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The world of international online dating is constantly growing. If you are looking for a Russian woman for marriage, then find a legit dating site to meet girls from Russia. So, how to start your search? We’ve tested and reviewed the best dating sites and done thorough research that will help you build connections with Russian women online.

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Essential info to know about Russian women

What to know

Russian women allure Western men with their exceptional character traits and elegance. Aside from being sincere and easy-going, they are flexible and open-hearted. These girls are known for their determination, devotion to family, and strong character. At the same time, each Russian woman does her best to preserve her sensibility, vulnerability, and dedication to her husband. They are worthy partners for American men since they are very adaptive.

Based on the latest statistics, 10% of relationships with Russian women end up with marriages. Each year, this number grows, which means dating sites are successful tools to find like-minded people to share life with. Moreover, 65% of Russian women registering on dedicated dating sites are between the ages of 21-30. Thus, there are high chances you will find a young Russian wife.

Unlike Western women, Russian ladies pay a lot of attention to their appearance and body. They know how to highlight their best sides and hide slight imperfections. Their style, the way they walk and dress show that these Slavic women are elegant and graceful. Once you marry a Russian girl, you will feel as if you live with the most beautiful girl in the world.

Do Russian girls make good wives?

If you want to marry a Russian woman, you probably want to know whether your future spouse will be a good wife. Although you may face a cultural difference, Russian ladies can quickly adjust to new circumstances and new life, though this process may seem relatively time-consuming. Here are some qualities of Russian women that make them good wives.

Russian women are faithful

Beauties from Eastern Europe value their men and always remain faithful. They are dedicated to their relationships and never betray their partners. These girls want to get married only once in their life. That is why they choose their future husbands carefully. Many foreign men are looking for relationships with Russian girls for their devotion and the ability to love.

Russians are excellent housewives

The distinctive feature of these Slavic women is that they are excellent home keepers. They organize the interior and exterior of their houses so that every family member feels comfortable and happy. Russia is known for its outstanding cuisine, and Russians are splendid cooks. You will be blown away by the meals your wife will cook for you. Also, these women are familiar with the most popular meals in Western countries. A married Russian woman will definitely learn how to cook your favorite dish.

Women from Russia are communicative

Russian women are very communicative. They usually get on well with their husbands’ relatives and family members. These girls are easy-going, open-hearted, and intelligent. They can easily make the conversation flow in the right direction. With a Russian woman, you will definitely find the topic to discuss.

Russian girls are always stunning

High heels, bright makeup, and stylish apparel—these are usually everyday attributes of a Russian girl’s appearance. These girls look stunning regardless of the situation. No matter whether your spouse is going to the shop or party, she will leave everyone in awe with her neat and elegant look. Many women from Russia have an exceptional natural allure, which attracts many men from Western countries.

How to marry a Russian woman?

how to marry russian woman

If you want to marry a Russian girl, you will need to find a trustworthy way to organize your search. First off, it is necessary to find a reliable dating site. The whole process of registration is pretty easy. Moreover, the majority of international dating sites, like Bravo Date provides free registration. All you need is to identify your name, age, country, marital status, and preferences to start your romantic venture.

Once you find the girl to your liking, you can initiate communication with her. Don’t worry about the language barrier. Many Russian women speak English quite well, so you will certainly understand each other’s intentions. Moreover, it is possible to hire an interpreter to help you at the beginning of your relationship.

If you decide to bring your relationships to an entirely new level, you can book a ticket to Russia and travel to this hospitable country. Be ready for additional expenses related to transportation and accommodation. You may travel to Moscow via a third country, which may somewhat reduce your expenditures.

Once you feel like you want to get married to your Russian girlfriend, be ready to prepare a bunch of documents to bring foreign bride to your home country. Foreign citizens have strict regulations regarding entering the US. So, it is necessary to prepare well to avoid any obstacles for your happy living in your own country.

Marrying a Russian woman: Documents to collect

Documents to collect

First off, it is necessary to identify where you are going to marry your Russian woman. This aspect makes a huge difference because you will need to collect different kinds of documents for both cases. Also, it is possible to marry in a third country. This is a rather easy way since many countries have flexible conditions for marriages. For example, Cyprus, Fiji, and the Czech Republic often require an apostille to get a happy couple married.

Marrying a Russian girl in your home country

To bring your Russian bride to your home country, you will need to apply for a K1 visa and provide a package of papers. After your marriage, it is necessary to adjust the status of your wife. The process of applying for a K1 (fiancé) visa includes:

  1. Meeting with a foreign petitioner
  2. Providing a birth certificate and passport of your fiancé
  3. Submitting a form
  4. Passing interview in the state department
  5. Getting a K1 visa and marrying within 90 days

Keep in mind that if your source has been previously married, it is necessary to provide a divorce certificate and her passport. Once you prove the authenticity of your marriage, your Russian wife may apply for a green card. The whole process of becoming an American citizen may take up years.

Marrying your spouse in Russia

Getting married in Russia is also a difficult task. You will need to compile a bundle of documents to legalize your marriage. It is necessary to prove your marital status and identity. All in all, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Your passport
  • A notarized translation of your passport into Russian
  • A document that proves that you are not currently married

You will need to go to the registry office and achieve a marriage certificate. It is necessary to get a copy in English. After that, you can bring your Russian woman to the US and apply for a K2 visa.

