Course: IE Dual Degree International MBA + Master in Business Analytics and Big Data
Intake Periods: January or September


Data is indispensable. Never before has there been such intense global demand for professionals with data analysis skills. By 2020, 1.7 megabytes of data will be created every second, and companies that fail to use big data to their advantage will risk falling behind.

Companies in all industries and regions of the world need professionals who can analyze immense sets of data, discover meaningful patterns and capitalize on this information to drive profitable business decisions.

Equip yourself and become the well-rounded individual with the skills needed to tackle the biggest challenges of the modern world, and discover your full potential.

Explore our Dual Degree program, you’ll not only learn the skills needed to thrive in the data-driven future; you’ll also learn how to become a leader and help companies adapt and succeed during the digital revolution.




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