Double Glazing Cost 2022: What Is The Average Price In UK?

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Double glazing is an insulation method in which two panes of glass are put into a window sash with some space remaining between them. The air trapped in between serves as a barrier, separating the panels of glass on the inside and the outside of the window. This prevents heat transfer from one glass panel to the other. The window sash of most windows only has one pane of glass. This provides little to no insulation. This system protects your home from getting too hot or cold from the outside air.

Double-glazed windows are the current industry standard. The Building Regulations require all new homes to have double-glazed glass. You can also install double-glazed windows in older homes when the single-pane windows fall into disrepair. However, you will need a professional to install your windows to ensure that the job is done right. Your first time looking for double glazing installers can be challenging. If you are unsure where to begin your search, let us introduce you to Bark. Bark can help you find professional window installation options and get free quotes from double-glazing installation providers near you.

The average price of double-glazing in the UK is so low right now that there’s no reason not to get them. Bark further makes it easier by compiling only the best energy-efficient window installation experts. For new windows, average UK window sizes cost between £400 and £600, and uPVC replacement double-glazed units cost about £4,500 for a house with eight windows. For the protection and insulation it offers, double-glazed windows are an investment that will prove to be worth every penny. The savings on energy bills top the list of reasons why homeowners walk away happy with their decision. 

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What Is the Price of Double Glazing?

Every house is unique, has its window style, and features a different number of window sizes. In the era of energy-efficient windows, opting not to shield yourself and your family from the effects of unpredictable weather changes is ill-advised. Furthermore, due to rising demand, window installation costs are at an all-time low with platforms like connecting you to affordable double glazing installers.

Additionally, Bark provides estimates based on information from several different sources to give you an overview of the best double-glazing options on the market. However, if you want to know the actual cost of double glazing, you will need to submit any relevant details to for them to get you a free quote. If you’d like, window replacement costs can also be included in your quotation. The following is an example of how much double-glazed windows may cost depending on different criteria. Compare this information with the specifications of your home to gain a better understanding of how much double-glazing installation may cost you.

1-2 bedroom apartment (4-windows) uPVC



From £1500 to £2300

From £2200 to £2600

From £3000 to £3700

3 bedroom terraced house (8-windows) uPVC



From £4200 to £4600

From £4600 to £5000 

From £7000 to £7500

4 bedroom semi-detached house (10-windows) uPVC



From £6500 to £7000 

From £7000 to £7500 

From £10000 to 11000 

5 bedroom detached house (15-windows) uPVC



From £8500 to £9000

From £9500 to £10500

From £14000 to £15000

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Price Variables for Double Glazing

We know that every house is different, which is one of the things that affect the average cost of double glazing in your home. Many things affect how much double glazing costs. Not surprisingly, prices differ depending on the size and number of windows. Window installation costs also contribute to the average cost. The price will go up if there are more and bigger windows. However, buying in bulk is always more advantageous. If you order a lot of double-glazed doors or windows, many companies will lower the price per unit. You can, however, avoid all the shortlisting trouble by using Bark’s double-glazing cost calculator to estimate the likely price you will incur. It is important to note that different factors affect the cost of double glazing. Here are some of the main factors that directly affect double glazing costs. 

Window Count

If you buy a lot of windows from major window companies, you’ll get a better deal than if you buy one. This is because they can spread the cost of the windows better than when you get one. The total installation cost directly relates to the number of windows that need double glazing. You don’t always need to buy a whole new window to get double-glazed windows. Depending on the situation of your current windows, it is also possible to utilize the existing window frames. However, you will need to hire professional window installation experts who can make the necessary changes to the existing window frame without damaging it. has several qualified professionals who can walk you through the entire installation process.

Type of Glass

The size and quality of the glass also play a role in how much double-glazing costs. Most of the time, windows with bigger panes of glass cost more. On the other hand, the money spent is well worth it because of its energy efficiency. These energy-efficient windows will save you a lot of money on your energy bills and naturally regulate air temperature for your comfort. 

Price differences also come due to differences in glass thickness. Double glazing a thicker glass will be more costly than double glazing thin glass. Thicker glass also gives better security and improves insulation to a small degree. 


When double-glazing new windows, one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is the type of material to be used. Some materials are more expensive than others, hence, the difference in average window replacement cost. The most popular materials used in double-glazing windows are fiberglass, vinyl, and wood. Assuming the window frame is in good shape, each has its own set of considerations. Vinyl would be the most cost-effective option, both immediately and in the long run. Assuming, of course, that you choose high-quality vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are energy efficient, and unlike wood windows, they don’t need as many natural resources to make. Consequently, transportation costs are lower, which helps you save even more money. In case of damage, the parts that make vinyl windows are easy to find, and installing them is relatively easy for the average skilled contractor.

