15 Tools to Make Animated Characters for Business

100+ animated characters

Animation tools can be essential in any field, i.e., Gaming, Human Resources, Digital Arts, Marketing, Teaching, etc. The addition of characters makes it look captivating for the audience, especially children. If you are a small business brand wanting to promote the business idea or product, cartoon characters will be the best way to depict the idea.

In this article, we will recognize the following 15 best cartoon character makers that can be used for creating business-related videos:

1. Doratoon

Making an animated video for business is not easy for everyone, but with Doratoon, you can create brilliant content. This tool encourages beginners with little editing knowledge to create videos and add animated characters to them for a more professional look. The application also offers customizable templates and 100+ animated characters.

Efficient Features of Doratoon Animation Software

Doratoon offers some of the most helpful features for video creators, making it easier to create animation videos:

  • AI Drawing: Doratoon’s AI predicts the keyframe positions and smoothens the curves of a rough sketch. With this assistance, you will have a clean rough sketch drawing. After that, Artificial Intelligence will also predict suitable colors, animation effects, and pencil thickness. This way, you can create a professional drawing for your animated video.
  • AI Intelligent Dubbing: This helpful animation software uses Artificial Intelligence to convert texts into speech. You will be given the privilege to choose the character whose voice you want to add to the video. After you preview the voice, use the speed slider to adjust the voice’s speed and check the synchronization of the character and the voice.
  • Path Animation: Another useful feature, Path Animation, helps users to move the character or object around a specific path in the video. You can specify the path in your business video, and the application will assist in proceeding the animated character along that path.
  • Props and Templates: Not just animated characters, Doratoon also supports the addition of props in the animated video. It can be anything like a table, chair, or coffee with which the animated character will interact. Moreover, the application offers customizable templates, including subjects of Marketing, Education, Human Resources, etc.

Human Resources, etc

 Pros and Cons of Doratoon Software

  • With Doratoon, you can convert your PPT presentations into animated videos. This will help students to show their presentations in a better way.
  • The format painter feature allows users to insert an audio file into their video. It can be your voice, or the Artificial Intelligence synthesis will transform the text into a speech.
  • The animation software also supports the addition of photos in the animated video. You can also highlight the pictures or label them in the video.

The Doratoon app also has a downside point, mentioned below:

  • The free templates of Doratoon are limited.

How to Make Your Animated Character with Doratoon?

We have described the features offered by Doratoon and how it is so easy to use this animation cartoon character for business purposes. Now, let’s recognize the steps involved in creating your animated character with the software:

Step 1: Access the Doratoon Website

The first step requires the user to access the official website of Doratoon software. Then, click “Workbench” and log in to your Doratoon account.

Step 2: Select the Character

Now, choose whether you want a horizontal or vertical video. The Doratoon editor will be opened. You must choose a suitable character for your video from the “Characters” tab on the left. Following this, click on “All” and observe all the characters. Now, select the relevant character.

Step 3: Customize the Character

You can customize the character by changing clothes, accessories, skin color, body shape, etc.

2. Biteable

Create impactful advertisements, business videos, and presentations with Biteable. This application offers hundreds of different templates that help beginners create business videos. The character builder of Biteable makes animation videos even more interesting for the audience. You can design a cartoon character without specifying age, gender, and nationality.


  • Biteable has a built-in library of various animated videos
  • The user can choose from the professional videos, customize the colors, add or remove video clips, and add their favorite music.
  • This saves time and energy for people and shapes the best and most relevant animated video for them.


  • Biteable doesn’t feature drag and drop, making the editing process difficult.

3. Powtoon

Want to market your new product and help the audience understand its advantages? Powtoon enables you to target the right audience and sell your product effortlessly. You can create awareness via explainer videos and add animated movie characters in the video to explain the concept to elders as well as children. The animation cartoon character of Powtoon easily creates cartoons for your presentation or explainer videos.


  • You can customize the character with different clothing styles, skin tones, accessories, and facial features.
  • This application makes the character look real with 35 different expressions and poses.
  • You can lead a dynamic culture and stand out by presenting your product with customizable characters of Powtoon.


  • The variety of animations is very limited, according to some users.