Top reasons Russian women looking for American men

More and more Russian women are looking for foreign men on such international dating platforms as Bravo Date. Each lady has her own reasons to marry an American guy, so it would be wrong to generalize all girls from Russia. Unlike women from other countries, Russian girls aren’t looking for sponsors. They are rather independent and are ready to work hard to achieve success. Nevertheless, the most typical reasons these ladies want to tie knots with foreign men are as follows:

  1. Russian women consider local men less reliable compared to Western guys. Russian men tend to cheat and abuse their female partners. Moreover, they still play old-school gender roles. Russian men do not appreciate the efforts of their wives to create long-lasting relationships and happy marriages.
  2. Ladies from Russia are looking for equality in relationships. They want to equally share gender roles when it comes to housekeeping and raising children. These women believe that they can embody their family concept with American guys.
  3. Cross-culture relationships. These girls consider mixed marriages to be a perfect ground for mutual self-growth and developing a healthy family. Moreover, they are all about sharing Russian national traditions and learning the values of their partners.

Russian American marriage statistic

marriage statistic

An American marrying a Russian girl isn’t a phenomenon anymore. Moreover, based on the latest statistics, such relationships are stronger than those with local guys. Based on Statista, in 2020, 5.3 marriages were registered per 1,000 people in Russia, compared to 3.9 divorces per 1,000 country citizens. The situation is different with mixed Russian American marriages. According to INS statistics, 80% of international marriages with Russian women are successful after two years. This fact is based on the number of green cards received by women from Russia in 2018-2020.

If you are pondering over the question: “Are Russian brides legal?” The answer is “Yes, as soon as you use the services of a legal mail order bride website or marriage service.”Moreover, each Russian and Ukrainian woman registered on the dedicated mail order bride website is protected by the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act or IMBRA upon US entry, so you can be sure that a marriage with a Russian woman is absolutely legal.

How to buy a Russian bride — Main costs and features

If you are all about building close bonds with a Russian woman, you should know how much it costs to get married to a girl from this country. Keep in mind that the concept “buy a Russian mail order bride” doesn’t imply human trafficking. It means that you will need to pay for the service of a website and additional expenses related to marriage with a woman from Russia.

Start with finding a reliable dating website with a perfect balance of value per money. For example, Bravo Date provides beneficial offers for each newcomer. You can buy the first credits package for only $2.99 instead of $9.99. Moreover, it is possible to choose between the following packages:

  • $9.99—20 credits
  • $19.99—50 credits
  • $44.99—125 credits
  • $69.99—250 credits
  • $149.99—750 credits

The bragging point of this dating platform is that you pay for those services you use. Also, it is possible to control your spending.

Once you create a close connection with a girl, you can visit Russia. The average price for a round ticket from New York to Moscow is about $700. Keep in mind that each foreign man should have a bona fide visa issued by a Russian Embassy or Consulate. The price for flight tickets highly depends on the dates. If your girlfriend doesn’t live in Moscow, consider additional expenses to reach her place. Moreover, be ready to spend from $400 to $1,000 for accommodation and about $100-$200 for transportation. Eating out in Russia is also rather expensive. However, it depends on how fancy restaurants you visit.

Like in other Eastern European countries, Russian girls are all about pretty little things. However, it is only up to you which gifts to give your spouse. Everything depends on your financial possibilities and her preferences. Also, if you decide to take your spouse to our country, consider extra expenditures for a visa and flight tickets. Overall, the price for a bride from Russia varies from $5,000 to $8,000.

Russian marriage tours: What to know

russian marriage tour

Russian romance tours are arranged by dating agencies. You can travel with men from other countries or on your own. Don’t confuse romance tours with sex tours. The main goal of such ventures is to connect people for dating and marriage. Once you find a reliable marriage agency, you can choose between solo and group tours. Most people pick the latter option since it is funnier and a lot cheaper. The only downside of this tour is that you should rival other guys. However, you are going to meet numerous girls from Russia and sometimes Ukraine, so you won’t have any issues with this matter.

Solo Russian romance tours are suitable for those who want to feel special rather than compete with other men. Although it costs about 30% more than group tours, you will have an exceptional opportunity to take a deep dive into Russian culture and traditions.

There is another type of marriage tour. It caters to the needs of those men who’ve already built close bonds with a woman from Russia and visit this country for the purpose to get married in the future. This tour will be especially great for those who can somewhat speak Russian. You can organize dates with your spouse and have an exciting time together.

Russian marriage traditions: Unforgettable holidays with a Russian soulmate

Wedding traditions in Russia are not only a ransom and a loaf. If you dream of a modern and beautiful wedding, this does not mean at all that you should abandon traditions, because many of them will become a great addition to your holiday!

The touching moment when the newlyweds say the most sincere and tender words of love to each other in front of all the guests will undoubtedly become a decoration of the wedding ceremony. You can prepare vows beforehand or speak from the heart right in your ceremony.

The first dance of the newlyweds is a wonderful tradition that does not drive you into frames and allows you to emphasize your individuality and the mood of the holiday. The dance of the bride with her father is one of the most exciting and beautiful moments of the celebration. It highlights the peculiarities of Russian culture and the close bonds between parents and their daughters.

Final word

If you want to meet Russian women, you will need to find a reputable and trusted international dating website to start your search. To marry a woman from Russia, you will need to take some time and prepare financial resources. However, your efforts will be fully justified once you find the woman of your dreams. Create your account on a dating site, and good luck with your choice.


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