How This Europe-based Procurement Tech Company Is Spearheading Innovation

Supply chain


It goes without saying that society nowadays has been completely altered by the Internet. In a time where people used to go down to the farmers market to get a copy of the local news, they can now just simply turn on their phones and search for today’s top hits. Things are changing now, for the better or worse is up to personal preference – but no one can deny the fact that where we are now doesn’t look the same from where we were decades ago.

The goods industry is no exception to this. People are now able to buy and sell different kinds of goods or services right from their smartphones. For supply chain collaboration with carriers, very seldom do people rely everything on manual or partly digitalised systems – everything is either all in or all out. 

Modern supply chains like IMPARGO ShipperPortal have now fully embraced the digital stratosphere and have innovated their services to avoid uncertainties, reduce human error, and lower overall logistics costs.

Supply chain made easy

Founded in Berlin by Gerhard Hänel and Julian Labeit in 2017, IMPARGO began with a vision to digitalize transport order management completely. From shipper to dispatcher to driver – they wanted every step of the process to be streamlined. Since then, IMPARGO has managed to become the largest autonomous freight matching platform in Europe for road transport to date.

With a primary focus on developing technology that increases overall efficiency for dispatch and transport managers, IMPARGO continuously improves the service level for carriers at every point. For something as intricate as route planning, whether for cars or geographical mapping, Google Maps has now become a widely used, free commodity. IMPARGO believes that the same accessibility should belong to truck route planning as well, creating a standardized, scalable, digital SaaS solution – CargoApps. They even offer free access to the basic version.

Digitalization of transportation

IMPARGO is a firm believer in digitizing and automating as much of the transport logistics system as possible to make the entire process that much more smooth-sailing and without hitch. For the freight forwarders and production companies, this can be a major life-saver. 

By implementing a fully digitalized and flexible system such as the IMPARGO ShipperPortal, they will be able to save up to almost 10% on transportation costs all the while assigning up to 3 times more truckloads per day. The ShipperPortal acts as the logistics departments’ interface with all of the carriers, allowing you to easily manage your transports beginning from creation all the way to fulfilment.

The IMPARGO ShipperPortal breaks down the complex inner workings of the supply chain in such a way that it simplifies the transport management process into a flexible, standardized format that can be used for both in and outbound shipments. By utilising a fully digitalised shipment execution, saves not just money – but also minimises overall error rates and increasing transparency on all levels.

The IMPARGO ShipperPortal is also entirely cloud-based, meaning every data you input is being synced to a private server online and keeps track of all the movements in the supply chain in real-time. This is one of the safest ways you can track your business and make sure everything is accounted for, while also ensuring you have a thorough record of its proceedings in the event you might need to refer to certain entry data points in the future. 

The entire product portfolio is accessible online via the CargoApps platform. It includes, among other things, a solution for fast and efficient route planning, toll calculation, vehicle cost calculation and transport management. Since 2017, IMPARGO has achieved 24,000 registrations in its first 22 months and already has over 200 customers, including more than 3,500 monthly active users spread throughout all 28 EU countries.


The business of the supply chain is not for the faint-hearted. It doesn’t operate the same way standard 9 to 5’s do – in that in this industry, the clock is almost always ticking. 

It just goes to show that with the help of computer-aided mechanisms and real-time monitoring of the supply chain, it greatly increases transparency and visibility of overall operations. From then on, you can steadily build up a network of logistics that can withhold the volume of goods you’re shipping out – making your revenue grow and grow. Who wouldn’t want that, right?


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