Choosing the Best Teleconferencing Solutions in 2020

Several months ago, working from home may have sounded like it’s a very peculiar idea and only thought of it as a privilege. However, recent happenings worldwide changed the way we work. What seemed to be an impossible setup before has now become the new normal. That is, of course, all possible thanks to the advancements in communication technology.

The technology that’s around today makes it possible, and easy, for you to work remotely. In just a span of a few months, businesses shifted from having their transactions physically to dealing with it online. Working from home is also something  that’s been made possible thanks to the internet. So, if you’re a business owner or an employer and want to maximize your team’s productivity and collaboration, you should do it with the best teleconferencing solutions.


What are these teleconferencing solutions?

Back when it was still safe to work physically in an office, face-to-face meetings and conferences were the best way for you to convene with your staff. A teleconference is not much different. The only difference now is that you are doing it remotely in the comfort of your own home, using an internet connection and any device with a speaker and camera. With that, here are the top best teleconferencing solutions that you can find.


1. Audio Teleconferencing

The most primitive form of teleconferencing is through the phone. Audio teleconferencing goes all the way from calling using a desk phone; now with  advancements in technology, you can  use a smartphone to teleconference on the go. This type of teleconferencing will only utilize audio for this process. However, software-based teleconference calls are often limited to only accommodate a limited number of participants. This is the main reason why it’s still best to opt for an office phone system as your means of teleconferencing using audio-only.

There are a lot of audio teleconferencing solutions that you can get. However, it’s best that you scrutinize each service. It’s best that you get something that’s perfect for your business. The last thing that you would want to invest in is something that’s over the needs of your business – especially if you’re a small, but growing business. The best business phone systems offer options that include just enough of the features you and your staff need, with the ability to add on features as you grow.


2. Audio-Graphic Teleconferencing

Another type of  teleconference is audio-graphics teleconferencing. This form of teleconferencing enables you to meet with your staff through voice calls while presenting something through an electronic whiteboard. This way, you can communicate visually with your team .

You can use this type of teleconference if you regularly have meetings that require  more visualization. So if you’re going to discuss  charts, projections, timelines, time frames, and numbers, it’s best that you get an audio graphics teleconferencing solution.


3. Video Teleconferencing

Another counterpart of web teleconference is video teleconference. Its features are the same – you get to have audio, video, and graphics accessible when you’re in a meeting. However, the main difference would be its access point. For web teleconference, participants would access the meeting through a web browser. On the other hand, video teleconference solutions usually have a built-in desktop or smartphone application.


4. Cloud-Based Teleconferencing

If you want to combine audio and graphics with video, then a cloud-based teleconferencing solution is the best way for you to handle your meetings. With the onset of technology nowadays, you can easily communicate with your team through instant messaging or online meetings. It’s also possible for you to present through sharing your screen, whiteboarding, and more. Basically, you’re empowering your staff with all the abilities you would have if you were to be in a face-to-face meeting. The only difference is that you are at home or working remotely.

Unlike video teleconferencing solutions that might only be accessible through an application specific to the devices operating system, cloud-based teleconferencing solutions allow you to meet from any device that has an internet connection and a web browser. Cloud-based solutions are powerful because they incorporate more features than any other solution, and with a provider like Epik Networks, you benefit from Cisco’s enterprise-grade security and a private internet connection.



It is undeniable that working from home or working remotely is the new normal. Until it’s safe to go out in public once again and have meetings face-to-face, the best thing that you can do for now is to use teleconferencing solutions. This way, you can still convene with your staff and make communication between everyone easier and still possible. You have to see to it that you’re choosing the best option for the needs of your business.


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