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The Dawn of a New Era in Business Computing

March 12, 2015 • INNOVATION, TECHNOLOGY, Digital Transformation, Emerging Ideas, Internet of ThingsComments (0)

By David Stokes In 2013 it was estimated that 90% of all of the data in the world had been generated in the preceding two years. The vast majority of digital information (about 80%) is generated in an unstructured form – articles, blogs, posts on social networks and the like. In many ways, our digital …

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The Digital Revolution is an Evolution for the Outsourcing Industry

January 19, 2015 • TECHNOLOGY, OPERATION, Business Process, Delivering Innovation - Accenture Research, Digital Transformation, Internet of Things, Supply ChainComments (0)

By Mike Salvino Digital technology has transformed virtually every industry, affecting the way companies serve customers, manufacture products,

Opening the Eyes of the Digitally Myopic!

January 19, 2015 • INNOVATION, TECHNOLOGY, SPECIAL FEATURES, Global Business, Digital Transformation, Internet of ThingsComments (1)

By Eric Duffaut There are none so blind as those who will not see. They’ll probably go bankrupt too. It has never been easier to create, seize and profit from a business opportunity than today. Only two ingredients are needed: innovation and speed. Oh, and

Unpacking the ‘Big Data’ Skill Set: It’s not Just – or Even Mostly – About the Data

January 19, 2015 • TECHNOLOGY, People Management, Digital TransformationComments (0)

By Mihnea Moldoveanu Big Data presents challenges and opportunities that need a new set of skills. Current formulations of the Big Data skill set are reductive and restrictive, and programmes set up to hastily address the very real labour market shortage have

“I Can’t Help You:” The Dangers of Employees Disablement in the Social/Media Era

January 19, 2015 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, TECHNOLOGY, Global Business, Marketing & Consumers, Digital Transformation, Social Media, Surdak on TechnologyComments (0)

By Christopher Surdak The quality of customer service has been steadily declining in recent years, but now that increasing digitisation has shifted more power to the consumer. Christopher Surdak demonstrates that bad service can, and will, become detrimental

Improving Digital Innovation in Large Enterprise: Strengthening e-Leadership at C-level

January 19, 2015 • LEADERSHIP, INNOVATION, TECHNOLOGY, Corporate Governance, Business Process, Digital Transformation, Emerging Ideas, Internet of ThingsComments (0)

By Joe Peppard, Simon Robinson and Tobias Hüsing If your company doesn’t want to miss out on the new opportunities IT offers for business innovation, you need people at C-level with a challenging combination of competencies: they have to be digitally

Are Digital Technologies the Planet’s Last Best Hope? (If bananas are anything to go by the answer is yes.)

November 18, 2014 • TECHNOLOGY, SPECIAL FEATURES, Digital Transformation, Internet of Things, Social Impact, Social MediaComments (0)

By John Bates Humanity’s destructive ecological footprint is only getting bigger and effective solutions are needed more than ever. Below Dr. John Bates explains what a debate about bananas has to do with the effectiveness of climate change conferences, and

The Digital Transformation Opportunities Ahead

November 18, 2014 • TECHNOLOGY, Delivering Innovation - Accenture Research, Digital Transformation, Internet of Things, Social Impact, Social MediaComments (1)

By Mike Sutcliff The proliferation of digital technologies allows scope for innovation in the way organisations deliver customer experience. Here Mike Sutcliff explores the first steps organisations can take to begin their digital transformation journey. You

Six Months on: Have we Learnt from our Heartbleed Mistakes?

November 18, 2014 • TECHNOLOGY, OPERATION, SPECIAL FEATURES, Business Process, Internet of ThingsComments (0)

By David Sandin Here David Sandin, product manager at Clavister, looks at whether we have heeded the lessons of the Heartbleed bug, the implications of Shellshock and the future security of open-source coding. You might also like: Four Toxic Symptoms of

Aargau, Switzerland: Home of Innovation

November 18, 2014 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, TECHNOLOGY, SPECIAL FEATURES, Global Business, Finance & Economics, Special Report - Innovating the Way You Lead - World Business Forum 2014Comments (0)

Welcome to Aargau – the Swiss high-tech canton with a Triple A rating. In Aargau, where the number of people working in R&D is twice the Swiss average, you will find the best environment for your company to succeed: new technologies and a highly