4. Animaker

If you are a beginner from a non-designer background, Animaker will help you do wonders with your marketing video. This animation cartoon character has helped over 10 million people create wonderful videos by themselves. It takes a few minutes to create eye-catching animation videos with Animaker. This animation cartoon character offers a powerful character builder with billions of unique characters.



  • You can embed pre-built animated cartoon characters in your video and customize them according to your needs.
  • The creation of animated videos becomes even easier with Animaker, as it provides 1000s of templates for every occasion.
  • It provides 100 million+ stock photos and videos


  • If you have a low specs computer, you cannot use Animaker properly because it will lag a lot.

5. Doodly

The first whiteboard animation software, Doodly, helps people create professional and realistic whiteboard videos within minutes. You don’t need technical or professional design skills to use this software. The smart technology of Doodly allows people to select the doodle image and drag it to the canvas. Doodly will automatically draw the image for you. Moreover, the interesting fact is that you can also animate a face in Doodly.


  • You can add movements to your fictional cartoon character for your explainer video.
  • This application allows the user to overlap the new expression with the existing one.
  • With Doodly, you can add silly expressions to your characters and make them look interesting to children.


  • You can only upload PNG and JPEG images on Doodly.

6. Adobe Animate

Animation in 2D brings cartoons and ads to life. You can design animations for a game, explainer videos, and TV shows. Adobe Animate offers various shapes in its editor that you can use for creating characters for your video. This software helps you resize the shapes and fill them with colors to make cartoon characters.


  • You can make the fictional cartoon character blink, talk, and walk via the simple frame-by-frame animation technique.
  • You can create web banners that respond to the user via touch, mouse movement, and clicks.
  • Adobe Animate also lets the user create the character’s accessories and clothes.


  • Adobe Animate’s price is very high compared to other animation software.

7. RenderForest

With the assistance of an easy-to-use cartoon maker RenderForest, you can create stunning animated cartoon videos and captivate your audience. Select your favorite template among all the professionally designed templates and craft the cartoons. Even if you want to create your branding video from scratch, the library of RenderForest offers hundreds of characters and scenes.



  • You can also add texts, change the style and colors, and add your brand’s tune in the background of the video.
  • You can also redesign the template scenes and stories to fit them well in your project.
  • If you want to upload a pre-recorded voice-over, this application also allows that.


  • You can only export 360p video quality in its free version.

8. Vyond

Do you own a small brand and cannot bear production expenses or even pay the editor to create an animation video for you? Don’t worry, as Vyond has got you covered. With Vyond, you can create marketing videos and drive crazy engagement toward your idea or product. Animated fictional cartoon characters can represent people of any age and nation.


  • With this cartoon character maker, you have free will to either make a video from scratch or use the ready-made templates.
  • You can add fictional cartoon characters and give them realistic movement in the video.
  • It allows you to add realistic movements and facial expressions to your animated character.


  • Characters, elements, props, and movements are not appropriately categorized.

9. Moovly

The enhanced list of professionally designed templates is available at Moovly, making it easy to create marketing videos. You can modify the texts, images, etc., in the template video and make it look your own. Moreover, you can add voice-overs, and the cartoon character maker will automatically generate subtitles for the audience.


  • This animation cartoon character maker assists people in adding their media and using the free media projects such as illustrations, sounds, pictures, and music in the animation video.
  • The best thing about Moovly is that it offers both 2D and 3D animations and has separate animation libraries containing over 1 million free assets.
  • Whether you want to make videos for your product or work as a freelancer who makes animated videos, Moovly will help you competently.


  • The controls and interface are a little bit difficult for beginners, and it takes a lot of time to render small projects.

10. Wideo

Wideo offers several templates covering Marketing, social media, and Internal Communication domains. All you need to do is to select a template from hundreds of available template videos. Now, you can drag and drop the graphics and select from the video library of Wideo. Next, after setting the video, export the file on your device or directly share it on social media.


  • With Wideo, you can add animation effects to the objects and create complex animations with keyframes.
  • You can also duplicate and replace the object with another object while keeping the applied animations on it.
  • You can set the exact frame in which the animation begins or ends and select the transitions between scenes.


