How to Choose the Right Online Gambling Site

Online Gambling Site

You may not be buying a house or a car, but finding the right online gambling website to use can save you time, money, and make for a more fun gambling experience, of course.

Together with the online gambling experts at UnitedGamblers we’ve come up with the key things to consider when choosing online gambling sites in the US.

Check Legality

With gambling regulations decided on a state-by-state basis, you need to check on the gambling sites that are licensed and legal where you’re located.

This is necessary for three reasons; one, you know it’s safe to use – legal sites use advanced encryption software to protect sensitive information. Secondly, if the site is licensed, it’s also regulated by a governmental agency such as the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) that will play by the rules. 

Finally, a site may not accept wagers from your state because it’s not licensed to do so, which can be frustrating if you didn’t know beforehand. Knowing the sites available to you should be your first stop.

Look for Your Favorite Way to Pay

In 2022, it’s fair to say the majority of us are comfortable making payments online. That said, it’s important the method is convenient and one you’re familiar with.

In most cases, you will find a long list of options available to fund your account. Credit/Debit cards (Visa/Mastercard) e-wallets, such as PayPal and Skrill, and ACH Transfers are common deposit and withdrawal options. 

Other popular options include PayNearMe and Wire Transfers, as well as sportsbook-specific prepaid cards. But since payment options aren’t the same across the board, finding out the specific ways you can pay can save you time.

Consider the Variety of Bets/Games

Being able to place the bet or play the game you wish is important.

The different scenarios that can take place during a sports game are almost never-ending and you therefore want a list of betting options which reflects this.

The same applies for online casino games of which there are thousands of titles and also different types and variations of the same game.

Without a range of options to wager on, chances are you’ll look for another site with a much better choice anyway.

Explore the User Experience

We’ve all experienced websites and apps that are hard to navigate. Chances are you didn’t hang around to understand how it worked.

With gambling websites the user experience needs to be seamless. The menu should be logical, odds clearly displayed and basic tasks like depositing money, or accessing account information should be easy to carry out. 

Not only that, but how well has the site catered to the needs of beginners, some of whom may need explainers when placing a bet or understanding how odds work, for example.

Look into Customer Support Options

Hopefully, you won’t ever need to contact the website. But, in the case that you do, it’s useful to know the level of support available is up to scratch.

The vast majority of gambling operators are reachable with a live chat function, an email address and sometimes even a phone number you can call. These three methods all offer a fairly quick way of making contact with a customer service rep and can instantly fix an issue or allay any concerns. 

If the site is serious about customer support, they’ll have at least these options available and probably more.

Read the Terms & Conditions of Welcome Bonus

It is easy to only see the dollar signs when you see a gambling site offering free cash or a free bet, in return for you signing up.

But, a number of welcome bonuses promise the earth, only for you to receive little in the way of value.

That’s why it’s good to read up on the terms and conditions prior to committing. So often, bettors and players get suckered into an offer without reading about the X20 wagering requirement you need to play before you can even begin to withdraw the cash from your betting account.


Considering the points mentioned can only enhance your chances of choosing an online gambling that suits you best. This said, like anything else, trial and error also plays a part.

Signing up to multiple gambling websites at the same time and comparing each site based on the above points is also an effective way of finding the online gambling site most suited to your preferences.


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