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There are a plethora of consulting organizations and agents available globally to help one through the maze of processes involved in filling out documents for Canada PR. However, choosing the right immigration agency that does not make any misleading claims is a daunting task. Global Immigration Services can help you with all of your immigration-related concerns and provide you with various immigration services.

What distinguishes’s GIS service from others?

According to the reviews of the clients of GIS, the professionals at this firm are focused on making all of the Express Entry immigration procedures as simple as possible. They follow a systematic approach to completing the visa procedures and ensure that there is no space for error in your application. In order to ensure that, they provide a variety of services and complete assistance throughout the visa application process.

The immigration service provided by GIS incorporates:

  • Evaluation of the customers’ documents to confirm that they are qualified for the Express Entry immigration program they are applying for.
  • Examining all required papers using CRS point-based techniques, such as verifying education documents for compliance with Canada ECA criteria.
  • Offering guidance on ways to improve CRS points.
  • Creating a profile for the program chosen by filling out an online application form and managing your ITA profile.
  • Providing critical Document Templates and a Customized Document Checklist (Reference Letter Templates, Self Declaration templates).
  • Work experience document management so you don’t encounter rejection.
  • Assistance in procuring medical exam documents and police clearance certificates 
  • Management and processing of financial and immigration documents for the final PR visa.

In addition to the immigration service, they also provide an IELTS coaching facility. is widely recognized as one of the best online IELTS preparation portals. It is a famous name among IELTS aspirants. Numerous practice exercises, mock tests, 30 live learning sessions, video lessons, and eBooks containing sample answers are included in the course option that Global Immigration Services provides. Their service plans help students improve their test performance and achieve the highest possible band scores.

Along with visa immigration service and IELTS preparation, GIS also provides a job search assistance service. In this service, consultants help their clients by re-writing their resumes according to the Canadian market standards. They also assist their clients by optimizing their LinkedIn profiles so that they can quickly locate employment in Canada. Also, they promote their clients’ LinkedIn profiles so that recruiters can find them easily.

Experts and Client testimonials about GIS

Overall Rating


Happy Clients

Prateek Rathore

Prateek Rathore said – 

“My immigration procedure was made easier because of GIS. I finished my Express Entry Canada application on my own, but I was required to submit police clearance and medical clearance certificates after receiving the ITA. That was when I called the GIS service since I had no idea how to get them. The consultant was really helpful, guiding me through the process of obtaining both and assisting me at every stage. I am in great debt to GIS for its exceptional service.”

Clara Navarra

Clara Carmona Navarra  said – 

“I would like to express my gratitude towards the GIS team. There are multiple things about GIS that make them different from others. Even the IELTS preparation facility was very good and helpful. I am glad I chose their immigration service facility to become a Canada permanent resident.

Do Dang Than Luan

Đỗ Đăng Thành Luân said – 

“My experience with GIS has been excellent. Apart from being at the top of their game when it comes to immigration processes and documents, they also instill in you a sense of confidence and optimism. The consultants are well-informed, well-trained, honest, and committed. From the initial interaction, you know you’re in good hands. I definitely suggest Global Immigration Services to anybody looking for immigration advice.


Nha Cha

Nhà Cha, a senior immigration consultant said –

“Their service desk is always ready to help and guide at every step of the immigration process, so that visa processing goes smoothly. So keep up the good work. GIS is the perfect place for any type of visa application.”

Bhumika Rastogi

Bhumika Rastogi, an IELTS trainer said –

“ Global Immigration Services is an amazingly professional immigration services company. All staff members demonstrate utmost dedication and care to address the needs of their clients. I highly recommend them to all. Their IELTS trainers are very professional and knowledgeable and use interesting activities and exercises to make learning fun and interesting and cover all the necessary aspects of the IELTS exam.”

Anna Nicholas

Anna Nicholas, ex Vice President said – 

“I truly recommend this website to anyone who wants to make their immigration process hassle-free. Extremely professional staff constantly work on the immigration process to keep you updated on recent trends and changes.  They provide useful and practical tips to enhance CRS scores. GIS offers a wealth of information including IELTS preparation and job search assistance. It is a one-stop-shop for all your immigration-related requirements.”


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