How to Not Be Nervous During Video Conference Calls


A growing number of businesses are using video conference calls as the go-to means of communication. Video conferences are especially beneficial for businesses that have remote teams or clients located around the globe. And while video conference calls are extremely convenient and beneficial, for others, they can be completely disastrous.

If you’re camera shy or just introverted, the idea of talking into a camera with dozens of people watching you can be extremely nerve-wracking. But, video conference calls don’t have to be the bane of your professional existence.

Here are some things you can do to avoid feeling nervous and anxious during video calls in the future.

Dress the Part

The better you feel in front of the camera, the easier it is to put your confidence on display. On days that you know you have a conference call or two to attend, give yourself plenty of time to look and feel your best.

Wear a professional outfit that makes you feel comfortable and classy. Spend a little extra time on your hair, or maybe put on your favorite accessory to give you that extra kick of confidence.

While other conference call participants aren’t likely to be worried about what you’re wearing or how you look, when you dress confidently, confidence just comes naturally.

Be Prepared

Video conference calls can be less impersonal than a traditional meeting, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat them like a true business meeting. To ensure that you’re prepped and ready for the call, you’ll want to take some time to:

  • Review the agenda for conversation topics
  • Prepare any material that must be shared with participants. 
  • Notate any questions

It’s also important to be on time. Just as you wouldn’t feel comfortable walking into a traditional meeting late, you don’t want to be that person joining a call five minutes after the start time.

When you prepare for a call ahead of time, you’ll feel a lot less nervous and anxious.

Set the Right Environment

Your environment plays a huge role in your nerves during a call. Whether you’re calling from home or from your office, it’s important to choose a space that is quiet, properly lit, and free of interruptions.

When choosing a location to participate in a conference call from, stage it as best as possible. Remove any clutter and find a plain background to sit in front of. Avoid sitting near too much light, as it can be distracting and make it difficult to see your video feed. Investing in a ring light can help avoid the visual distraction and unappealing effect of having dark corners and shadows in the background when you’re connected.

The less you have to worry about during the call, the better. This means finding the right environment that allows you to get in the right place mentally. This way, you’re set up for success.

Use a Dependable Conference Call Platform

Even if you aren’t a shy introvert, having to worry about whether or not your cloud conferencing platform will work properly can cause anyone some nervousness. There’s nothing worse than low-quality calls that make it difficult for participants to hear and see each other. As the host of a conference call, you shouldn’t have to worry about a dropped connection or poor call quality.

This is why it’s extremely important to choose a dependable video calling platform. With the right technology at hand, you’ll never have to worry about technical difficulties occurring during a critical call with investors, clients, or employees.

Practice Beforehand

Practice makes perfect, and it’s also quite effective at keeping the nervous butterflies at bay. If you get extremely anxious when speaking in public or being on camera, you can make conference calls more bearable by simply practicing.

Spend time in the office or at home talking on camera. Go over what you plan to say and focus on being as natural as possible. You don’t want to force any unnatural movements or facial expressions, as this will only make you more nervous.

Talk naturally and be confident in the topic at hand. Remember to breathe, keep a gentle smile on your face, and lower your shoulders. The more you practice, the easier conference calls will become.

Embrace the Nerves

At the end of the day, even if you practice a lot and focus on looking your best before each call, you will always have some sort of nervousness each time you join a video call. What’s important is that you do your best to calm your nerves, but you also want to avoid making yourself feel guilty or less than the best because you’re nervous.


Being in front of a camera can be quite nerve-racking, especially for people that are camera shy or a little introverted. But your nerves don’t always have to get the best of you during a video conference call. Keep these tips and tricks in mind so that you can put your best face forward for video calls in the future.


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