How to Lead Other Students — 10 Tips

Leadership is an extremely important quality to have. It allows you to quickly take charge of matters and lead them in the direction you want.

Being a student with highly developed leadership qualities can pay off quite well. More possibilities open up to you.

Work on leadership aspects and become an incredible student. Being able to lead will benefit you far beyond you just being a student.

If you’re a student wondering how to develop leadership capability in yourself, then read about the main leadership qualities below.

Be Direct and Clear about Your Goals

Being strategic and planning is essential for good leadership. You establish goals, decide on the best plan of action, and review your efforts. It’s that easy: next time, when having a student group project, try to plan out the work ahead.

You’ll see how many aspects improve from a little planning ahead. Of course, in leadership, you have to be direct and explicit in the goals you set.

Stay True to Your Promises

Nobody will follow you if you don’t keep your promises. If you talk the talk, you must walk the walk. It means that your leadership shouldn’t be all about disciplining others but putting no constraints on yourself.

Other students will just see you as hypocritical and will immediately express against your leadership. So, make plans for yourself, create a schedule, and follow it.

Become Proactive and Aware of Others

Leadership is all about taking the wheel where needed and being proactive. You have to work on your sense for such moments. As a student, there’ll be tons of moments where you can step in and lead others.

Group projects, class activities, student initiatives: they all are great opportunities to work on your leadership skills.

Additionally, you must address real problems and take leadership when there’s no obvious need for it.

For example, if there’s anything wrong in the school, you want to be the one to speak up.

Learn How to Care about Yourself First

Just saying that you have great leadership qualities and you’re a top student isn’t enough. You have to be a top-performing student for other people to be more open to your leadership. As a student, you have to stay on top of all the assignments to inspire trust in others.

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Don’t Forget about Self-Development

Most commonly, those who have the best leadership skills are quite intellectual and well-read. You must continue learning new things and become an even more interesting person.

Don’t stop at being just a student. Expand your worldview. This way, you’ll always know more than one way to deal with a problem during your leadership.

Be Open to Other People’s Ideas

Although sometimes you need to be a strong dictator, don’t be one all the time. Other students will quickly get tired of being bossed around and not heard. Being democratic and listening to other people is critical for any leadership.

As an option, you can work on your communication and interpersonal skills. They’ll allow you to understand other students better and see through what they’re really saying.

Reading the body language of other students will become extremely useful throughout your leadership.

Volunteer Yourself for Different Causes

No matter how frightening it might be, you won’t improve your leadership skills without taking charge. Actively seek leadership opportunities as a student, and volunteer to manage the activities. Only then will you be able to improve and get better.

Start Thinking in Terms of a Team Exclusively

Some people forget that for successful leadership, you sometimes have to forego your ego.

When leading other students, you must think of outcomes for all of you, not just for yourself. There’s no “I” in “Team.” So, don’t use other people as simple means to improve your leadership.

Instead, become engaged and invested in other students. It will help you be less egoistical and more team-oriented. Think only of yourself can seriously hamper your development of leadership qualities.

Give It Your All

Sadly, not all people are born with amazing and natural leadership abilities. Some of us have to work hard to develop them. As a student, you’ll have to dedicate yourself to the development, even sometimes neglecting your assignments.


Developing leadership skills as a student is hard and takes a big toll on your time and energy.

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