How to Check Your Website Position?

Check Your Website

There is a race on the Internet for the highest positions of websites in search engine results. Every owner of a website, no matter if it’s an online store, blog, service or information portal, strives to ensure that his website occupies the highest positions in the ranking. This is a deliberate and necessary action, because better visibility of the domain in search engines means more traffic, which in turn translates into an increase in the company’s income.

Why do you need to check the visibility of your website?

Before doing your website position check, first it’s essential to know why you actually need it. Presence in search engines is important because they are one of the few traffic sources that tell you about your customers’ needs. Potential clients look for you when they need a solution to a certain problem. Your task is to appear on the most relevant inquiries and present your offer. The chance of acquiring a customer is greater when you’re sure that the person entering certain phrases is interested in your company’s products of service.

First, check you company’s name

One of the first things you should do is check your internet presence. The primary and best source of information about your website is Google – the giant’s search engine answers over 95% of people’s inquiries! The first thing you can do using Google is to enter the name of your company. This way you can check whether you are in the search results at all. The presence of the company in the search engine is a good sign – it means that Google knows your website. Another option to check if the page is indexed is to use the ‘site:’ operator together with the domain name, e.g. ‘site:’. This way, you will see sample results for your domain’s indexed URLs. Lack of any results means your website is invisible in the search engine and your potential customers are not able to find it.

Google Search Console

The basic tool for checking your position in Google is Search Console. This is a solution that a website owner should implement immediately after launching it. The software collects data on visibility, clicks, analyzes the CTR (Click-Through Rate) and allows you to verify which subpages are displayed in the search engine for specific keywords. The main advantage of Google Search Console is high accuracy. The tool is able to display even those phrases that were searched by users only once over a period of several years. No alternative can provide such information, as external tools focus primarily on much frequent phrases. After launching Google Search Console, go to the “Effectiveness” tab in the menu on the left. Then the tool will display data related to: the number of clicks and impressions, the CTR indicator and the average position in a specific period.


Another tool used on a large scale by both SEO agencies and positioners is Ahrefs. The skilful use of the available data allows for a detailed analysis. Thanks to Ahrefs, you can get to know the link profile of a specific page very carefully, which in turn will help you adjust the optimal positioning strategy. An interesting option is also the ability to check visibility on Google. The tool provides us with data that tells about, among other things, how the number of visible keywords in specific search engines is shaped.


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