Common Hiring Mistakes in Remote Workspace

Virtual Hiring

It’s a fact that more companies are embracing the virtual environment. This is mainly because their bottom line shows impressive cost savings. During these pandemic times, virtual hiring has gained more momentum.

Hiring managers blindly follow the old school of strategies for their virtual team member search. This is bound to fail and is not ideal for hiring virtual employees. It’s just like filling a square mass into a round group, cutting edges and tailoring your recruitment efforts to match the actual needs. Therefore, it is imperative that the factors which make remote work demanding must be well understood.

Following are the common hiring mistakes:

1. Not revisiting the hiring process

It is not necessary that great office employees may be as great while working from home or vice versa. The typical interview questions may not be enough for judging such a team member. Questions need to be framed, keeping in mind ways to identify the comfort level of working independently from a remote location. Here employees miss informal social interaction, which is found in office settings. Loneliness is one of the most common complaints about remote work; will they be able to sustain social isolation? More stress should be given to the conditions of the work environment of the team member to judge their productivity.

2. The absence of face-to-face contact

Hiring a virtual talent means compromising on nonverbal communication and body language. The candidate will no longer sit across your table for an interview, failing to make eye contact. This is one of the main reasons employers or the hiring staff make a wrong hire choice. The need for getting a personal feel becomes essential than ever for a virtual candidate. The hiring staff needs to trust the new hires to be productive and skilled. They also need to fit into the culture of the organization. This cannot be judged without a personal touch other than just a phone interview or email exchange. The best way is to do a live video interview wherein you can talk face to face with your interviewee. If this is not feasible, the candidates can record their answers on a video and send it across.

3. Hindrances caused at home

The way virtual opportunities are portrayed is a terrible representation of practical virtual work. It often is depicted by portraying a parent holding a child typing on a laptop, probably in the living room. A wrong message is conveyed by such promotions to the employees, to be contented with suboptimal Workspace. Employers want to ensure that their remote workers have a dedicated workspace during their work time. It’s time to find alternate ways to promote such opportunities.

4. Not providing the right tools

Ensuring that the remote worker is provided with all the essential office supplies that a team member in your office offers is imperative. This can be tricky If there is no such provision. The same must be communicated well in advance to avoid straining relations, misunderstanding, and rifts at a later stage with the team member. The general tendency seen is not to spend money on software and other equipment.

5. Attitude assessment test

The requirement of the skill is one of the most critical aspects in the selection of a candidate. However, it is equally crucial to find out the right attitude without which they may not be able to align with the company’s core principles. A more relaxed personality may find it difficult to follow strict rules hence attitude assessment should be mandatory and addressed by the hiring managers.

6. Speed up the selection process

It is believed that there is a shortage of talent. This is not true; it is the unwillingness to invest time and effort in finding the right fit. Somebody is better than nobody is a sentiment more found with start-up companies. Adopt a second round of interviews to ensure your best choice rather than bothering about the time taken for recruitment.

Before hiring team member you must check the criminal record of team member. This url help you in checking the past criminal history of the person.


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