Luxury Equestrian Properties


There are lots of luxury equestrian properties across the world that are worth more than $10,000,000! If you are looking to learn more about these expensive properties, then this article has got you covered.

With some prized racehorses being valued at $70,000,000, it’s no surprise that these pricey gee-gees come with luxury pads that make us look twice at our own abodes. So when they’re not participating in some of the top horse races you can find here – where do these gentle creatures rest? The answers might surprise you.

Clarks Bridge Equestrian Ranch

Clarks Bridge Equestrian Ranch is located in Gainesville, GA. Built at the base of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, this magnificent horse property is also located near Lake Lanier. It is about a one-hour drive northeast of Atlanta. Almost six years ago, this property cost $12 million. Currently, its value has almost doubled.

The Clarks Bridge Equestrian Ranch features a manor home with a guesthouse, endless customisations, and a state-of-the-art barn that features eight fully climate-controlled stables that have a farrier stall and a veterinarian office. An equestrian arena that includes manicured grounds, a dust-free polymer footing, and a few rolling hills of pure green pastures are all available. A smart home system that offers security as well as convenient remote access to open the gates is also installed.

Rafter 28

As an equestrian estate in Alvarado, Texas, Rafter 28 offers an incomparable country lifestyle. It has a custom-designed main house that was constructed in rusticated stone, with beautiful finishes of rustic tin accents, reclaimed wood, and antique fixtures and doors. A two-story living room, three spacious and comfortable bedrooms with state-of-the-art bathrooms, entertaining and dining spaces are finished in a perfect blend of neutral greys.

The property features a main barn with a 168-foot by 148-foot covered area with two massive ventilation fans and LED lights. After a tiresome day, residents can gain access to the outdoor entertaining area that includes a barbecue grilling area and a resort-inspired pool as well as a horse barn.

Sky Blue Farm

Sky Blue Farm is located in Millbrook, New York. Approximately six years ago, the Sky Blue Farm was listed at $21 million. The property sits on a 145-acre land, and it is about a two-hour drive from north of New York City.

It features a guest house, a 9,000-square foot colonial, an indoor basketball court, two outdoor riding rings, an 18-stall horse barn, a caretaker’s house, a carriage barn, a motocross track, a skating rink, and a sporting field. If you love the northeast, you’ll find this property a perfect match for you.

Jackson Land & Cattle Ranch

Jackson Land and Cattle Ranch is the most expensive equestrian property on this list. Located near the popular Jackson Hole ski resort, this property has a 1,300-acre ranch, outdoor and indoor riding rings, a 52-stall equestrian facility, and it encompasses 450-acres.

When you turn 360 degrees, you will be able to see the Teton Mountains, meaning it is located at the centre. It also features trails for hunting and two homes, as well as a trout for natural fishing. Its value is currently at $180 million.

Tudor Farms

Tudor Farms is located in Cambridge, MD. The estate sits on a 6,500-acre land and features a 14,000-square foot lodge, multiple barns, two guest houses, an indoor riding ring, stables, a sports building, a picking house, and an indoor tennis court, not to mention the kennels. A few years ago, the property was listed at $30 million.

Calabasas Park Estates Ranch

If you are from the west coast, then Calabasas Park Estates Ranch located in California is available for you. With a total cost of approximately $19.5 million, this 190-acre equestrian estate is set behind guarded gates. It includes a huge traditional farmhouse, a riding ring, two guesthouses, miles of riding trails, a tennis court, fruit orchards, a 16-stall barn, and a duck pond.

8.4-Acre Equestrian Property

The 8.4-Acre Equestrian property has a prime location in Grand Prix Village, Wellington, Florida. It is located within a horse-riding distance of the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center. It boasts several unique features, including four grooming/wash stalls, two-track rooms, a feed room, a private office, storage areas, laundry, and digital bathrooms.

An outdoor kitchen is also available, not to mention a private bathroom, an air-conditioned lounge, and a family room. There is also a separate groom’s quarters with two bathrooms and two bedrooms as well as a garage.

Final Thoughts

These are the top spectacular equestrian properties that are worth tens of million dollars. Whether you want to visit these properties for entertainment or purchase them, you will find these seven a perfect match for you.


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