is no need to hire a security expert.

9)  Integration of Third-party Services

This CMS gives you full freedom to work with third-party software and apps. Thanks to the appropriate plugins, it won’t be difficult for you to do it.

In Conclusion

WordPress has plans for many years to come. Therefore, your site will remain relevant and get better and better over time. With this CMS, the possibilities for your site are endless. So, give WordPress a try and check how powerful it is. Once you have tried this CMS, you will never want to go back to HTML.


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