Important Things to Do Before Leaving the Office for Vacation

Vacations are a good way to get away from work to give your mind a break and rejuvenate your body. However, there are things that you must accomplish before heading out if your vacation is to serve its purpose.

For starters, you need to make sure that you have everything you need during your vacation. You need to ensure that you have booked your flight in advance. You also need to make sure that you have researched the best places to stay once at your destination. For instance, if you are traveling to Florida, your best bet is to stay in a vacation rental. Besides giving you the privacy and ample space that you need, you can find a vacation rental in places you never thought of. If you want to visit the woods, a private island, the sandy beaches, or the subtropical landscape of Southwest Florida, you can get a vacation rental that suits your needs wherever your break takes you. Signup today for extra rewards.

Besides preparing for the trip, it is also important to ensure that you leave your office in good standing. You don’t want to leave your office in chaos since you won’t have peace during your vacation. You also don’t want to come back to a stressful situation at the office. Here are important things to take care of in the office before leaving for your vacation.

1. Inform the key people

It can be frustrating for people if they come looking for you only to find that you are not in the office. Or when they call you and can’t reach you. This is enough to put a strain on your working relationships with them.

A few weeks before leaving for your vacation, it is important to inform your clients or other outsiders related to your work about your vacation. This is especially important if it is in the middle of an important period in a task that you are handling for them. Tell them the person that you are leaving in your position for any questions that might come up.

In addition, you can automate your email response voicemail message with an out-of-office response, including the day you will be back. That way, people will not get frustrated waiting for your reply.

2. Prepare your colleagues

Even if you don’t assign all your tasks to your colleagues, there are tasks that can’t simply stop just because you are on a vacation. It is for these tasks that you need to give a heads up to the colleagues who will fill up your position when you are away. Give them an orientation on the tasks that they will be handled with all possible workarounds in case they run into problems. This should be done in good time to avoid bombarding your colleagues with work the morning you are leaving for your vacation.

3. Clear your to-do list

Leaving unfinished work can be overwhelming for you when you return from your vacation. It is important that you clear your to-do list before leaving for your vacation. It would make things easier if you create a schedule for the last few weeks before your vacation. Prioritize the most important tasks so that you can have ample time to complete them before your vacation. With those ticked off from your list, you can handle the rest after the vacation if you have no time to do them.

4. Clear your inbox

In addition to clearing your tasks list, it is important to check your work inbox. It would be unfair to let people who have already emailed you to wait longer for a reply. Besides, you don’t want to come back to an overwhelming inbox after your vacation. Go through your inbox, checking each and every mail. If you find one that needs more time, you can mark it as unread so you can come back to it after you return. However, ensure that you inform the sender about it.

5. Tidy your workspace

Just as you wouldn’t want to come back to a dirty house, so should it be for your workspace. Ensure that you have arranged all your office supplies in your drawers. If you handle some files with sensitive information, it is good to ensure that they are locked up before leaving. This way, if a colleague decides to borrow your desk, they will not interfere with the files, and they will have a neat place to work.


It can be hard to enjoy a vacation if you are nervous or anxious about how you left your office. That is why it is important to ensure that you accomplish the above important things before leaving for your vacation. Besides, having a plan for how your work will continue with your clients and colleagues in your absence portrays your professionalism.


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