How do Betting Odds work for Football?

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You love to watch football games and would like to be more involved? The best way is to bet on games. It will provide you even more thrill, as you watch the game move along, hoping that your team will end-up the winner. Here is a little help on how to bet, by understanding the odds in football.

Football and Betting: A Perfect Match

There isn’t any sport more popular to bet on than football. Sports bet are also number one in terms of gambling activities in the world. Therefore, it is something you should look into, if you are a football fan, by checking out There are various ways of betting on football games, which we will now describe, starting by an explanation of the odds.

How do odds work?

When you decide to bet on a game, in most cases, you will be asked to decide who will win. Because all teams are not exactly the same in terms of strength, the odds will be different, depending on the team you select. If you go with the one that theoretically is the better team, the odds will not be as interesting than if you were to bet for their rival. However, when you read the odds, you have to remember that the smaller the number, the higher the chance of this possibility being the result, in the end. It means that the better team should show the smallest number, when it comes to odds. Being favoured does not mean that the team will win, though. In sports, the final score will always remain unknown, until the end. It happens quite frequently, during a full season, that teams at the bottom of the standing will beat one at the top. Which is why sports remain interesting throughout the whole year.

What can you bet on?


As we have already mentioned, the most common bet for football games is the one where you are asked to pick a winner. In such a case there are three options available: A winner, a loser or a draw. The choice you make should be based on the statistics of the two teams playing. It should include the results of their previous contests, as well as their current ranking and winning or losing streak, to name but a few of the stats that should come into considerations.


You can place two different wagers on a game: One for the first half and one for the final result of the game. This is a practical strategy for two reasons: You can place two bets per game, and you get to see the first half before deciding which side to choose, for the second part.


When you choose to place a bet on total goals, you will be asked to choose between over or under a determined number of goals, indicated by the betting site. The odds are usually quite good for such type of wagers, which is why many gamblers choose this option, when betting.


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