Fabriik Combines Physical and Digital Assets in Trading Ecosystem

Physical and Digital Assets in Trading Ecosystem

By Makkie Maclang

The rise in popularity and use of digital assets in the past year has been monumental, mainly due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic leading almost everyone in the world to shift their daily activities online. The pandemic has also caused millions of people to lose their jobs and businesses, and Bitcoin trading became a way for many to earn extra cash. The fame of Bitcoin SV blockchain has not only generated great interest in the pioneer digital money, but has also spawned the creation of an entire slew of digital currencies and digital currency exchanges.

However, people need to be wary of these digital currency exchanges as many have been verified to be scams. Before placing hard-earned money on an exchange firm, one must first do in-depth research to ensure it is legal and stable. Watching Coinscrum’s “Meet The Founders” series is a good start as it provides weekly market insights by featuring cryptocurrency experts and leaders. Roy Bernhard, CEO and Chief Visionary of digital marketplace Fabriik, was featured on an episode that allows viewers to gain an understanding of the firm’s vision and capabilities.

Fabriik is a global company that has created a digital asset marketplace “where anyone can transform, hold, trade and grow any asset they own.” The Toronto-based company aims to allow everyone—not just a privileged few—to gain access to the benefits of trading digital assets.

“We said that with Fabriik, we can take this technology and the work that we have done and create a larger ecosystem, and that larger ecosystem will allow us to really deliver and change a lot of people’s lives. We came up with the term ‘re-imagine prosperity,’ we use that as a tenet for turning around and saying, ‘How do we create a financial services ecosystem that allows, not just somebody who has a high net worth, or ultra-high net worth, or an institution, but somebody who’s sitting in a village in Africa or somewhere in North America or the UK, and EU who makes maybe only a few dollars or a few hundred dollars a week or a month. How do we take one of those people and help them,’” Bernhard said.

With Bernhard’s in-depth experience and expertise in engineering, computer science, and law makes him more than capable to work with digital currencies and blockchain technology in order to realize a noble vision of helping people around the world recover from the pandemic, discover a new avenue for greater income, and perhaps, even completely turn their lives around.

The trading ecosystem Fabriik is developing combines physical assets and tokenization to create a well-rounded approach to digital trading. Fabriik Smart Wallet and Fabriik Digital Objects complete the ecosystem that will provide “digital everything” to everyone—whether they be individuals who have only this much cash to invest or small and large-scale businesses who want to use a percentage of their capital to invest in digital assets. Real estate, collectibles and other physical assets that can be monetized will be integrated into the system as tokenized real-world assets.

“I really think that, and I mentioned it before, it really comes down to this notion of tokenized real-world assets and tokenized securities. The ability for the industry to move to a place where almost every asset on the planet is associated or linked to digital circuitry, or a digital token or component. Because as soon as you do that, the fungibility, the transferability, the movement of all of those assets becomes completely seamless and you can do some pretty amazing things,” Bernhard explained.

Fabriik is currently utilizing the BSV blockchain for its tokenization platform due to its proven capability to provide stability, scalability, security, immutability, transparency and integrity of data that allows it to complete low-cost microtransactions. It has also acquired Money Button last year, a leading smart wallet in the BSV ecosystem, and has integrated it into Fabriik Smart Wallet.


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