Emerging Media: From Podcasts to E-sports

For some people, traditional outlets like CNN or NPR automatically pop into their heads. Maybe even trusted publications like The New York Times or Washington Post are equated with the very idea of media. But the truth is, media can be anything; it does not limit itself to any particular medium or concept.

It can be from the last movie you saw or the last article you read. Media is everywhere at all times, an enduring omnipresent reality that is felt and experienced by every individual, taking up a major presence in our everyday lives.

If we’re going to be talking basics, digital media is any form of digitized content transmitted over the internet. Your downloaded ebooks, streamed movies and series, iTunes music library, even the mobile games you play with lucky creek signup bonus   – all of these play an influential role in being part of the bigger picture, a larger than life history in the making.

The continued rise of digital mediums has also increased innovation from every industry, ranging from journalism to e-commerce and education. Emerging media, then, is the result of the continuous evolution of utilizing technology to bring to life creative ideas and inspire global connection.

Emerging or “new” media are spaces that have not been fundamentally set in stone, continuously keeping up with the times and updating itself as it goes. Through the lens of communication architecture, this new media allows more people to partake in various modes of relaying information; experiences, emotions, thoughts, or ideals all alike.

Whether this is done in the form of oral storytelling in podcasts, painting murals on an empty graffiti wall, online gaming with a thousand people, or augmented reality experiences; these are all done in the name of emerging media.

To put it simply, digital media includes any device or medium that uses digital signals to convey content. 

The impact of digital transformation

Any self-respecting millennial or post-millennial living in the 21st century would find themselves hard-pressed to go through their daily motions without encountering at least one form of digitalization. This can be the alarms they set on their phones to wake them up in the morning, the automatic Metrocard they use to board the subway, or the food delivery app for lunch.

Digital media has revolutionized the way society receive news, discover new products, and perhaps most convenient of all: entertainment. Emerging media, unlike traditional forms of media like printed-based books or art, gives anyone the flexibility to access their favourite digital content where and when they want it. 

If you find yourself wondering about your latest celebrity crush, all you need to do is go on their Instagram. If your favourite soccer player has a tournament in the other part of the world, all you need to do is log into Youtube and live stream.

The abundance of many digital tools at our disposal have made us enable to lead internet-centric lives, where any single thing can be done at the tap of our phones. There are now more cell phones on the planet than people. 

Intersection of platforms

Due to the rapid advancements in technology used for emerging media platforms, there is no one size fits all model anymore. Everything is non-linear, and you will find surface-level goals to be a thing of the past, as multitasking is now in. 

Twitter isn’t just about greeting the world a good morning anymore, but has become a beacon for political discourse and fast information dissemination. Facebook is not limited to checking up on overseas relatives, but has become a viable marketplace to sell pre-loved items. Similarly in the beginning Clubhouse was not sure how far it would go, but as time passed the Clubhouse followers increased exponentially.

There must be a massive shift in the way we communicate and play online through 918kiss. A new medium doesn’t exist in isolation: it requires networks to circulate, evolve, and gain audiences, all exacerbated with these new digital advancements. A new medium does not necessarily replace older parts of the communication architecture, in so much as it expands it to accommodate a larger group of people. 


The new age of emerging media is intimidating to see unfold, but exhilarating in a sense you never quite know what to expect anymore. Every day is a new opportunity to change the world for the better by taking leverage of the many digital tools in our arsenal.

About the Author

Pamela Rhyan is a writer for The European Business Review. She crafts timely blog pieces about trending business acumen, changing leadership dynamics, emerging finance and technology trends, and how these spaces intersect from a millennial’s perspective. She also works as an editor and content strategist to the sister publications of The European Business Review.


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