Overall, vinyl windows are an excellent way to save money without sacrificing quality. If your budget is a priority for you, consider opting for vinyl. 

On the other hand, wood windows may look nice and give your home a natural, earthy feel. However, they can certainly cost a pretty penny. They cost significantly more than vinyl windows. The price of a wood window could be anywhere from 30% to 50% more than a window made of other materials. Even though wood is an excellent insulator, vinyl frames have foam and can insulate your home just as well, if not better, especially in extreme weather like cold winters and hot summers. Also, wooden frames are harder to put together correctly. Luckily, Bark has several affordable experts from which to choose.


The price of the double-glazing treatment also depends on the style of window you choose. Casement windows, which have two or more hinges on one side, are one option. This style is usually the least expensive, but you can also buy sliding windows. Each side of the frame initially had a vertical box that held the lead or cast iron counterweight. However, in this model, strong springs balance the weight of the sash, so you no longer need the boxes. Sliding windows cost about twice as much as a casement window. A typical sliding window that is 1.2m by 1.2m costs about £800 without installation.

Double-glazed bay windows stick out from the wall and mix open and closed windows. In the case of bay windows, their frames meet at right angles, but in other cases, they meet at odd angles, as with a bow window. The bow window design has pieces that fit together like wedges and are strong enough to carry the weight of the window’s small roof. It also requires installment by skilled professionals, like the ones on, who know how to install double-glazed windows and can work from exact construction drawings. A typical 3-section bow window costs around £1200, excluding installation costs.

Frame Size

According to Bark, double glazing windows with more oversized window frames will cost you more. This is because it requires more materials. The bigger the window frame higher the cost of the window frame materials. Frame size can also drive up labor costs, because joining two pieces of frame material may take more time and expertise.

Window Placement

Double glazing a window on a floor level is much more accessible than windows on upper levels, for obvious reasons. You also don’t have to worry about climbing ladders or scaffolding. The cost of hiring a scaffold adds between £60 and £100 per window, making the process more expensive.

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Installing a Double Glazed Window

In recent years, methods of installing double-glazed windows made of uPVC and aluminum have been standardized. However, manufacturers still have different ways of putting things together. The price of double-hung windows and double pane windows may differ depending on several factors, including but not limited to those we have listed above. The frame, the sill, and the glass are the three main parts of a double-glazed window. When you order them, they will come separately with the beads already in the window frame. You can see how the glazing beads fit in. Some manufacturers will give you the fitting instructions. However, has the professionals you need to handle the task if you aren’t so sure about handling the installation process yourself. Other factors that come to play when determining the double glazing prices during installation include:

Your Location

The labor cost in and around London can be up to 20% higher than in the rest of the country. 

Supply only  

If you know a local window company or a reliable carpenter who can install double-glazed windows, you don’t need to go through the big, specialized companies. You can save a lot of money by buying “supply only” frames directly from the company that makes them and installs the windows for you at a lower rate.

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Frame Design and Finishes

There are many different kinds of frames for double-glazed windows. First, though, let’s talk about some other finishes:


Most uPVC window frames cost more than aluminum window frames. In exchange for the higher price, you get a window frame material that will last a long time, being solid and durable. Good quality aluminum frames keep heat in better than uPVC frames. Also, because they are more robust, their cross sections are thinner than those of both uPVC and wood. Additionally, they need much less care than frames made of wood.

A hot powder dip can color aluminum and give it a plastic coating that sticks to the metal and doesn’t need to be maintained. The layer comes in many colors that last for a long time. The color also looks the same from one window to the next. Also, the color can be chosen to match or complement the rest of your home decor. 


Even though wooden window frames are the most expensive, they add more value to your home than the other options. They finish off your windows in a classy way. If you choose the right style to go with your home, they can give the whole thing a very stylish, classic look. If you have an old house, you might prefer windows with wood frames to match the style of your home, but check with the local government first in case there are any specific regulations you must adhere to. You can choose from different colors and types of wood, some of which are hard and some soft. If you select softwood, make sure to paint them with good quality exterior paint. If you choose hardwood, you can also stain and varnish it to make the grain stand out.

Even though they look great and give off an air of elegance, wooden windows require a decent amount of regular care. While these windows don’t often last as long as uPVC and aluminum windows, their added flair is undeniable. It is up to you to decide if it’s worth the trade-off.


uPVC is usually far cheaper than other window materials. Suitable uPVC window frames are easy to clean and repair. To clean them, wipe them down with a damp cloth. If you have a stain that won’t come out, put a few drops of dish soap in a bowl of warm water. However, not all window frames are made of suitable materials. Low–quality uPVC can warp, bend, and stain over time, especially when exposed to UV light. 

uPVC doesn’t just come in white. You can buy it in almost any color or even several wood grain patterns.

