Is Vaping Really A Game-changer on a Stressful Day?

Stress, anxiety, and depression are regrettably part of daily life in today’s modern society. According to global statistics, more people battle with mental health issues every day. Fortunately, society has opened up about these issues now more than ever. A significant portion of health issues stems from workplace stress. Rising financial concerns and changes in economic conditions lead to pressure at work and home.

But perhaps the most unfortunate part of the situation is the inadequate measures and techniques people use to deal with stressful situations. In reality, there’s bound to be some amount of stress in everyone’s life. However, the answer lies in how you deal with it. Instead of allowing it to build up over long periods, you have to learn to relax your body and mind; you have to learn effective stress management methods.

There are myriads of ways you can manage stress, including vaping. But how does vaping help relieve stress?

How Vaping Works

Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling aerosol or vapor produced by your dab pen, vaporizer, or any other similar devices. Vaping requires a few things to produce the best experience, and some of these are premium vape cartridges and e-liquids. There are two-way inhalation techniques that work with vape setups: the first being mouth-to-lung and the second direct-lung.

In the mouth-to-lung, you slowly drag vapor from your vape into your mouth and hold it in with your mouth closed for a couple of seconds. Then you open your mouth and inhale the vapor. Finally, you exhale the cloud from your lungs.

In the direct lung, you quickly draw vapor and inhale it straight into your lungs and exhale after a few seconds. These two techniques can help reduce stress depending on the contents of your e-liquid. But how exactly does vaping help on a stressful day?

2 Ways Vaping Can Help With Stress

1.   Helps Relax Both Body and Mind

One of the commonest comments made by most vape users is, “it calms me down.” And this is an undeniable fact. Perhaps the most profound aspect of vaping that works for most people is the nicotine-free option. Different people indeed vape for different reasons. That’s why the vape industry has provided so many choices of e-juices. You can find delicious e-juices like menthol, strawberry, coffee, etc. Some of these induce a pleasant and almost euphoric feeling in the body.

But how?

Compounds inhaled attach themselves to nerve cells in your body called nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. The interaction induces the production of a chemical signal known as glutamine from these nerve cells.

According to research, the release of these chemicals in the body produces pleasant feelings that help relax and calm the nerves. So vapers aren’t imaging the calmness that comes with vaping. On the contrary, you should give it a try on the days you’re feeling down and stressed. Chances are, you’ll notice a considerable change in mood.

2.   Reduces Mental Health ChallengesIf there is anything about stress, it’s the fact that it can lead to several mental conditions. Research clearly shows the connection between prolonged stress and severe health conditions like mental disorders. But safe vaping can help in several ways. Indeed, it has helped different people across the world to deal with challenges like PTSD, anxiety, and depression. If you can find the right e-liquid and setup, you should successfully reduce mental issues and symptoms.

The keys lie in your ability to effectively use your vape with maneuvers such as inhaling and exhaling the right way, turning on the button, and drawing enough vapor. Using these simple movements, you can have the best experiences with your vape. Even better is when you go for 0-nicotine options and effectively overcome stress throughout your body and day.

Effective Use of Your Vape

Those new to vaping can often find their first experience a bit disappointing. Usually, this is because they get one or two things wrong. But use your vape correctly, and you can have the ‘throat hit’ you’ve so often heard from others and all the benefits that come with it. At the end of the day, you only have to do a little adapting depending on the kind of setup you own. For the sake of relieving stress, here are the two things you need to do right.

  • Purchase the right vape kit – Irrespective of your kit, they all operate with the same principles and produce vapor in similar ways. You can find them ranging in price, usually $20 to $60. The main options you can buy today are

AIOs – replaced coil and refillable

Pod vapes – disposable cartridges and refillable

Disposable e-cigarettes – entirely disposable and prefilled

E-cigarettes – refilled, refillable, with disposable cartridges

  • Choose the right e-juice – Buy a flavor you find appealing and determine your nicotine level.
  • Use premium vape coils and change regularly – Buy high-quality vape coils but don’t forget to change at the appropriate time.

Other Ways of Dealing With Stress100

Indeed, there are several other effective ways of managing stress. Some of the different techniques useful for dealing with stress include breathwork, biofeedback technology, old-fashioned exercise, and many more. Apart from these, you can also give several supplements a try. Some supplements known to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety are lemon balm, green tea, omega-3 fatty acids, and kava kava.

Those who would prefer to keep things a bit low key can either use essential oils or light a scented candle. These have a soothing effect on the nerves and help you relax. Some of the best scents for calming the nerves include frankincense, rose, lavender, bergamot, and vetiver.


It’s clear why many people around the world favor vaping since it’s effective for relaxing and managing stress. Apart from the obvious benefit, it’s also an excellent recreational tool that offers users a wide variety of options and flavors. But given the fast-paced life everyone lives in today’s world and the daily hurdles you have to overcome, stress management has never been so important.

Nevertheless, it’s always vital to use your vape responsibly because it’s possible to misuse it like many other things in life. Therefore, you need to adhere to all safety measures indicated by the manufacturer and only purchase high-quality and original vape products.



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