How Link Building Can Take your Business Past its Competitors


Regardless of whether you are a SaaS company or a new venture, you must be aware of the importance of good SEO. It is not all about keywords, you will need to build the right onsite technical structure, a proper content strategy, and meta-data. If you consult an experienced SEO agency, you will also find links in their provided SEO strategy. This article has discussed how building links can benefit your business.

Before heading towards the benefits, it is important to learn about link building– what is it?

Definition of Link Building

As the name indicates, link building is a method of gaining links to your site. It is not mere posting of links targeting back to your domain everywhere in the virtual world. If the links are not relevant to your business or do not have credibility, you may not receive any advantages from them. Then what should you do? You should create a useful strategy, build relationships with other credible sites, and place only those links, which are valuable and relevant to the users. 

 10 benefits of building links are listed below that can help you beat your competitors and rule your industry.

  • Provides credibility

Links provide your site with credibility. They perform the roles of third-party indicators to the authoritative strength of your domain. Google intends to empower the users by providing the most relevant results. The more you get quality links, the more will become your credibility factor. Google focuses on the principle that good publishers will always link to quality content as it improves their user experience. You should try to build links only from authentic sites. You should always remember that only 10 quality and relevant links can outweigh 50 bad links. 

  • Considers links for ranking a website

Without credible links, your site may not be considered by Google for ranking. Google emphasises links. It is impossible for you to get a rank by Google without links. Regardless of how well-optimised content your web page contains, without links, everything is futile. If you are targeting a higher rank than your competitors, you need to gather more quality backlinks than your competitors. Creating credible, relevant, and diverse links will help you get better results. 

  • Escalates web traffic

Garnering quality backlinks is one of the easiest ways to grab the attention of relevant audiences from industry-leading sites. You should target relevant audiences and niches to enhance traffic from external resources. Web traffic is one of the indicators that ensure the good health of a website. If you want maximum online exposure and traffic, you must gain quality backlinks. Hiring an efficient SEO agency has become a customary practice. You too can rely on the professionals to create working links and escalate the web traffic. 

  • Leads to higher SEO scores and site metrics

If you are aware of the basics of SEO, you would be familiar with some terms, such as Alexa Rank, Domain Authority (DA), Page Rank (PR), and Domain Rating (DR). When you will build backlinks, you will be able to enhance these metrics. It will lead your website to more visibility and more online exposure. This way your business will reach more online customers and grab the market without any hassles. 

  • Brings greater revenue and more sales

More traffic and improved stats signify that more opportunities for generating revenues are coming your way. Your site will occupy top positions in search results. It will take your business to more potential customers. Therefore, you will be able to provide more products and services that will generate new avenues of revenue. This way link building service increases revenues and brings more sales. 

  • Strengthens your relationships

As Google emphasises focusing on creating links within your industry, you are allowed to create useful links. Also, you will be able to contact credible players in your industry. This way. You will explore a horizon of opportunities for revenues of collaboration. 

  • Establishes your business as an authoritative voice

Every entrepreneur wants to reach the forefront of the industry. If you also want the same, you can take the help of sustained link-building. It will let you witness improved conversions and revenues as people will see you as an authentic figure. You will become an authoritative voice and your business will enjoy maximum conversions in your sector. 

  • Acts as a consistent referral traffic source

Once you have built a permanent link on an authority site, you will be able to get traffic on a regular basis. If you compare this to the traditional model, then you will find that building links is a constant source of referral traffic while an ad campaign cannot provide you with traffic. By creating high-quality backlinks, you can make sure that your websites are getting traffic from external sources in the long run. Many companies hire an SEO agency to drive more referral traffic through backlinks. 

  • Increases visibility and exposure

You can utilise links to improve search rankings. It will promote credible lead generation. For instance, if you want to reach out to a target audience in a specific location, blogger outreach will enable you to raise awareness about your business in that location. It will positively influence your business. This way, you can establish your business as a leading brand. 

  • Reduces bounce rates

Google describes bounce rate as “The number of single-page sessions.” Bounce rate refers to the number of people who visited a site and left it without browsing through all pages of the site. When your SEO agency builds links, it should consider both internal and external links. A blend of internal and external links can make your backlinks more organic, which is ideal for search engines’ algorithms.

A Final Takeaway

If you are looking for real success in link building, do not opt for purchased links. Nobody knows whether those links will work or not. They can harm the online presence of your business shortly. Therefore, it is always better to drive referrals from high-authority websites. Your backlinking strategy must be aligned with your content strategy.


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