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There are different styles involved in window glazing. What fits your home will depend on your preference and taste. Let’s now take a detailed look at the available styles:

Bay window 

A bay window is a window that sticks out from a flat wall and adds space to the room. Most of the time, they are made up of two connected windows, one of which can be opened and the other cannot. Most bay windows have seats to make the most of the different views. They also serve to let a lot of beautiful, natural light into an area. There are a lot of different kinds of bay windows, like box bay windows and circle bay windows, with the bow window being by far the most popular. 

Sash windows

These windows are often found in Georgian and Victorian homes. They are also called box frames or sliding-sash. They give the house a unique feel and make it look quaint and old-fashioned. Since the first wooden box frames were made, technology has gotten better. So, instead of counterweights, the sliding sashes now have springs. Most of the time, the opening sashes slide up and down, but they can also move left to right. 

Casement windows

Casement windows are the most popular trend because they are simple to build and also inexpensive. This style works well for both French doors and windows. These windows provide options between those that don’t open or ones that open from the side, bottom, or top. There are many standard sizes, so you should be able to easily find one that fits your window slot perfectly.

Tilt & turn windows

Compared to the old styles, this is a very modern idea. When shut, they look the same as any other casement window. However, when they are open, they can hinge either in or out. This allows for better airflow and makes maintenance easier. They also have a lock so they can be opened to let air in, but not enough to put children in danger. 

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Advantages of Double-Glazed Windows

Ask anyone: the greatest advantages of having double-glazed windows are that they keep you warm (or cool, depending on the season) and help you save money on your energy bills. In the end, this makes your home more comfortable because you can keep it warm without going broke. They are also incredibly eco-conscious. With this improvement, your home’s carbon footprint will automatically decrease because it needs less fuel to keep the same amount of heat.

As an added bonus, double glazing is also an excellent way to keep out noise. Better insulation from the heat also means better insulation from noise. Living near noisy roads or train tracks is more comfortable when noise levels are lower. 

Furthermore, because the warm inner glass doesn’t touch the cold outer glass, condensation also ceases to be a problem. 

If you decide to sell or rent out your home in the future, the EPC rating will go up if you add double glazing. The Energy Performance Certificate is a measure of how much energy a building uses and how much it costs. It also tells you how to save even more money on energy costs. Most EPCs are suitable for ten years. 

Double glazing is an investment that can eventually save you enough money in energy costs to pay for itself. More importantly, it gives your family a safer and more comfortable place to live. It also makes selling or renting the house decidedly easier in the future.

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Disadvantages of Double-Glazed Windows

One of the biggest problems with double-glazing is that if the seal between the two panes of glass breaks down, the glazing panel is no longer helpful. Between the two panes of glass, there is a certain gas that helps insulate the unit without letting condensation form. The spacer between the two panes of glass is sealed to keep air out. Over time, the seal can break down, allowing moisture into the cavity. The leak lets moisture in and lets heat escape.

During the summer, the glass lets the sun’s UV rays into the house while keeping the heat inside. This situation makes the room feel stuffy and uncomfortable. You can buy double glazing with tinted glass to partially reflect ultraviolet light, but this costs more.

No matter how hard the makers of double-glazed windows try to hide the fact, they still look new and modern. So, they may not go very well with an old or period house. Also, if you decide it would cost too much to replace all the windows at once, your windows may not match. It is better to adjust your budget so that you can install all of your double-glazed windows in one go. 

Lastly, most double-glazing sizes are standard across the industry. This means that if your house is old, the window opening might not be a standard size. Some companies make windows in sizes that aren’t standard, but they cost much more than standard sizes. 

How do You Fit Double-Glazed Windows?

The UK Building Regulations state that replacing windows and doors must be done in a certain way. So, you must either inform the local authority office ahead of time so they can monitor the process, or hire someone certified to perform the task. We don’t recommend you try to put them in yourself because it’s not easy. Hire an accredited professional to double-check their work.

No matter what kind of window you prefer or who you hire, having some background information about the installation process is helpful. However, remember that different manufacturers can have their own way of doing things. They may have specifically tailored their methods of installation to suit the specifications of their products. 

How is the window delivered? 

The window will be sent to you in three parts—the Cill, Frame, and Glass. The glazing beads will already be attached to the frame. And the glass doesn’t get in the way of taking them out. Cover strips made of uPVC come in long pieces that you can cut to size.

