How Do Badge Holder Clips Work and Why Do You Need Them?

Badge Holder

Employee ID cards play a vital role in identifying verified and legal employees or authorized personnel of an organization. With these badges, you need several accessories to make them more functional and practical during busy work hours. Badge holder clips are essential for high-pressure and fast-moving work profiles in healthcare institutions and government firms.

They provide easy accessibility and a convenient way to display ID badges. It is advisable to choose a durable and premium quality badge holder clip for your staff.

Read here to understand how these clips work and why they are an essential tool for your company.

What is a Badge Holder Clip?

Badge holder clips are an essential ID card accessory used by many organizations to keep their IDs safe. It helps attach the ID cardholder to your clothing.

It is an ideal option to keep your cards secured in a visible place at all times. The system allows easy verification of employees when they access different departments within the premises.

A clip eliminates the need to punch holes in ID cards. You just have to name badge holders to allow the staff to carry their IDs comfortably. It does not hinder their work performance.

Types of Badge Holder Clips

According to a new report, ID cards should be worn by visitors and employees at all times within the BBC channel premises. Many organizations are following this norm, and yours may be one of them.

Here are a few cost-effective styles of badge clips that you can choose for your staff.

Strap Clips

You can use these clips to fix the ID cardholders to your shirt or pant pockets. A strip clip in metal or plastic is attached with a suspender clip in the European format or a crocodile clip, which is the American way of wearing it.

A suspender clip allows you to attach a perforated badge directly to your garment. Crocodile clips are an ideal choice for wearing the badge on the belt or the shirt. It is easily attachable with a small slot punch on the ID card.

Key Ring Clips

These are one of the most affordable badge holders selling as individual pieces in the market. It comes with a clear plastic strip attached to a key ring from a riveted loop at the top.

Vinyl Strap Clips

These straps are one of the most effective ways to display your ID cards. It is an excellent option for visitor badges, where IDs are printed in large numbers.

You can also select dual strap clips for different applications like badge buddies used in healthcare centers. A nickel-plated steel clip locks the ID cards tightly to your clothing, backpacks, belts, collars, or other badge holders.

Magnetic ID Badge Clips

The ID clips come with a pressure-sensitive stick back foam pad. It is one of the best options for workers who need to wear badges on their clothes every day.

The foam pads stick to the clothing firmly, and the garments do not have pinholes while attaching the ID cardholders.

There are two magnets at the back, and the front side has a zinc-plated steel plate that sticks to your ID card. Magnetic clips are less versatile and are helpful for people who can frequently remove their ID cards in the work environment.

Plastic Badge Clips

In specific critical workplace environments, the use of metal on ID cardholders is prohibited. It includes airports, medical centers, and large-scale chemical factories.

Plastic clips are an ideal choice for such places. It is also a cost-effective solution for placing bulk orders.

Plastic clips are also reusable and durable for a longer time. It is the best choice for visitor badges in trade shows, educational events, and inside the premises of multinational companies.

Eco-friendly Badge Clips

It is a widely popular strap clip used for holding employee ID cards. Companies are turning towards sustainable products and solutions to contribute to a greener planet.

These badge clips are made from bio-friendly materials like PVC-DOP. It is a recyclable resource that prevents contamination of the environment.

Benefits of Using Badge Clip Holders

Here are a few benefits of choosing premium-quality badge clip holders for your employees.

● It is one of the easiest ways to help employees attach name cards to their garments.

● It is the cheapest option you can choose to display your ID cards seamlessly.

● You can choose from a variety of colors and sizes and customize it to suit individual needs. A personalized badge clip for your employees can make them feel proud and create a positive brand image.

● You can use it in multiple ways. It goes well with a badge holder, badge reels, and lanyards. A lanyard is a strap worn around the neck that holds ID cards with clips attached at the other end.

Final Thoughts

Available in various styles, sizes, shapes, and colors, companies can choose the best badge holder clips for their employees according to the working environment.

A good quality clip will provide various benefits like easy maintenance, retractable cords, and anti-corrosive steel springs.


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