  • The templates of Wideo are not of high quality compared with other animated character maker templates.

11. Animoto

Create unlimited videos with Animoto, an easy-to-use video editor which also assists in customizing the template video. You will save time and money by using the built-in library of Animoto and utilizing the images and videos from Getty Images. The cartoon character maker offers 40+ professional fonts, which you can use in the video to captivate your audience.



  • To adjust the timing of the media and shape of images, you can trim the videos and crop the photos with Animoto.
  • To reach more people with your video, you can resize the vertical video to square or landscape with a few clicks.
  • You can also display your brand’s logo by adding it as the video’s watermark.


  • It doesn’t allow the user to perform sectional video editing.

12. Promo

The easiest online video Maker, Promo, helps users whether it’s about trimming a big YouTube file or editing a small GIF. You can use this software as an online MP4 video editor where you can add or remove any part from the already-existing video. If you want to highlight the points in the video, it allows you to add texts to the video.


  • There are unique animated text styles, fonts, and color options available in the application.
  • If you want to use it for resizing images, trimming the video, or adding texts to the video, you are free to access Promo online.
  • You can save the edited file on your device or share the video on social media platforms.


  • Some users have reported that the app sometimes lags while working on high graphics.

13. Clipchamp

17 million creative users are using Clipchamp without having any editing experience. This cartoon character creator has all the required features of any top-notch video editor. The best thing is that you don’t have to be experienced to use it. You can easily edit the videos in a browser, export the file, and save it when you’re done editing it.


  • With the Trim and Cut feature, you can cut the unwanted part of the video.
  • It enables people to change the texts in the video, set the position of text, and add their logo in place of the watermark.
  • The Graphics feature provides Overlay, Background, and Giphy that can be embedded in the video.


  • The maximum export quality it offers is 1080p.

14. Adobe Character Animator

Are you an animation lover? With Adobe Character Animator, you can animate characters right now! You need to select the interesting character, record the audio, add motion and emotion, and export the character. The character builder offers various pro features to users so that they can take their animation to the next level.


  • You can use your webcam and microphone and perform on the camera, and the character animator will transform the animation with an automatic lip sync.
  • You can use the built-in puppets for your video and customize the character with Adobe Character Animator.
  • This application gives trigger controls to the user, so they control the change of expression and gestures of the character with their clicks.


  • It only provides three output formats: PNG, WAV, and MP4.

15. Flexclip

Whether you want to edit your videos or make a short movie, Flexclip will help you achieve your goals without wasting money on the wrong editors. You can create videos from scratch or select a relevant template from its branding, marketing, business, and education-related templates. There are about 4,000,000+ royalty-free assets available, having high-quality videos and pictures.


  • You can create motion graphics that give a realistic effect to the animation video and add transitions to make it look captivating.
  • If you are making a video for branding purposes, this application allows the addition of a logo in place of the watermark under the video.
  • Flexclip offers a cloud storage feature for storing large-size projects instead of saving on the local device.


  • You can only create a free video of 1 minute in its free plan.

How to Choose the Best Cartoon Character Maker

We have introduced 15 animation character tools that enable people to make realistic cartoon characters. But how will you choose the best cartoon character maker? Here, we will tell you how to select your software for creating animated characters:

  • Diverse Gender Options: The best character animation maker will not only have basic gender options, i.e., Male and Female. It will have separate options for kids, teenagers, and old age.
  • Different Skin Colors and Clothing Options: You should ensure that the select animation software has a variety of skin tone and clothing options available. This way, you will be able to create unique and different animated characters that will represent their nation and culture.
  • User-friendly: The best cartoon character maker will be user-friendly, so people with little or no editing knowledge can learn to use it. This will help the users make animated videos easily and excel in their careers.


This article concludes with a detailed introduction of 15 animated character creator videos that assist people in making professional animation videos. Doratoon offers versatile features to add realistic effects to the animation video. The application supports Artificial Intelligence which helps in converting text into voice and creates a perfect drawing with the help of a rough sketch.

Due to these attributes, it is safe to say that Doratoon is the best-animated character creator tool providing proficient features.


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