Do You Want a Russian Wife? The reality of Mail Order Bride Services


Nothing is surprising with the Russian bride syndrome. Almost every Western single man is interested in Russian mail order brides and the websites, allowing finding a perfect Russian woman. What made dealing with Russian women so popular? It’s not a mystery. Russian wives are visually appealing, family-oriented ladies, ready to stand behind the back of their partner and protect him. That’s the reason why mail order bride services offering to order a bride are topmost. 

Are these dating applications and platforms safe? Is there anything hidden under the “Sign up” button? Let’s see.

Top 3 Legit Mail Order Bride Services

Numerous singles looking for a real love use shady mail-order bride services. It often leads to the loss of money and willingness to get a seductive Russian bride. Hopefully, there are certain dating services that we can mark as “reliable”. Here are the safest websites for you to use if you’re interested in online matchmaking with a Russian woman:

If you’re willing to find brides online, the following information will be helpful. It will share everything you need to learn about mail order bride services and dealing with Russian ladies. 

Mail-Order Services & Their Basic Features 

Usually, mail-order bride services are destined to help single men and women find the desired brides from various corners of the world. These websites and applications simplify the way to the singles’ goals without falling victims to scammers. Let’s have a look at the basic features and options that these websites offer. 

Extensive Catalogues

Here’s what you should know. The majority of mail-order services offer catalogs with the accounts of thousands of gorgeous women. Are you interested in a peculiar Russian bride? You’ll have no trouble getting the one. Do you have a crush on Ukrainian women? It won’t take much time to find one with the offered options. 

Almost all women on these websites have verified accounts (the mediators check every user, but insignificant pitfalls may occur). Certain mail-order services provide the users with filters to search for Russian brides more conveniently. You can find mail-order brides in a specific location, of the desired age, or your interests. 

Besides, you can use specific matchmaking services offered by the websites. Certain mail-order bride services will help you find a great match, based on preferences and potential compatibility. 

If your data implies that you’re fond of music and sci-fi literature, you’ll most likely find a match with a Russian bride with similar preferences. 

Communication That Is Never Dangerous

What are you going to get after finding a Russian bride? Are you ready for your first flight to Russia? Probably, not. In the beginning, you’ll need to interact with your potential partner before making any huge steps. 

Hopefully, the majority of mail-order services provide their users with convenient communication ways to interact with beautiful Russian women. If you’re a newbie, you can start with texting, which is the most popular option. Your communication will not be strained because you don’t have to get in touch eye-to-eye. 

However, if you’re willing to verify the identity of a woman to ensure that you aren’t communicating with a fraudster, you can use a video call or voice call option that is usually offered by the website. 

Professional Guidance

If you’re single from a Western country, willing to find a Russian wife, be prepared that she might have trouble with the English language. Is there a way to communicate efficiently, ignoring the language barrier? 

Luckily, the most reputable mail-order bride services provide the users with the help of experienced translators. This will simplify the communication with the potential bride. 

Benefits of Mail-order Bride Services 

We are sure that official and certified mail-order bride services demonstrate numerous advantages for a Western single man. 

A Wide Choice 

Hunting for a perfect Russian bride is a daunting process. Where to get the right woman? How to start the search? Mail-order bride services can share a decent piece of advice. There are many women that you can choose from, based on your preferences and needs. 

In the beginning, you’ll most likely be confused with the choice, unless you go through the innumerable profiles. 

Personalized Matches

If you have no idea how to make the right choice, mail-order bride services can help you focus on the options that you need. Your interests and tastes will be limited to a certain range of profiles that you can choose from on the website. You won’t have to feel awkward about the mindless dates with incompatible women. 

Pitfalls of Mail-order Bride Services 

Mail-order bride services are amusing and helpful, but they also have some drawbacks. 

Scammers And Gold-Diggers

There’s a tip that might be helpful. Don’t use those dating platforms and applications that offer their services free of any charge. Matchmaking is a slow but steady process that demands professional mediation and protection. A service like this cannot be free. The chance of finding scammers and catfishes is high. Most free mail-order bride services are not about the protection of the users. Identity theft is very common for such platforms. The Natasha of your dreams can turn out to be a plump, bald man willing to do anything to get your money. 

Even if you manage to get a real Russian woman or Ukrainian brides, she can turn out to be a gold-digger interested in getting a one-way ticket to a luxurious life. Don’t fall victim to any provocations, and don’t let anyone make you spend money on them unless you are sure the person has decent intentions.

It Can Be Too Much for You  

Of course, mail-order services are very convenient with a great choice of options. Nevertheless, it can be troublesome. You’ll be overwhelmed with the possibilities. Browsing through numerous profiles merely to find the perfect woman can turn out to be exhausting. 

Certain mail-order services offer a simplified search for the reduction of stress. However, you’ll still have to deal with a bit of homework on your way to a perfect relationship. 

Truth About Russian Brides: Bottom Line 

Getting brides from Russia online utilizing mail-order services is a daunting experience for the majority of the singles. We hope that our guide was at least partially helpful.


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