Replacing the Old Windows

Remove the old window with as much care and caution as possible to avoid any damage to the walls.

It’s not easy to get rid of an old window, and how it was done depends on how it was made. So, let a pro take care of these details. Don’t forget that screws are what hold the frame together. Remove the screws attaching it to the wall through the sides. Afterward, continue following these steps:

  • Take off any sashes or casements that can open
  • Cut through the side of the window frame with a saw.
  • Use a crowbar to pull the cut piece away from the wall.
  • Lastly, carefully remove the rest of the structure from the wall, so you don’t break the glass.
  • Ensure you haven’t damaged anything that serves to keep water from getting in. If anything at all looks damaged, you should replace or fix it.

Attach the cill

  • Cut the cill to the hole’s width in the wall.
  • Glue plastic end caps to both cills.
  • Place the cill on the outside of the wall. Use a spirit level to make sure it is level. To raise some parts, you might need to use some of the plastic spacers that come with the window

Set up the frame

  • Attach clips to the sides of the frame with screws. The clips may face the outside or the inside of the room, depending on the wall position.
  • Put a line of silicone sealant where the frame sits on the top of the cill.

Install frame

  • Place the frame on the cill and ensure the silicone sealant keeps the joints from leaking.
  • Make sure the structure is standing up straight and fits the opening evenly. Again, adjust the frame by moving the wedges.
  • Drill through the holes in the clips and into the bricks.
  • Use suitable screws and wall plugs to screw the fixing hooks onto the brickwork.

Set up a Double Glazing Unit

  • Lift the double–glazed unit and place it in the glazing rebate of the frame. Use plastic spacers to ensure all the gaps are the same size.
  • Clip the beads of glaze into place.

Fix things and clean up

  • Fill gaps between the frame and bricks with expanding polyurethane foam. Wait until the foam hardens before moving on.
  • Cut the hardened foam even with the structure and throw away the pieces.
  • Either patch the outside with mortar and the inside with plaster. Or, cover the cut foam with uPVC moldings stuck together with silicone sealant.

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Accreditations, Building Control, and Planning Permission

Planning Permission 

Most of the time, we don’t need planning permission for new double-glazed doors and windows if they look the same as the ones we’re replacing. Your property’s permitted development rights could be taken away by the council. If you live in a Conservation Area, National Park, or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you must ask permission. If your building is on a list, you must apply for “Listed Building Consent” before doing significant work.

Building Regulations 

All new door and window glass has to meet the UK Building Regulations, which include the following Approved Documents:


The UK Government has approved FENSA to ensure that new doors and windows meet the UK Building Regulations. Manufacturers and installers are checked regularly to ensure that their standards are still up to par. As a bonus, installers who register with FENSA will give you a certificate that shows the product was installed according to the Building Regulations. The installation company also tells the local government, so you don’t have to.

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FAQs Regarding Double Glazing

Does laminated glass work better than double-glazing?

It depends on what you want to see outside. If you want more safety and security, use laminated glass, which is hard to break. On the other hand, use double–glazing if you want better insulation. 

Why do double-glazed windows let in noise?

While double-glazed windows do provide some insulation from noise, they won’t block all sounds. However, if you hear more noise from the outside than usual, you should check to see if a part of the window has broken. There might be a problem with the window frame, the rubber seal between the frame and the glass, the space between the two panes of glass, or the joint where the structure meets the wall.

Can condensation be fixed on double-glazed windows?

Yes, you can. Some businesses are only good at fixing and reconditioning double-glazed units. First, a small hole is drilled through the spacer bar and into the hole. 

Then, a desiccant is injected into the cavity to soak up all the water. They can also change the gas in the space between the panes.

 Finally, they seal the hole so no more water can get in.

Are Replacement Windows Worth The Cost?

Most of the time, it’s worth it to pay for new windows. When you sell your home, you’ll get back about 70% of what you put into it. Depending on how long you live there, the energy-efficient windows will save you a lot on your energy bills.

Get Double Glazing Quotes Online

Double-glazed windows are extremely popular at the moment, and for good reason. They are a modern solution to problems like poor insulation, sky-rocketing energy costs, and noise pollution. If you’re one of those who are late to the party, don’t fret. There are several options in windows as well as professional double-glazing experts who can help you make this energy and cost-efficient upgrade. 

If you think it’s time to get modern double-glazed windows to replace your old ones, don’t do it until you’ve looked up a few different companies. gives you the best choices when you need help finding professional glazing experts online. Given their huge database of professionals in your area, you’re certain to find what you need there. 

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