Does CBD Oil Act As A Painkiller For Joint Pain?


When your body suffers physically, mental and emotional ailments soon follow. Chronic pain can lead to depression; it can make you eat more or lose your appetite. You may become more prone to angry bursts and less likely to excel in important areas of your life. So managing physical pain is critical, but it isn’t always easy to do so. When the pain is chronic, you need something that works for you without causing damage to other organs in your body. Luckily, a natural compound on the market can act as a painkiller without causing damage to other organs, and its name is CBD.

The science behind CBD

CBD is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Sativa plant species. Before you dismiss CBD as another marijuana-like substance, it’s essential to note that hemp-derived CBD contains less than 0.3 percent THC. What this means for you is no risk of becoming high, paranoid, or overdosing from it.

What CBD can do is help with a list of mental and chronic health issues. The studies on this cannabinoid are limited because of the politics and the limitations imposed on researchers. Nevertheless, early data indicates a significant wave of potential benefits when taking CBD.

Researchers have already noted the benefits of this cannabinoid on mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and addiction. When it comes to chronic problems, the research is encouraging, with researchers noting the benefits of CBD for people with epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease, insomnia, and more.

Such benefits, together with its legalization in several countries, have led to a boom in the Cannabis industry. These days, it’s far safer to find high-quality CBD brands such as Sunday Scaries CBD selling products ranging from oil tinctures to vape liquids, soap, skincare products, edibles, and the list goes on.

CBD is oil in its purest form, and many users enjoy taking it in this form as it’s easy to make and quick to work. Indeed, you can take CBD oil sublingually, where your body can absorb it directly in the bloodstream, but it can also be effective in other forms. Also, users buy CBD gummies for sleep, oil tinctures to take before a workout, soap, balms, and many other CBD-infused products.

The benefits of CBD oil for joint pain

Several types of disorders can cause joint pain. Arthritis or rheumatism, as it is sometimes referred to, is the most common example. However, joint pain can result from chronic diseases such as bone cancer, Adult Still’s disease, avascular necrosis, a broken bone, complex regional pain syndrome, and ankylosing spondylitis. Other temporary causes of joint pain include dislocation and joint inflammation.

Regardless of the disorder causing the pain, managing it should be your top priority, and according to the research, CBD may be the answer to your chronic pain. This cannabinoid works through the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The latter is a cell-signaling system in the body that manages functions such as temperature, mood, and appetite. The ECS is also responsible for managing pain. It does so by having its receptors moving through the mind and body to implement change and keep the body in a constant state of homeostasis—optimal balance.

Researchers believe CBD works by triggering the ECS’s receptors to change, produce, or manage bodily functions better to optimize the mind and body. This is what CBD does to ease the pain. In a study conducted on rats suffering from arthritis, researchers noted how a daily CBD dose lowered their joints’ inflammation, leading to less pain.

CBD has even been referred to as being ten times more potent than morphine in a remarkable statement. Besides acting as an anti-inflammatory agent, CBD also increases the production of anandamide in the body. The latter is a brain lipid that binds to the natural cannabinoids produced by the body. Anandamide is vital because it encourages feelings of pleasure and motivation. When CBD increases the level of anandamide, it gives the body the chance to experience pain relief.

Besides easing pain, CBD can also help by uplifting your mood, acting as a wake-promoting agent, and endowing you with more focus and better mental clarity. This way, you can focus on your priorities rather than the pain holding you back. CBD for back pain is also considered to be beneficial. You may read more to understand about the product.

 Using CBD oil for joint pain safely

To date, researchers have highlighted minimal side effects of CBD experienced by some users, including bouts of nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. Unlike certain pain killers, CBD might be gentler on the organs, and when taken with a high-fat meal, it is better absorbed by the body, and there is less risk of experiencing the former side effects.

Even so, it’s best to speak to your doctor before stopping your medication or blending your current medicines with CBD. This cannabinoid may block the work of your prescription and cause further damage. Moreover, a medical professional can advise the correct dose and the best brands to try this natural compound safely.




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