Marketing Strategies to Increase Target Audience on YouTube

What is one of the most important things to get on YouTube? Well, the key to success is attracting the right audience. The first task is to define who they are, based on their age, gender, occupation, profession, hobbies, etc.  And then another question comes up – how to maintain and expand your target group, thus becoming a wide-known influencer? This may be tricky, but do not despair, dear friend! Your problem can be solved with the help of a few effective strategies that you can apply to your promotion campaign. Well, let’s lose no time and get on with these clever tactics!


Okay, this matter is complicated. Officially, such services are restricted to use, and YouTube has a highly developed algorithm that has to detect and ban accounts that are purchasing stats. However, with the rising level of competition on the platform it is very hard to squeeze your channel into the sufficient status ( e.g. monetization and popularity without any boosts). So here is the only advice that is worth acknowledging: using paid services requires wisdom and accuracy. Your primary goal is to keep up the proper ratio between purchased and organic growth. Luckily, nowadays you can buy any amount of cheap YouTube subscribers that would be suitable for your current rates. And now, having this question settled, let’s move on to the tactics that can be used for target group growth. 


Many bloggers and businesses are trying to gain as many views as possible. What they forget is that views are secondary to building the audience. So you should change your goal from acquiring more views to providing a positive experience for every user that you already got. It means that you must not only attract new followers, but retain the ones that are appreciating your work right now. Usually, people are easily convinced to follow a channel on YouTube if they can see a happy and active audience. 


Surprisingly, but many YouTubers neglect this aspect of being one. The way your channel looks is a great anchor for potential followers. Humans are using visual perception as a primary type, so having a neat and pretty channel is a plus for your public image. Here are the universal tips for making a fine branding:

  • Choose a color scheme. Usually, it is about 2-4 complimentary colors. A unified choice of colors is what will make your channel recognizable and stylish. 
  • Use a specific font for your texts. This is also adding some professionalism and taste to your visuals.
  • Create a logo. It can be anything that you want to be associated with your content. Some people use their pets or iconic pieces of clothing they have, and some develop a unique picture. It is totally up to you. 
  • Have a neat profile picture. For the best result, it is recommended to use a shoulder-high portrait where your face can be seen well, and where you demonstrate a positive vibe.


This little pic that appears in the interface as a cover for your videos, makes a big difference. Remember, that you should avoid using the automatic thumbnails that Studio offers. Customized thumbnails will increase your rates faster and more effectively. That is because through that small image you can show something that your potential audience notices and memorizes. So ignoring this piece of work is a step back from getting a big target group. You have to provide useful information to the viewer, so he can decide if he wants to click on your video. Yet you must be subtle and don’t give out too much. Some intrigue also serves well!


Never forget that you have profiles on other networks too! The promotion outside YouTube is very fruitful for expanding the target group. The rules here are:

  • Embedding links to your channel or specific video anywhere you can is a must.
  • Announce the upcoming update, and share the older ones to break a second wave of interest to them. 
  • Mention your channel on YouTube in bios of other platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr. 

These are the least that you should do for having this strategy work. You can customize it depending on what range of platforms you occupy. 


As we speak of increasing the target audience, this is a must-do. Trailer is a video content that is attached to the main page of your channel. It is a short representation of yourself, that has an only goal – to make an occasional user become your follower. Thus, you should put some effort into it. Make your channel trailer short, witty, and highlight the valuable information about your content. Work on the hook that will make users want to watch your trailer till the end. 


One of the key features for success on YouTube is the charismatic personality of the blogger who stands as the face of the channel. Your authenticity is what creates a bond between you and your audience. Thus, you have to spread personal influence on everything you produce. However, it is also important to keep a positive and friendly tone. Provocative and gloomy mood can be interesting too, but will attract a significantly lesser amount of people. Do not be afraid to show the bad times of your life, though. Being sincere is vital. You must only choose wisely the form that you will wrap the information in. Prefer witty and sarcastic tone for that matter. But when communicating with your audience directly, don’t be too ironic. Keep it like the kind of light conversation at the party. 


YouTube is a social media, even if it is not obvious. So communication is a big part of success on this platform. Collaboration with other bloggers who occupy your industry can improve your rates at once. You will be much more recognized if you manage to get in touch with the influencers who already have a vast audience. Besides, this is a great opportunity for you to get some experience and hacks from colleagues. 


This is your biggest power. Your ultimate goal is to create something worth waiting for and coming back for. To users, every detail matters a lot. So you should try avoiding mistakes and failures that differ a professional from a rookie:

  • Get good gear. It is optional, as modern smartphones offer quite a good result. But at least you should get a steady-cam to prevent your materials from blurry and shivering images. 
  • Revise your content at least twice. To provide only the best content, you have to be on high alert of any possible mistakes. 
  • Work on your talking skills. Of course, some specific features of your speech can be an authentic part of your persona, but you have to develop style. Also, you should work on expanding your vocabulary and the manner of speech. 
  • Add captions. Not because of the previous point 🙂 Captions can increase your target audience several times because they make your content available for foreigners. You can use software to generate captions very quickly
  • Check out your competitors. And learn from their failures. 


Here are the best tactics to use if you want to expand your target group. Good luck!


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