How to Open an Online Casino in AU

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The question of how to open an online casino worries many novice businessmen especially if you want it to become best rated Australian online casino. Surely, legit site on the Internet for gambling will certainly bring a good income to the entrepreneur, becoming a passive source of profit. However, in addition to the initial capital the future owner of an online casino must have the right knowledge. What kind of knowledge? – Let’s find out!

The first task – to familiarize with the features of the online gambling project on the network:

  • Initial capital for the promotion of casinos on the Internet and the purchase of special software;
  • Cooperation only with reliable producers of software for online casinos;
  • The process of registering a gaming site only in offshore zones!
  • Synthesis of online casinos with popular electronic payment systems;
  • A whole range of promotion activities: creating a referral network, a multi-level PR campaign in the network, working on a loyalty program to build a growing circle of players;
  • Learn about the favorite casino games of players in GEO you want to target your casino on.

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the nuances of creating such a business.

Purchase of software

First of all, when buying software, it is worth getting acquainted with the players on this market, in particular with the software being used. This includes the reputation of the developer and seller of the software, testing the games in practice and many other nuances. Here is a quick example:

  • Game management functionality (removing non-revenue-generating games, adding new ones, etc.);
  • Performance;
  • Interface (visual perception, usability, intuitive UI etc);
  • Certificates and verification of experts and random number generator;
  • Percentage of payouts.

The legal side of the case

For the legalization of gambling business today there are two options for registration in offshore zones, which differ in their approach to registration and taxation:

  • The first group is the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, the Comoros, Costa Rica, Curacao. Features: simple registration without the need for personal presence, no taxes and reporting, great opportunities for international business.
  • The second group – Malta, Tasmania, Gibraltar, Antigua, the Isle of Man. Features: the image and proximity to the key players of the gaming market, the individual tax number of the European Union, partnerships with the world payment systems.

In any case, if you want to create a full-scale project that has access to the world’s largest payment systems, you will have to register a branch office on the territory of the European Union.

Pitfalls of such business

Now let’s list the main causes of failures of online gambling business:

  • Unprofessional approach to promoting online casinos on the Internet;
  • Savings on business registration;
  • Poor-quality, cheap software;
  • Few payment systems integrated with the casino;
  • Buying software on terms of paying a portion of the profits to the seller;
  • Lack of support for established players in this market in advertising promotion.

Despite all the difficulties of launching such a project, this kind of business is a great option for investment. So, who knows, maybe your online casino will bring real wealth to you! Do you still have questions about how to open online casino? Ask them in the comments and we’ll try to give a quick and detailed answer!


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