Golf Lessons That You Can Use In Running A Business

There are a good many places that lessons can be taken that relate to running a business, but the game of golf, while having been associated with conducting business for as long as it has been in existence, also provides much to learn about business situations. Here are a few to consider.


Surround Yourself with Talent

While golf is an individual game, you are seldom alone on the course with a group of other players. Bear in mind, the others you are with will influence your play. When playing with a better golfer, it’s common for your game to step it up a little compared to when you’re playing with someone who struggles all the time. Likewise, when in a business environment it’s critical that you have positive people, with varying levels of experience and backgrounds to work with. Winning attitudes and positive outlooks are important to keep the focus of your business on point. Be sure to purge any outside influences that may bring negative or selfish motivation to the effort, which can lead to the effort staggering, or worse, failing.


Keep it Simple

Golf is a very complex game, and while there is much to keep in mind when playing it’s important not to “overthink” what you are doing. Keeping the game as simple as possible, just looking at the next shot as the most important is a key to having a successful round.  When it comes to business it’s often the same, as usually less is more. It’s common for businesses when they are doing well to try and find some new and exciting ways to increase their productivity, missing the fact that they will be spending more time implementing the new way that it will resultantly be worth on the bottom line. The easiest solution is typically the best one.


Be Ready for Challenges

Many golfers struggle on the course, as the average golfer typically isn’t all that good. As a result, they learn to excel at playing out of trouble for no other reason than they have had a lot of practice at it. In business, you always have to be prepared for the unexpected trial or tribulation. By having your team always positive, and honing their skills on a continuous basis they can look at those challenges that naturally arise and be ready to tackle them with confidence.


When in Trouble, Go Back to Fundamentals

The more often you golf, the more you’ll experience having good days, but you’ll also never avoid having those bad days, with some being much worse than others. It’s natural when you’re struggling to begin to press harder and try to get back on track. Seldom is the answer to a poor tee shot, to reach back on the next tee and try to rip it harder. The best bet is to step back, and go back to basics and work your way back to form. When struggling in a business setting, rather than frantically calling more meetings and instilling a sense of a crisis in your associates, it’s best to step back and slow down, observe the situation at hand and work on how best to get back into the game.

About the Author

Jordan Fuller is a businessman and a retired golfer. He is also a golf writer and owns the Golf Influence blog, where he shares some tips and tricks on how to play golf and improve the game.


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