Netflix is Planning to Debut in Gaming Sector: Read More

Netflix has addressed senior executives of the game industry to partner. It is stepping into creating a subscription game service. In the past, many tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, and many more have tried to develop “Netflix for Games”. The service offering was for basic monthly fees. However, it’s found in a report that all the platforms will face tough competition as Netflix itself is thinking of launching the service.

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Netflix, in the report, responded that it’s looking to expand its service into video games. The platform says that “it’s exciting to do interactive entertainment.” The entertainment platform is thinking of recruiting an executive to help them with expansion into video games.

In the report, Netflix approached different veteran games sectors to helm the move into the video game sector. The streaming giant will hire a senior executive from the gaming sector to look after the expansion into a video game.

It’s not going to be fresh territory for the streaming giant, Netflix. In the past, the platform has a license of a few domestic video games like Stranger Things the developers. It was done for developing tie-in games. At the same time, they have produced different “interactive movies”, including Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Bandersnatch, Kimmy vs the Reverend and Black Mirror.

According to an executive representing, the streaming giant took experimental steps into the gaming market with those games as well as movies. However, the platform got a good response. He said, “Members also enjoy engaging directly with stories they admire through interactive shows such as Bandersnatch, You vs Wild, and games based on Stranger Things, To All the Boys, and La Casa de Papel. Thus Netflix is excited to stay interactive entertainment.”

However, there has no conclusion on whether Netflix game services also have to build games. Nor has it yet finalized that the company will use streaming technology like Microsoft, Sony, or Google’s Stadia.

Let’s Take a Quick Look at Other Gaming Platforms

Google’s endeavours to enter the entertainment market with its game streaming platform, Stadia. However, the platform was not very successful, and the primary reason behind it was the lack of engaging titles. Apple Arcade has numerous third-party extensions; however, the subscription relies on exclusive proprietary products to generate records.

Here the doubt is whether the subscription game services force the streaming platform to expand their service and games. Apple is opposed to the game speaker to set up a subscription service on its platform. However, the streaming platform as opposed to the subscription option on the iOS platform.

Netflix is looking for developers to help them with video games. It’s a sign that the video streaming giant is stepping to expand beyond the entertainment industries and traditional films. Looking at Netflix development strategy, many are thinking of developing an app like Netflix, helping them to build their presence in the market with ease. Just seek the support of the developer and launch a one-stop platform for streamers.

However, Netflix is also trying to hire top talent from the gaming sector to oversee its expansion into games. It will be fun to see how tough it would be for Google with its streaming services and Amazon with its gaming studio when the streaming giant launches its gaming service.

Apple Arcade is a subscription-based video game service that provides subscribers unlimited access to games of their choice. However, Netflix’s Watch video on demand (VOD) streaming service enables subscribers to stream movies, TV series, and various other content on different platforms, including tablets, digital media players, smartphones, smart TVs, and many more. You just need to have Netflix software on the PCs or other devices to enjoy the service.

Ending Note

When Netflix was launched, it had to compete with many competitors. But the streaming giant is successful in the field. It took years for Netflix to start offering game streaming service. However, the streaming platform has come a long way from media to streaming to rentals.

Netflix had around 239000 subscribers when the platform introduced a subscription model. It makes it easier for customers to rent DVDs for some cost, and by 2003 the platform successfully built a customer base of 1 million. The streaming platform has started to shift its customers to streaming.

Netflix denies the intention to move into game streaming; however, it is reportedly in discussions with senior developers and executives in the gaming industry to build a new gaming industry. The streaming platform has begun the search for senior gaming executives to lead the launch.

However, the streaming platform is trying to play the cards right, helping them become a significant player. A Netflix subscription-based video game service can provide a premium experience in its streaming category. However, other tech brands are trying to enter the gaming sphere with online games on consoles and streaming platforms. Netflix is leading in the market with a vast customer base.

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