How To Participate In KBC 2022 | KBC Lucky Draw 2022 Updates

How To Participate In KBC 2022 | KBC Lucky Draw 2022 Updates

Participating in KBC in 2022 is a great dream of every Indian citizen, and the Indian citizen is eagerly waiting for this show. As we are facing the question frequently of how to participate in KBC lottery 2022, we have come here to give you some instructions.

Suppose you are interested in participating in KBC in 2022; follow the instructions. These are so easy. Let’s start.

  1. First of all, you have to manage a sim card & register it on your ID card if you are Indian. Then, recharge your sim card.
  2. You don’t need to panic because the KBC author will automatically register your sim card to the KBC lottery.
  3. Never fade up your luck. Keep strength that you will surely win the lottery.
  4. After buying a sim card, KBC will add your what’s app number to the KBC lottery.
  5. For KBC registration in 2022, call the KBC what’s app number.
  6. They will confirm with you about the registration. Then wait for the KBC lottery lucky draw.

Best luck to all the participants.

How To Check KBC Lottery Online

Once you participate in KBC 2022, checking the KBC lottery is a vital question. Here are some tips for you, follow these.

  1. You can check whether you are the winner or not by entering your mobile of Jio, Idea, Airtel, or Vodafone.
  2. Then enter the KBC lottery number.
  3. Hold the check Lottery button and keep patience for processing the result.
  4. You can see the result just within a few seconds.
  5. After following these procedures, if you find the Mobile Number or Lottery Number wrong, inform the KBC Lottery Head Office Number immediately.
  6. You may experience this problem due to some technical problems
  7. You can call KBC Head Office for any inquiry. Here is the number- 0019188444474.

KBC Lucky Draw 2022

Indeed, you are interested in winning the KBC Lucky Draw 2022. You will get an SMS, call, What’s app message if you are the winner. But if you feel insecure whether the news is true or false, contact the KBC Head Office for verification.

Here is the winner list of KBC Lucky Draw 2022:

Winner Name Winning Amount

  1. Ishaq Don 25,00,000
  2. Rana Pratap Sigh 25,00,000
  3. Rafiq Khan 25,00,000
  4. Anwar Tamba 25,00,000
  5. Ram Pandey 25,00,000
  6. Jani Guru AK 25,00,000
  7. K.L Rahul 25,00,000

KBC All India Sim Card Lucky Draw 2022

KBC arranges KBC All India Sim Card Lucky Draw every year to achieve massive fans & followers of their show. Besides, it gives many facilities to the fans. Anyone can win the lottery if luck favor and all Indians can participate in the contest via sim cards. You don’t need to buy lottery numbers as it is an automated registration process.

KBC declared that they are beginning All India Sim Card Lucky Draw 2022 to gain popularity. The winners of the Lucky Draw 2022 have already been selected. Always be careful of the cheaters & make sure the information is correct.

KBC announced that the winning amount is 25 lakh Indian Rupees for All India Sim Card KBC Lucky Draw 2022.

So, guys, hopefully, you have got a clear idea about KBC. If you fall into any problems, never hesitate to inform us.


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