Free Educational Websites for Students: List of the Most Useful Platforms


The modern world is in the process of rapid informatization and digitalization of society in all its spheres. The way and pace of life of a modern person are not like the life of predecessors. This is due to the need to find, analyze, isolate, transmit, obtain, and operate a large amount of information received through society, social networks, and other Internet resources, which have recently become the main platform for communication and a source of receiving and transmitting data.

Digital technologies or digital tools, which include the latest gadgets, have become a powerful force and a necessary tool of today’s generation. Of course, global changes in public life cannot bypass the educational space. The use of helpful study websites is effective in student learning, in organizing extracurricular and research work, in the course of planning and managing the work of an educational institution.

In this article, you will find a list of good study websites useful for any student. We also will tell you where to get effective programming help online. Take enough time to study the material.

8 Useful Study Websites for Students

List of helpful websites for students:

  1. Coursera. It is an American educational project founded by professors at Sanford University. There you can find free online courses from leading American universities in various fields: public administration and society, information technology, personal development, language learning, and so on. Video lectures are read in English, but most of them are accompanied by subtitles in other languages;
  2. Bussu. The resource for iOS and Android has a large number of lessons for memorizing vocabulary, pronunciation, and other aspects of language learning. The completed exercises are usually tested by a native speaker. The paid version contains more advanced functionality and more tasks;
  3. Voice of America Learning English. This is a platform containing important information and news. It has already gained popularity among millions of people around the world who are learning the English language. Audio files and videos with subtitles are created using a mid-level and entry-level dictionary. Programs run a little slower than usual English language speed. Online articles, podcasts, and MP3s are great resources for learning American English;
  4. Italki. This resource allows you to quickly find a good teacher for personal lessons in a foreign language or become one yourself. The website has thousands of tutors of any level and cost. Training is paid for each individual lesson and requires only a microphone and a webcam;
  5. Lightnote. This is one of the useful study websites that allows you to learn the basics of music theory. Thanks to it, you will learn how a sound is built, what harmony is, what kind of chords there are, how to choose them, how to build major and minor modes, etc.;
  6. HowStuffWorks. This is the website with videos about the most interesting things on the planet. The authors tell where the myth about portholes came from, how the ECG machine was invented, etc. The information is sure to be valuable for the overall development of each person;
  7. The One Project. This is a platform for teaching web programming. There you will find several courses – from beginner to advanced. You can master Javascript, HTML and CSS, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, databases, and learn how to properly look for a job in the IT field;
  8. Curious. This is an online lesson service with an unusual concept. You indicate which areas you are interested in, and the system selects the most interesting lessons for you. Their number varies depending on how much time you are willing to devote to learning daily.

Websites for Students Offering Quality Help

In addition to the online resources listed above, there are also websites that provide quality homework help. They are very popular today, as students often face problems in completing various assignments and therefore seek help online. Absolutely anyone can get an experienced helper. The main thing is to find a reliable platform that will really provide profitable cooperation. is one of the best websites providing help to students. It differs from other services in its affordability, high quality of the work done, full compliance with established deadlines, efficient support service, good guarantees, etc. It is possible to get homework help in the performance of any scientific or technical task. Free revisions are guaranteed during the warranty period.

How to Get Programming Help Online?

Programming is a fairly complex academic discipline. Students studying it regularly perform many tasks of different levels of complexity. While some are simple enough to be completed quickly, others are very complex. So, it is impossible to cope with them without additional support. In this case, students seek programming assignment help.

If you now have a similar situation, do not waste your time, but rather immediately contact the experts of the service. Simply send them a message like, “I can’t do my programming hw assignment. Can someone provide help with homework at an affordable price and do my task for me?”. No student request remains unnoticed. Therefore, be sure that you will receive an instant response.

Pay attention that the prices are quite low. The cost of each task is different since several important factors influence its formation. Firstly, it is the customer’s requirements for the execution and design of work. Secondly, it is the complexity and amount of work that needs to be done. And thirdly, this is the deadline for completion. For example, the cost of an urgent order will be higher compared to a regular one (when there are 7-14 days to complete the assignment). But in any case, the prices please the customers as they are always affordable and flexible.

So, the Internet is rich with a lot of useful websites. Some offer students valuable knowledge, the opportunity to practice exercises, while others provide quality help. The choice of the platform directly depends on the goal pursued by the student. But each of the websites described here is sure to benefit everyone.


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